Honor Defense Offers Their New Longslide Pistol

honor defense honor guard longslide

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we are always looking to stay on top of the latest releases so we can deliver the newest and best options on the market. Though some shooters might prefer to stick to what they know, many enjoy testing out new firearms as they are released to get a feel for them. While Honor Defense may not have the long-standing reputation of some of the larger manufacturers like Glock or Heckler and Koch, but they have captured our attention for some time due to their overall quality and great value. This is why we are excited to check out the new Honor Defense Longslide pistol.

The Honor Defense Legacy

If you already have an Honor Defense pistol, you know how much this company cares about delivering quality products. In fact, they work so hard to achieve the best quality that they use 100% American parts and labor. Each and every firearm they produce is assembled by a US veteran, which helps them maintain that quality while supporting those who have served.

Beyond their manufacturing policies, Honor Defense is perhaps one of the most humble manufacturers on the market today. They always look for input from their customers and seek professional recommendations to develop the latest and best models on the market today. After no shortage of anticipation, they are now delivering on some of that input.

Announcing the New Longslide Pistol

honor defense honor guard longslide

Honor Defense offered their premier product offering, the Honor Guard, as a concealed carry weapon for the modern shooter. It was designed for easy concealment in a variety of situations and offers a lightweight and simple configuration that makes it easy to use. By the numbers, it used a 3.2” barrel, measured 4.6” tall, and weighed in at only 22 ounces. It’s quality construction and no-nonsense configuration made it the perfect urban carry companion.

As more shooters got a hold of this weapon, Honor Defense listened to their feedback. Namely, they wanted something that was a bit longer and offered a simple rail for attaching accessories. After promising to deliver just that, they have announced this September that their new Longslide pistol is ready to go.

The Specs Check Out

Like the original Honor Guard, the new Longslide model is designed to offer a no-nonsense operation that makes shooting easy. It features front and rear serrations on the slide to assist with operations and offers ambidextrous controls for ease of use. With a crisp, 7 lb. trigger pull and a short reset, it provides consistent groupings with every shot you take. Like the original model, it maintains a 4.6” height, which allows it load a standard 7-round 9mm magazine or an optional 8-round mag.

To improve accuracy and answer the demand, the new Honor Guard Longslide uses a 3.8” barrel. This longer profile does increase the weight to 25 ounces, but it still maintains light and manageable for everyday carry. Considering that it is +P rated, it provides plenty of stopping power to take care of business. Add in the interchangeable backstrap, custom texture on the grip, and striker-fired operation, and you have a great carry option.

Will You Order the New Model

For those who have never shot an Honor Defense pistol before, now might be the perfect time to check one out. Compared to similar quality pistols, the Honor Guard is one of the least expensive options on the market. It provides exceptional accuracy, a comfortable shooting experience, and is made using only the highest quality parts. If you want to order one of your own, make sure to shop at our Honor Defense storefront.

Do you intend to get your hands on this new model? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share your experience with the Honor Guard pistol.

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