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While competitive shooters of any platform understand just how much the little changes can affect accuracy, the average shooter doesn’t always consider every variable. The fact is, most factory weapons are just fine as they are, providing enough accuracy for target practice and many times meeting or exceeding professionals expectations. Despite this, the growth of the gun industry has allowed for more shooters than ever to really pay attention to the components they use. Whether for professional or personal use, finding the right parts can have a major impact on your performance. Among those parts, a new Magpul PRS Gen 3 is sure to make a welcome addition to your favorite rifle.

Another New Magpul Release

Those who are regulars on this blog will know that I am quite fond of Magpul. They produce durable, reliable, and all-around high-performance parts that will keep any rifle running at its best. Whether its their magazines, stocks, foregrips, or any other part, you can be sure that Magpul will always play a part in any rifle I assemble. But, putting aside that personal brand love, facts are facts; and the fact is, this new Magpul Precision Adjustable Stock (PRS) offers some spectacular features for your long-distance rifle.

Summary of Features

Following their usual trend, Magpul created a short and sweet video that explains the highlights of this series. No matter what application you are considering, it seems that this rifle stock will stand up to the job. This starts with a design that is ready for A5, carbine-length, and rifle-length receiver extensions, allowing it to work on any configurations you might have. It is outfitted with an enhanced-strength buttplate, allowing it to stand up to a lifetime of use while ensuring durability no matter what you encounter. More important, it will handle any round, up to and including .50 BMG.

The stock’s adjustment shafts feature a melonite finish, providing the extra corrosion resistance to last. With machined aluminum knobs, you can make adjustments on the fly and ensure the proper fit for your unique needs. It’s included rubber buttpad provides a comfortable fit and helps cushion the recoil, especially on those heavier rounds. Adjustable for both cant and height, you can quickly adapt to the situation at hand. Included M-Lok slots on the bottom provide extra mounting capabilities while the hard coat anodized finish further cements it as a durable option. Finally, the included QD swivel points afford multiple carry options with your rifle.

Will You Use The New Magpul PRS

In the third generation, there is no questioning that this new Magpul PRS is a welcome addition to the family. It weighs only 27.8 ounces and offers a 1.4 inch length of pull adjustment, putting the overall length between 14.3 and 15.7 inches. Whether it’s for your all-purpose AR or a long-distance .338 Lapua or .50 BMG precision rifle, there is no questioning that this buttstock is up for the task. As with all Magpul parts, it’s made 100% in the USA, so you are supporting that unmatched American labor.

Do you intend to order a new Gen 3 Magpul PRS? Which features are you most excited for? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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