Military Arms Channel Exclusive Look: CZ P-10 C Striker-Fired 9mm

If you aren’t already subscribed to them on YouTube, the first thing you should do after finishing this video is head on over there and hit the “subscribe” button. The Military Arms Channel can be a great resource for shooters looking for details about new models. In this video, we get to look at the new CZ P-10 C, which is a striker-fired 9mm model. With the gun approved for import into the US, there are sure to be a lot of CZ fans out there waiting with mouths watering.

An Overview of Features

As with any good review video, The Military Arms Channel starts out by outlining some of the key features of the weapon. To begin, the gun is priced with an MSRP of $500, which will make it an affordable option for most shooters. It is chambered in 9mm, operates with a striker-fired system, and uses a standard 15-round magazine. Without wasting any time though, you might be interested in real-world performance.

Shooting The First Rounds

While you watch the video, one of the first things you will hear is about the phenomenal trigger reset. In fact, he comments that the trigger reset is “like nothing I ever felt before.” He goes on to claim that it is the best out-of-the-box trigger on the market. Moving onto other shooters, we’re able to further get the impression of just how well-balanced the gun is. This makes for exceptional tracking and allows you to stay on target with every shot. Of course, the best way to see this is to actually watch the above video, as you can really gauge the reactions of those testing it out.

Looking Inside the Gun

At first glance, you might notice that the magazine on the P-10 is actually quite similar to the P-07 magazine. There is a slight different though, which makes it so the P-07 won’t currently work in P-10 pistol magazines. Namely, it features an extra cut to allow for working of the ambidextrous magazine release -oh, and the gun includes fully ambidextrous controls. Of course, if you do have an old P-07 and want some extra magazines, you can use the P-10 mags.

Getting down to other features, you will notice that the grips are interchangeable, which allows for a more comfortable feel. As one of the shooters in this video commented, the gun really sits well in the hand, without any need of adjustment that you might expect your first time shooting a new pistol. This will help with accuracy and is supported by the rear sights, which are adjustable for windage. They also include the familiar CZ mounting system, which makes adding aftermarket sights easier.

What Comes in the Box?

If you’ve owned a CZ pistol before, you should find the packaging to be largely familiar. When you open the box, you will find the pistol and two magazines. You will also notice two additional backstraps (beyond the one included on the pistol). Finally, CZ is nice enough to include a cleaning brush, which may not make or break the sale, but it is a nice touch. All of this is packaged in foam for easy transit.

Additional Observations

Upon further observation, there are a few other notable features that might catch your attention. For starters, the trigger guard features a deep cut, which allows for a more ergonomic shooting experience. Next, veteran CZ shooters will appreciate the return of the beveled slide design, which helps control muzzle rise. A more tactical feature is the slight indentation at the base of the magwell, which serves as a handy way to aid with magazine stripping should the magazine get stuck due to environmental conditions.

Final Notes and Configuration Options

After watching this video, it would be an understatement to say that we are excited to get our hands on some of these new CZ P-10 Pistols. They offer a familiar experience for CZ fans, but deliver enough quality updates to ensure it really performs a cut above the rest. While we intend to order a healthy inventory of this model, you should get ready to order right away as we expect them to sell out fast.

When they do arrive, they will be available in 3 different versions. The first is the standard all-black model. Next, is the all-black model with a 1/2×28 threaded barrel and suppressor height night sights. And finally, they will have a flat dark earth (FDE) model available. For those who can’t get behind 9mm, they do have plans to also launch this in .40 S&W down the road.

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