New Lithgow F90 Atrax Bullpup

This is an awesome service rifle, we’re gonna be talking about it a little bit more. These are very rare in the United Stated, there’s only a couple of them out right now in the country; But this is the Australian F90 service rifle, also known as the Atrax, these are produced by Lithgow. There is, on the horizon, a semiautomatic civilian import version of this gun coming out. We’re gonna talk a little bit more about the features as we go, but for now, you know you can’t review an Australian firearm without cracking open an Australian beverage. So let’s do that. Not bad. Well now that we got a beverage open, let’s break out something to eat as well. Alright, let’s see if we can have a little fun with a pumpkin. I’m gonna try to carve a smiley face on him, see how well this goes. He’s probably not smiling now, that didn’t go over so well but it was still fun. Alright, I’ll tell you what, how about a few sodas? Alright, last but not least, we’re gonna take out a couple of sodas and then we’re gonna move up the hill, and we’re gonna shoot these guns out to 600 yards. I’m gonna try to take out these sodas one handed. I’m gonna shoulder the gun and just use my firing hand; support hand out of the way, see how controllable she can be. Not bad, runs pretty good. Tell you what: we’re gonna run up the hill, we got a 20” barrel version of this outfitted with an ELCAN, let’s shoot it out the 600 yards, see what kind of accuracy we can get out of it.

Alright guys, we’re hanging out here a little bit with the F90. This in an awesome bullpup, it’s based on the Steyr AUG to some degree, there are some definite improvements over the AUG. A lot of people don’t realize that the AUG is an older design – a very futuristic design, but it is an older design – and Lithgow’s done a really great job of taking this thing and just turned it into an awesome bullpup. They’re using cold hammer forged barrels; this one is a sixteen and a half inch (16.5”) barrel. So 1-in-7 twist they’re using on all their barrels.

One of the most distinctive features of this gun right out the gate – that is gonna be just totally great: you’re gonna have a very familiar operating system to an AUG, but it uses this wedge system. So you basically just push the wedge out, with the bolt forward; you can change the entire upper out, and your optic goes with the upper. So instead of having where you just do a simple barrel swap, now I can take this same gun that’s a 16 and a half, I can grab a 20, and I can take all the same guts and everything and grab this 20, and throw it right on – seat her to the rear, seat the wedge – and now I’ve got a 20” DMR, alright? and all I had to do was just pop the wedge, change her out and we’re good to go. Alright, I’m gonna pull this back out.

In terms of disassembly and reassembly this is a really, really easy gun to mess with. You saw how we pulled the upper off. The bolt mechanism comes out – one piece – really simple there. And then in terms of getting all the trigger pack and the guts out: just grab the sling stud, give it a push – actually you’re gonna compress this – give it a little push and it seats in place; butt-pad pops off, then you take the sling stud, maintain a little pressure, pull it all the way out, your trigger pack comes out.

So, from the standpoint of, let’s just say a military weapon, or even a civilian weapon, just really any firearm in general – as a firearm’s design – if there’s some problem with the trigger pack, simply pull it out, swap it out with a new one. Let’s just say from the level of an armor or something, unit level armor, you can send a soldier back out in the field with the new trigger pack; his O1 can stay behind and you can replace it, fix it, throw it in the bin, whatever you gotta to do. It also has a semi-auto lockout on the trigger mech. It’s a little plunger right here. You can take the nose of a bullet, push it down, and it will lock out the full auto mode. Your safety is located in the same position it would be on an AUG. Alright; red is dead just like any other safety so, pretty simple. In terms of a gun design it’s pretty awesome, that’s pretty much it in terms of the way it’s designed. This is really intended to just be a first look type video. This is a machine gun, both the guns we’ve been running today are the only two that are in the United States right now are literally with us right here on this tower. They are gonna be bringing this rifle in as a semiautomatic; which will be basically the exact same configuration you see here but in semiautomatic only. So, pretty dang cool rifle; can’t wait to get my hands on one once they start coming in the country, and really seeing what they’re all about.

We’re gonna go ahead and put the gun back together hopefully kinda quick here. Alright so, trigger pack slides right in (kinda put a little bit of pressure on the back of the trigger pack), drop your stud back in there, ok; push all the way through (it will protrude out of the side), grab the butt-pad (it’s got a hinge on the bottom), push it back in, alright; and then grab the sling stud, (kinda push), and kinda you’ll feel a click and it locks it back in place; locks everything in there. Bolt carrier and bolt mechanism just drop back in like that; upper – and of course whichever upper you wanna run. Upper seats in there, all the way to the rear, wedge goes in place; you’re good to go. This one is in lockout for semi-auto only; to fire full auto, push up, and you can squeeze the trigger all the way to the rear really tight, and it will shoot full auto. Obviously that’s, you know, the machine gun variant.

This particular one’s equipped with a Trijicon RMR, sitting in a LaRue mount, really simple, nice light-weight rig. We’ve got a PK Design Lab, Rocket flashlight; this is a single 1-2-3, nice simple, compact flashlight. This type of rifle would be well suited for room clearing and urban warfare. Short handy package, great for 3D gun shooters, personal defense, home defense, you name it. This is an ideal type setup. Weight: very nice and light-weight, very ergonomic gun. We’re gonna shoot it a little bit more for you, take it out to 600 yards with the 20” DMR barrel. It’s equipped with an ELCAN Specter. The optic that’s on this upper is actually the same exact optic that the Australian military is running on this exact rifle. This is an Australian service rifle – for those of you that didn’t pick up on that. It is a true 1 to 4 power. You basically take the little lever over here; you can flip it, and go from 1 to 4 power – in terms of your magnification. It’s got a FlashKill on it and it’s got graduated out to a thousand yards. With 62 grain ammo, this is an awesome optic. They are a little bit on the pricy side but quality-wise excellent optic. Pretty standard fare; let’s take the gun out to 600 in this configuration, swap the uppers, go for it.

As promised, we’re gonna take the Atrax out to 600 yards, it’s been shooting quite well today, this one is equipped with a 20” barrel. We’re gonna be running some 62 grain Lithuanian contract SS109 ammo – this is NATO spec ammo – pretty much what the gun’s designed to use. Running an LCAN Specter on this particular gun; It’s a 1 power, true 1 power or 4 power optic; we’ve got her sighted in pretty decent. We’ve had a little bit of wind and (heh) rain, oddly enough, but we’re gonna take the gun out to 600, and we’re gonna have a little fun here.

Alright, 200.

Alright, 200’s pretty easy. Alright, let’s go out to 400.

Spotter: Barely missed the head by two inches on the right.

Shooter: You got it.

Alright, we’re gonna push her out to 600 yards.

Boy, that thing is just slinging them right in there isn’t it? That is just great, I’ll tell you what: I’m gonna push the plunger in, and we’re gonna put her on “O, Hell” mode; and we are gonna get settled in here, we’re gonna launch a couple of just very controlled bursts in, and see what we can do at way down there at 600 yards. You guys ready?

Heh, heh. Well that last round hit. I have to say that it’ll definitely sling them in in terms of bursts and things, but I’m gonna very quickly demonstrate: we just take a bullet point, we’re gonna reach over here on the trigger and pull this plunger down, and now we have actually locked out of full auto mode, ok? We are running Magpul mags, check that out. Alright; I’ll tell you what, let’s have a little fun here and uh, let’s see… let’s go for our half sized D28 again – that’s a very challenging target to hit way down there.

Boy that wind is really catching it.

Guys! This thing is just an absolute bullet delivering machine at 600 yards, I mean: once you get onto your sights and you figure out where this thing is hitting it’s just… you get that wind read just right and get a good spotter behind the spotting scope, this thing just slings those bullets in there like little footballs, you can just see them lobbing right in, it’s just beautiful. So I’ll tell you what, we’re gonna close this little video out here, but definitely the gun is delivering the goods in an awesome way.

Alright guys, really had a lot of fun running the F90s today; really wanna thank Lithgow for bringing these out. Literally these are the only two in the United Stated right now, they’re full autos; but, there is gonna be a semi-auto version of this gun coming out early 2017 the way it’s looking. I cannot wait for this gun to be available, these things are great. Well they’ve been running pretty good today, kinda like this. That’s right. Why not, right?

Thanks for watching guys, we’ll catch you next time. This was a totally fun video to make, in case you can’t tell; we’ll see you next time.

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