New Raven Concealment Holster – Roland Special Phantom

Roland Special Glock 19

At Omaha Outdoors, we pride ourselves in fast shipping, great customer service, and diversity of selection. While some companies are happy to stick with the big-name brands, we work hard to secure partnerships with all of the best companies out there, including the little guys. While a company like Raven Concealment Systems is still in the growing stages, we are proud to be a partner of this brand because it offers some of the best holsters on the market today. If you haven’t tried one before, you are missing out. Of course, with the news we recently received, you’ll have another option to explore: the “Roland Special.”

Using the Raven Concealment Phantom

While it may not be the biggest name in holsters on the market, Raven Concealment has started to earn some real name recognition in the industry for its high quality holsters. The Phantom in particular has proven quite popular, offering a modular holster specifically designed for a wide variety of weapons. This ranges from CZ and S&W to 1911s and the ever-popular Glock platform. With options on orientation, belt loop size, color, and body shield size, there are plenty of ways to custom fit this holster to your daily needs.

What Does the “Roland Special” Mean?

As some of you already know, the term “Roland Special” is actually the name given to a specific configuration of the G19 developed by Presscheck Consulting. The gun uses the G19 as the foundation, but it actually implements a whole host of changes to make the weapon ideal for tactical situations. Specifically, it was in response to a need for better pistols during a hostage situation. To accomplish this, they wanted to change the long-standing idea that a longslide was best, and instead looked to offer a concealable option.

Keeping that function in mind, they went to work on the core pistol. They added front slide serrations and topped the gun with a Trijicon RMR. The idea behind this was to provide a better line of sight and greater accuracy while on the move. Next, they included a Surefire X300 Ultra, allowing for operations during any time of the day. With a KKM Precision Match Barrel and a KKM Precision compensator, the gun is accurate and easy to shoot. While it has some other practical adjustments, these are the important ones that make you realize just how difficult it can be to holster.

In Comes the Raven Concealment Phantom

To accommodate those with the “Roland Special” Glock, Raven Concealment modified their own Phantom holster to provide the perfect fit. This won’t only handle the added Trijicon and Surefire accessories, but it is also designed to add a level of convenience for tactical users. In fact, they worked directly with Presscheck Consulting to ensure the specifications were just right. So, what did they change?

First, they offer a brand new belt accessory in the form of a drop/offset kit. This allows the user to better position the weapon for carry in a variety of fashions, making it perfect for all tactical shooters. Beyond this, the holster includes a set of pancake wings, which can be used to improve concealability of the firearm. Finally, it offers a Quick-Mount Strap (QMS), which makes adding and removing the holster easy.

Will You Order One?

Beyond just accommodating the Roland Special Glock, this new Phantom holster is also capable of holding a variety of other Glock configurations, including the newer MOS models. With this enhanced support, other tactical shooters are sure to be drawn to this holster as

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