New Magpul PMAG Coyote Tan – Gen M3 Performs

While a brand new firearm is always exciting to hear about, sometimes it’s the little things that really make the biggest difference. For me, magazines are actually a big deal. I’ve shot my fair share of AR-15s and I’ve found that in some cases the magazines you use on one model simply don’t work well on another. When I find a mag like this, it really turns me off to the brand. Fortunately, one brand that I know I can trust is Magpul. So, when there is news of a new Magpul magazine, I tend to excited and I know there are plenty of others in the community who would agree.

The New Coyote Tan Magazine

There is no questioning that shooters today have become much more concerned with the colors of their weapons than ever before. More than happy to embrace this trend, we are always excited to see companies expanding their lineup of color selections. In this case, those who appreciate Magpul quality will be happy to know that they can now go forward with that Coyote Tan finish on their next AR build.

The Gen M3 Delivers

Beyond the new Coyote Tan finish, Magpul fans may also be interested to learn that the new Gen M3 magazines have been put through their paces and really delivers. Specifically, the US Army put this model through a battery of tests and found that it performed exceptionally well. This should come as no surprise to long-time Magpul users and should serve as a further recommendation to those who were previously on the fence.

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In fact, it seems that the reason Magpul has moved to this color and still hasn’t released other popular ones (like FDE) is because of Army requirements. Specifically, the army requires what is called “Small Arms Weapons Neutral” colors and it just so happens that Coyote Tan is on that list of colors.

Ordering Magpul Magazines

As usual, those who are after the fasting shipping online and support to go with it will want to head over to our shop at Omaha Outdoors. There you can pick up this new color Magpul as well as any other magazines or parts you might need. Whether you just want the color diversity to match your next build or to help distinguish magazine for different types of ammo, this new color is sure to be popular.

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