New Polymer80 Spectre Frame Colors – OD Green and FDE

New Polymer80 Spectre Frame Colors - OD Green and FDE

If you are the kind of shooter who regularly looks to build your own firearms, then you have likely heard of Polymer80 at one time or another. For AR builders, you might have even tried out one of their 80% polymer lowers. Made from a reinforced polymer, their injection molded frame provides a solid building foundation for any rifle project. It’s industrial strength ensures it is tough enough to take the abuse of the battlefield and the innovative material allows it to stand up to even the most damaging elements.

Of course, the pistol owner looks for something a bit different and Polymer80 is happy to provide. Recognizing the popularity of their black, 80% pistol lower, they took another important step this month. Now, shooters can order their Glock pistol frame in either olive drab (OD) green or flat dark earth (FDE).

The Polymer80 Pistol Lower

Since they are working with polymer components, it makes sense that Polymer80 would target a polymer pistol as their first lower option. In this case, they started with one of the most popular brands to customize: Glock. When they introduced their original black model, it was available for a variety of models, including the G17, 34, 17L, 22, 35, 24, or 31. Like their durable and trusted 80% rifle lowers, these Spectre frames are made to last.

Each frame is designed with a special textured grip, ensuring you can keep a solid hold of the weapon. They come ready to work on, earning them their 80%. Each frame includes a polymer jig, drill bits, and locking block so you can complete the construction. Working with these same models, they now offer both OD Green and FDE options.

The New Colors

Many shooters have come to find that the traditional black frame gets a little boring. Not only does it look just like a factory model, but it also communicates nothing about your personality. Understanding the desire for aftermarket color finishes, Polymer80 announced the release of new FDE and OD Green frame options. Both of these frames are made with the same quality polymer as the original model but offer the colors that communicate something more unique.

As the color names suggest, the OD Green offers a familiar olive color and provides a color that might remind you of your old service days. Alternatively, the flat dark earth provides a greenish-brown earthy tone, which can work well for low-profile operations in the bush. Whichever you choose, the frame comes ready to work with.

Ordering Your 80% Polymer Pistol Frame

While this frame might just be 80% complete, you should have no trouble ordering all of the parts you need from our shop here at Omaha Outdoors. To get started, you can check out our selection of Polymer80 frames online. After you choose the color you need, just look for all of the internal parts and get to building.

After you’ve placed your order, remember to follow our blog so you can stay up to date with other release announcements. This way, you always have the latest items when they are released.

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