Hera Arms Release New P90-Style AR Accessories

hera arms new p90 ar-15 stock

Looking to push the boundaries of AR-15 design and customization, Hera Arms has announced their intention to offer a new FN Herstal P90-inspired furniture for the modern AR-builder. When it comes to specialized military and tactical products, a name like Hera Arms paints a pretty clear picture about what the company is about. Designing all of their products in Germany, they look to deliver some of the most innovative and practical design strategies on the market today. With a team of dedicated shooters, they now hope that the new P90 stock system will be accepted by the AR community.

Customizing an AR

When it comes to rifles, the AR is one of the most respected and widely utilizes models. In fact, many shooters find that building their first AR is a sort of pivotal moment as a gun owner. While there are plenty of companies out there trying to capture shooters’ attention and get them to use their products in the next build, Hera Arms is taking a different approach. Rather than trying to compete directly with the usual stock system, the new P90-inspired setup is bound to give you some unexpected options as you start your next build.

The Unique Style of the P90

hera arms new p90 ar-15 stock

Even many non-shooters can identify a P90 on sight. Due to its bullpup layout and futuristic design, it was a very popular option for television, movies, and video games during the 90s and 2000s. Of course, an AR shooter will immediately see the challenge with using this furniture on an AR-15. How does a bullpup translate to a standard sporting rifle?

In this case, Hera Arms is taking an innovative approach. As you can see in their early pictures, they are working with a unique pistol grip and paired foregrip. Each of these parts resembles the classic P90 design and the standard AR lower finds its place in between the two. Though this might bring up some concerns over comfort, it will be interesting how shooters respond to it when the final product is ready. At first glance, it definitely piques our interest here at Omaha Outdoors.

About Hera Arms

Since 2006, Hera Arms has been operating as a high grade weapon accessory provider. They work to produce the most advanced law enforcement equipment and have come to serve a variety of the best agencies across Europe. The reason they have been able to expand so quickly is due to the simple fact that they take input from the professionals they look to serve. In fact, they take great pride in the cooperative efforts they engage in with professional law enforcement and military personnel. So, when they offer a new product like this, it is bound to garner some extra attention.

Ordering Your New AR Parts

If you are like so many other shooters, it is only a matter of time before you start your next AR build. When you do, what parts do you intend to use? Would you consider using these FN P90 style parts to help make your new build stand out from the crowd? Do you think other companies will start producing similar parts for more AR building options? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

When you do want to grab this new Hera Arms P90 stock system, make sure to check back with us at our own online storefront. There we stock all of the latest parts and accessories to ensure you can build the best AR-15. In the meantime, you might want to start planning out the other parts you intend to use.

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