Major Recall – Sig Sauer MCX Replacement

Sig Sauer MCX Recall BCG

When the Sig Sauer MCX was released, the entire gun industry watched with baited breath. Many were excited to see this modular platform enter the market -an alternative to the AR-15 platform that really stood out as unique. With its various configuration options and affordable price tag, many were excited to try it out. In fact, many who shot it, including us at Omaha Outdoors, found it was an absolute delight. Reviews were positive and it seemed that Sig Sauer really had outdone itself with a new battle rifle design.

Of course, time can sometimes betray you and in recent months, some shooters have started to notice that their trusted MCX rifle is no longer quite as trust-worthy as they believed it to be. In fact, this Christmas season marks an historic time for Sig Sauer, and not the kind of history they want to make. Without exception, they have issued a recall on the MCX platform in the name of safety.

Why the Recall?

While early reviews of the MCX were largely positive, you may recall hearing some more recent overviews that exposed some issues with the gun. Specifically, there have been several recent complaints about the bolt carrier group, which has caused some failures to cycle. At first glance, it would have been safe to assume that this was an isolated incident, or that perhaps it just wasn’t well-suited for specific types of ammunition. But, in light of this announcement, it seems that is not the case.

Pointing to the bolt carrier group, Sig Sauer has issued a recall across the board on all MCX models. The reason for this recall? Apparently, there have been some documented cases where owners experienced unintentional discharges. While these instances have all been isolated to the .300 BLK model of the MCX, it seems Sig is taking a proactive approach.

Exercising Welcome Caution

Though the .300 BLK has been the model most affected by this issue, we have to give Sig Sauer some credit on this one. They could have likely gotten away with just recalling the affected models, but it seems they prefer to exercise caution. While this is sure to inconvenience many owners, you might want to look at the bright side; you’re getting a new bolt carrier group, which can’t hurt.

Specifically, they are making some key adjustments to the system to ensure that it runs more smoothly. This starts with the firing pin, which will now feature a spring and a new, longer profile. Additionally, they are re-working the retaining pin, which will now be fixed (non-removable). Finally, they are making adjustments to the spring plate, which has been another cause for concern among owners and will now be non-removable as well.

How Will This Affect Sig Sauer?

With Shot Show 2017 just around the corner, it seems like this announcement couldn’t come at a worse time. Long-time Sig fans are sure to stick with them through this, but many who were initially excited for the piston-fired 5.56 rifle are sure to turn away. Yes, it is still less expensive than the FN SCAR, but is it worth buying if you have to worry about defective parts and accidental discharges?

For Sig’s sake, they can hopefully come up with a good explanation in the next few weeks. In the meantime, it’s safe to assume that the engineers over at the factory are working hard to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again. Hopefully, the new adjustments will make things run smoothly and the generation II bolt carrier group will be ready for action.

Do you own an MCX? What do you think about this Sig Sauer recall? Has this damaged your confidence in the platform or are you willing to give it another chance after these upgrades? Let us know what you think and join the discussion below.

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