Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock Review: Ruger 10/22

Magpul never stops innovating and it’s one of my favorite stock companies. I mean, they make so many accessories and things for, not only the AR-15, the AK-47, for your bolt guns, but also, now, the Hunter X-22 Stock. This is a great little stock system – very versatile, very modular.

Now, to get things started, I have my Ruger 10/22. This isn’t the synthetic stock. It’s a new version. In fact, it’s the 50-year anniversary version. I just purchased this. In fact, I just uploaded a full review on this rifle.

We’re going to install it into the stock, but before we get into that, we’re going to look at some of the features of the X-22 Stock. Then, we’re going to get into more features once we install because they’re going to become available.

This is a reinforced polymer. Of course, Magpul has proven its strength over the years with all of its stock systems for this chassis. One of the great upgrades for it is the more ergonomic pistol grip. It’s more of an angle here and it has really nice texturing.

Now, the buttstock does feature spacers, so you can get your length of pull wherever you want to and we’re going to break that down. I’m going to show you how to change these out. You get two extra spacers and, you can see, they just kind of mate together. It also has a rubber butt-pad here on the end, and it’s a non-slip pad, which really makes it nice.

It does have loops for sling systems and it has a place right here, and on the other side, that you can put one of the QD mounts on here. Of course, the sling system is also ambidextrous. You do have a cheek riser right here. They do make optional cheek risers for a low and a high. It does have M-LOK channels on each side and at the bottom. This is going to allow you to put bipods, sling attachments, lights – whatever you want to – on this stock system. It really makes it nice and very versatile here at the end.

It is larger at the bottom to give you a really nice gripping surface. Right here is the barrel tray. This is actually installed to work with your tapered barrel, but if you take this tray out and flip it over, it’s the right size for your heavy barrels. One of the things I’m going to do later on in this project is, I’m going to put a heavy barrel on my 10/22, and we’ll see this a little bit different. I’m going to go ahead and pull this out, when we get ready, just to show you, when we’re installing, how this works.

Here are the tools that you’re going to need. You’re going to need three separate hex wrenches – a 1/8”, a 3/32”, and a 5/32”. You’ll also need a screwdriver and you’re also going to need some kind of tool to be able to push the barrel tray out if you’re going to change your barrel tray.

The receiver of the 10/22 is held in right here by this little screw and it’s also held in by the barrel band. First, we’re going to remove the barrel band. Take a flathead screwdriver and just turn until the barrel band becomes loose. Once it’s loose, it’ll just work its way right out. It is polymer, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching your barrel. On the older models, they’re steel, so you need to be careful.

This requires a 5/32” hex wrench. Get into place and just turn it. You need to go ahead and totally remove this screw from the stock. There are threads in the stock to retain it from falling all the way out, but since we’re going to need it for the stock system, we need to pull it out.

Your safety can catch, so you need to kind of do an in-between before you start to pull out your stock. Then, you can just lift out the barrel, and the action comes right out. Before we insert the 10/22 action into the chassis, we’re going to take a look at the barrel tray.

Here, you’re going to notice three separate screws. This holds in your barrel tray. You take your 3/32” hex wrench and you loosen those up. Now, to get the tray out, Magpul says to go ahead through your M-LOK system at the bottom and push out at the farthest M-LOK slot, near where the end of the stock is. Take the tool, slip it in, push – it’s a little tight. One thing that Magpul says is to make sure you pull this tray out evenly. That’s as even as I’m going to get it.

Now, you’re going to notice at the other side, it is much larger. This does allow for the bull barrel to fit in here, and then, of course, your tapered barrel. Now, considering that we’re going to leave in our tapered, we’re just going to reinstall it.

Now, we’re going to take the 10/22 action and put it into the stock. Right here is a little groove. You’re going to want to make sure you get it towards the back of the stock to make it fit a little easier. Then, it slips right into place. We’re going to put the screw in with the 5/32” hex wrench – and this is the existing screw. Making sure you tighten it down. Magpul recommends 20 foot-pounds of pressure.

Now, the rifle is installed in the stock. It’s that simple. It’s just really that one screw. Your barrel band – you want to keep it with the existing synthetic stock in case you want to do something with it or if you want to sell it. We’re pretty much done. Action’s working. Everything’s ready to go.

Now, to show you how to adjust your length of pull, again, there are two extra spacers, and then there are two that are already attached. Then you have the spacer that fits right up next to the stock itself. You have two separate screws. Both of them have the 1/8” hex wrench, but you only need to remove the one right here. You can actually do that with a standard flathead screwdriver. This one just holds the stock together. All you have to do is go ahead and loosen it up. It pulls right out.

Next, we’re going to go ahead and pull the cradle with the spacers. You can see, you can adjust this to wherever, and then that screw fits in these different slots. Here is the spacer you need to definitely retain, and then, if we want to, we can add to the length of pull, or we can take off all of them and go straight with this. It gives you a lot of flexibility to be able to put this wherever you want to.

Again, here is the rubberized butt-pad. It does require a Phillips head screwdriver in case you want to change this for a thicker butt-pad. This is your cheek riser, which can be adjusted to change your comb. This just pulls right out, but you have to pull off your butt-pad before you can do this. Magpul offers a number of different – I think it’s a large and a small – to be able to get this to the right height. Part at the beginning and then some teeth to hold this into place – just snaps right in.

This is the total length here and there is a key right here where this fits just the right way. Then, it mates. Again, you need to make sure that this spacer is next to your buttstock, because it definitely has a little angle here that the others don’t.

For our purposes, we’re going to leave this as it was from the factory. This is really a simple system. Return our screw and we’re all done.

With the M-LOK attachments here and underneath, Magpul just has a ton of different options for you. This is a small, little picatinny rail. It just slides in. Just screw in – your hex wrench – and here you have a solid rail system.

QD attachments. I mean, there are just so many different things. What I like about QD, especially for this, is that I can take this on and off with ease. We’re done.

Right here, this little plug is for the QD attachments. You have to just pull it out. I’m using this little punch. This just pops right out. Here we go. Of course, these QD adapters are available from Magpul, as well. Slide that in, drop in your screw – then I can set in my QD swivel real easily, and of course, up at the front as well.

Here at the range, the 10/22, of course, just performed without a flaw. The stock was really exceptional. I mean, it’s very ergonomic. The length of pull makes it really nice, and, of course, again, it’s so adjustable. The weight on this stock – it’s so handy. It’s so balanced. Right here – even with the bipod on it – very balanced. It just handles well and that’s one thing I like about it.

I’m really curious to see what the same stock – the Magpul stock for the Remington 700 – feels like. I think that it’ll be a really excellent system, as well. It’s just smooth enough, but yet it has texturing where you need it. With these palm swells underneath, you’re able to get your hand here, and then, right back here, there’s a little bit of a ledge – right here on the stock – so you can get your hand in here if you really want to hone in on your target.

Now, my laser rangefinder – I couldn’t find the right aperture for .22, so when I got here I started shooting, and it was getting right here. I was aiming for this spot right here to make sure I could find it on the paper. You can see where it started bumping it up, and then, right here in the target. Here and here – just shooting a little bit to the right. Then, that last group – all ten rounds dead in the center. That’s really what the Ruger 22 is capable of. You put optics on it, it really allows it to hone in.

For those who will ask, this is the Primary Arms with the ACSS reticle. It is for the 22 long rifle. Really great little scope. In fact, the ACSS reticle system is just phenomenal. We’re going to be doing a review on this scope coming up.

The retail price on these from Magpul is $139.95. I did see it at Aim Surplus and at Brownells for $132.95. Typically companies have it a little bit lower. These are brand new, so they could be fairly difficult to come by. Really, for this kind of stock, and the quality, and all the features – with the adjustable length of pull, with the adjustable comb and the cheek riser, M-LOK, and the barrel adjustments, and the pistol grip – you’re getting a lot of features on this stock system. Really, for 135 bucks, I mean, you can’t beat it. Go to to check out all the different specs and features. I think you’re going to find that the Hunter X-22 Stock by Magpul for the Ruger 10/22 is just an excellent option for your rifle. It gives your old 10/22 new life.

The Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock: thumbs way up. Be strong. Be of good courage. God bless America. Long live the Republic.

When I’m shooting .22, I need to man-up. Now I’m ready for .308.

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