New EOTech XPS2-300, LWTS, 518, X320 Review

So what we’ve got here at the EOTech range is the XPS2-300 Blackout. This is really cool because it’s already calculated for either subsonic or supersonic rounds. So if you’re running subsonic, you zero it to your subsonic. Your first dot is 50 yards, and then because you have a lot more drop with subsonic rounds, your next dot down is 150.

So if you re-zero, throw another magazine in that’s supersonic, then you’re running your zero at 100 yards, and then you’ve got a BDC down to 300. So cool platform here, this one isn’t NB compatible, but it is pretty nice. You know, if you’re running the 300 Blackout, which is gaining popularity, this seems like a pretty good platform. So, let’s run a couple down range.

That thing is pretty cool man. I’m a big fan of EOTech, so the fact that they came out with something specifically for the 300 is pretty neat. Hopefully we’ll get a little more testing with one of these, and I’d like to start playing around with subsonic a little bit more, and suppressors. So, hopefully we’ll see a little more of EOTech come up on the channel.

So, what we’re doing in this situation with this setup, is we’ve got the thermal set up as a pass through.


Okay, you’re using the EOTech reticle


– As your aiming reticle. So you can pop this on and off as needed.


But, with thermal, temperature is temperature, so you can run thermal day or night.




A lot of people – There’s the thermal night vision argument. Do you prefer thermal, do you prefer night vision?


I’m hard pressed to ever prefer night vision. I love thermal. It’s kind of one of those see-behind things. That’s what it lets you do.


That’s pretty nice, man. That’s pretty nice. I’ve never had a chance to play around with thermal. This is pretty cool. It works day or night.

That’s nice. That is sweet. That is really sweet. First time shooting thermal. That’s fun.

Hey guys we’re here at Show Show 2015 with Amy from EOTech. She has the – You want to work the – L3 is the maker, but it’s the LWS?

It’s the LWTS.

Sorry, LWTS. Sorry.

What it is, basically, is you’ve got your military technology packaged in a more commercial friendly product. So we’ve got all the functionality of the military grade product, but what we’ve done we’ve made it a little more lighter, and we’ve made it a little more cost-effective.

Now, thermal is never cheap. But, it can be more affordable. So what we’re looking at here with this product, is using it to open up the markets for organizations like professional guide services, hunting organizations where they might be able to purchase this product to enhance their business plan. So, organizations that may have only ever had the opportunity to do day hunts, now can increase their profits and their margins by having a night hunt as well.

That’s really what the LWTS is set up to do. It’s really to bring that great technology down to commercial markets so that organizations like that can, like I said, enhance their business, bring this technology to the user who may – who has never experienced anything like this before.

Now does EOTech make any other thermal devices?

We do, actually! We have a couple of great hand-held options. This is the X-320, its available on the commercial market for about $3,500. Again, thermal technology is not cheap, but we are trying to bring great product with a respectable price point.

Okay. Sorry, not to change the subject, but I noticed you guys have a brand new sight on here. This is the 518, correct?

Yes, we do have a new holographic sight. It’s the 518. What we’ve done is taken all the base, standard models of the 512 holographic sights and incorporated them with a couple of new features. We’ve added this quick-release base, and also the buttons on the side.

Now the buttons on the side, that’s really a factor when you talk about magnification. Because, once you add a magnifier behind this, those back buttons might be hard to manipulate, so this really makes that a lot easier from the operator standpoint and their perspective.

Wow. Okay, and it looks exactly like a 512, except it just has the –

Exactly. Yep, a couple of enhancements. Like I said, that quick-release base, those side buttons, it’ll make it more functional for more people.

And this is double-A batteries?

Double-A batteries. Two double-A batteries will probably give you around 600 hours of run time. We do have another drop-in accessory too, a laser battery cap, so that can change the holographic sights as well.

Wow. So is that something that you have to purchase – you can purchase just the cap?

It is. Yes. You can take the new laser battery cap, and it is basically drop-in accessory. So you take off the standard cap, you’ll just flip this lever up, drop in the laser enhancement, and then lock it back down again. Two double-A batteries, again, to run the laser.

Is it a similar run time on that as well? It’s probably a little less, I’m guessing.

A little bit less, but as long as you go with the – those double-A lithium, you’re gonna have great, great results.

Okay. Well, Amy, thank you very much. I really appreciate your time.

Thanks a lot.

Yeah, thanks again.

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