Making Perfection More Perfect – ZEV Technologies Trigger

The Glock is a proven design. Been around for about 35 years, I mean, that’s phenomenal in itself. It still looks great, a very popular handgun. One of the most popular handguns out on the market and the Glock 19 is particularly popular.

We’re going to go ahead and check to make sure the gun is unloaded before we start handling it, but one of the great things about any firearm that has a really strong popularity base is that there are parts and accessories out there to improve just your standard manufacturing process. And the reason why is because most companies make a basic firearm and they want to sell it for a reasonable price, and so they do what it takes to make it a really fine firearm, but there are always improvements. Yeah, Glock perfection, yeah, it’s not so perfect. But, really, it’s one of those guns that’s pretty close. ZEV Technologies is making some of the best Glock parts on the market, period. I mean, they’re just making exceptional parts and they’re doing really incredible custom jobs to the Glock pistol, just to make perfection more perfect, if you will.

So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to install one of the ZEV Technologies. This is their fulcrum trigger and this is the ultimate. And the difference between the ultimate and the standard drop-in is the striker. And we’re going to install a striker. We’re going to have a reduced firing pin spring, which I’m going to show you. This also comes with a small firing pin safety and then, of course, the trigger itself. And this is truly drop-in, you’ll see how easy it is. The tools you’ll need are really very simple. In fact, really, you only need one punch. This is one of the Aro-Tek punches. This is actually made for the Glock, these – this three set right here. It’s a front sight and then a smaller punch, but really, for this job, all we need is this one. But I got these at Brownells, and if you have Glocks, this is a really great set to have. Also having a good bench block helps. It does come with instructions on exactly how to install, how to adjust, all the different details.

First thing we need to do is disassemble the pistol. No magazine. Go ahead and double check. Let’s go ahead and pull the trigger, pull back on the slide, press the tabs down and the slide just comes right off. Now, bringing in your bench block, take your punch, you’re going to go from left to right, and we have the locking block pin, the trigger pin and then the ejector housing pin, and so we’re going to do it in that order. So just go ahead and punch out the pin for the locking block. Now, with the trigger pin, and one of the things you’re going to have to do is, sometimes it’s a little tricky, you have to take your slide release and you have to wiggle it a little bit.

We’re going to go ahead and ours just pushes right through. Now, the ejector housing pin, straight through. Take the punch, pull out your locking block. Go ahead and remove your slide stop. And then, just take the whole trigger assembly and pull it out. Now, on the fulcrum trigger, there is a zip tie. It’s blue and that designates 9mm. Go ahead and cut that off. This is for Gen 3. Gen 4 is a whole separate deal and you can go to the ZEV Technologies website to look at all the different models. Of course, I got this at Brownells, and they carry the whole line, so it’s just a great source, plus you can get all your tools there as well.

Beside all the polished surfaces, which really makes this nice, this is a 6061-T6 aluminum trigger, and it has – the trigger safety’s also a 6061-T6. Your standard Glock trigger is polymer. This gives you a little more rigidity. It helps to control the trigger a little bit better. All the surfaces, you can see, have been smoothed down. All the correct places and all the adjustments. So this is really going to make for a smooth trigger.

Now, there’s a pre-travel screw right here, and then there is an over-travel screw back here. And that takes these little hex wrenches. And these are super tiny. In fact they’re so small, you have to order these directly from ZEV if you need replacements. But this will do the adjustment. It takes very little adjusting. We are going to leave this stock as is, but I’m going to have a link down below in the description that will take you to a video by ZEV that shows you how to set your pre-travel and your over-travel.

Now, this is what they call the drop in system. So, all you do is, get it in the back and then through, and it just snaps right into place. Now, here are the three pins that you removed. This is the locking block pin, this is your trigger pin (it’s a lot thicker), and then the ejector housing pin is shorter. Return your locking block into place and then take your locking block pin, and just put it right through. One of the reasons why you need to do that first is because when you bring in your slide release, it actually fits underneath the locking block pin. Here you see the spring on the slide release. Just get it right there into place. Line up your slide release hole right here to make sure it’s clear and then take your trigger pin and just go in the other side. This can be a little tricky. You may need to kind of jiggle it a little bit, there we go, to get it to go past the slide release. Next, take your ejector housing pin, and now we’ve got it installed.

Now, before we go any further, we’re going to go ahead and reattach our slide to make sure that the trigger is functioning correctly. And here we go. It’s safe. We’re going to pull the trigger. Very important, though, to check your reset, and the reset, wow. The reset works very well. Let’s do that again. Good and super crisp. Wow. That is going to be beautiful. Now we’re going to work on the top half.

Now, the ultimate kit comes with the stainless steel striker. This has been relieved. It also comes with a three pound and a two pound spring and then you have your firing pin safety. It’s a stainless steel piece, nicely polished, with the spring. Your three pound spring is really your duty spring or more of a factory spring. Your two pound spring is going to be a little bit lighter. A lot of guys won’t carry anything lighter than your duty spring, so just be aware of that. I’m going to put the two pound spring in.

The first thing we’re going to do is depress the striker sleeve, and if you’ll look, there’s a little plastic cup right here. Just lift up your striker and depress that down. Now, pressing this down is going to relieve the tension on this back slide plate, so we’re going to just slide it down. One of the things you’ve got to be careful of is there is springs under here and you’ve got to keep your thumb over it. Then you can release it. Go ahead and remove your striker and striker sleeve. We’re also going to relieve the plunger for your trigger safety, right here. Now right here is your firing pin safety. Just depress it and then just release that, and there it comes out, just like so, with the spring. Take the small spring provided, put it in your safety and place it into your slide. Depress your safety, take your ejector with the round little part toward the back of the slide and just slide it into place, and then release the safety right here.

Now, we’re going to actually use the slide as a jig, and we’re going to take and put our striker with the little foot at a little angle. Not all the way in like this, but just at an angle. And this is going to allow us to bring down our spring. And when we do, these little cups, and you’ll see, they’ll fall off. They’re two just kind of semi-circle cups. We need to hold onto those. And this will release your spring. Take the original striker. Go ahead and pull it out of the sleeve and replace the ZEV striker into the sleeve. Again, we’re going to put it into our little jig. Take the two pound spring and then depress it. Take your cups, make it into a semi-circle on either side of the spring, making sure those cups do not overlap. Just like that. Slide in your safety plunger into this hole. Take your striker, place it into the back. Take your back slide plate, just get it into place here and then push down the housing. That gets it started and retains it and then our plunger for our trigger safety or our firing pin safety. Good snap. Return your barrel and your guide rod. Place it back on the slide and now we’re going to test for function. Wow. Wow. That is absolutely beautiful. Nice audible and tactile. And, of course, that take-up, or the pre-travel, can be taken care of with adjustments, but man, that is slick. Gives you just a little bit to get ready for your shot and then a nice crisp break.

All right. We’re going to check our trigger pull. Three pounds, nine ounces. Your standard Glock trigger is set at the factory at five and a half pounds. Three pounds, nine ounces. Three pounds, seven ounces. All the factory parts and the three pound striker spring, I’m going to retain that, just in case, and I have a number of Glocks, so it’s really good to have spare parts.

To make sure we’re getting good primer strikes, I’m trying some different type ammo. Of course, HPR. I’m trying some of the Elite Hotshot ammunition and then some of the Armscor and this is all just full metal jacket. I do have some HPR jacketed hollow points in one magazine. After handling it quite a bit, you know, it just really – I love it, man. It is so awesome. Real quick. I don’t feel like I’m shooting a Glock here, guys, I’ll just put it that way. The trigger is fantastic.

The aluminum trigger definitely gives you more crisp – it’s a much crisp, cleaner break. You can get a version that has the red trigger, the little trigger shoe, of course. I just – I like the black. It looks more OEM, but yet, I have a little surprise here of having just an excellent trigger.

The trigger reset on this pistol is phenomenal. I mean, it just pops right back. You barely have to move it. Really, I was thinking about doing some adjustment, but really, the trigger is just perfect, and that is the drop-in. Of course, everybody has different preferences, and being able to adjust that, whether it’s the length of pull, your take-up or, at the end, you know, your travel, over-travel. Being able to tailor that to your needs really makes this just incredible. Unfortunately, this is going to spoil me for my other Glocks, so I have a feeling I’m going to be shooting this Model 19 a lot more than my others.

Went ahead and put some Talon grips on here. Man, I’ll tell you, and I really like the rubberized grips, but you know, either one, whether you go with the granulate, which is more like sandpaper, personally, this is just so comfortable in your hand. If you’ve never tried Talon grips, I highly recommend them.

The ZEV Technologies trigger system starts at about $180 for the drop-in system and then if you add the Ultimate Trigger System, it runs $250, and I have all the links down below in the description. All this is available at, not only the ZEV parts, but also the Aro-Tek Tool Punch Set that I showed at the beginning, and, of course, the links to that will be there as well. Brownells is a great source for not only your accessories, but also for your tools and just all things gun.

Zev Technologies Trigger System: thumbs way up. Be strong. Be of good courage. God bless America. Long live the Republic.

Take our punch pin, our roll pin. For almost 30 years. I mean, it’s just amazing how it has been 30 years. It’s been over 30 years.

Oops, bump bump bump bump.

The first thing we want to do is, is to remove the block. What is this? What the crap is it? I don’t even know what it is.

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