Heckler and Koch Unveils New VP9 Grey

H&K vp9 grey

At Omaha Outdoors, we have a special interest in factory colored or special edition models. We believe that each individual should be able to distinguish themselves, and often time a little thing like the color of your firearm can make the difference. This is why we are so passionate about delivering some of the best cerakote services on the market today. Of course, we also keep our eyes open for new factory designs that might be of interest. In this case, we are glad to see Heckler and Koch expand their VP9 lineup with a new grey frame option.

Building On the Right Platform

For those who are willing to look outside the United States for their firearms, Heckler and Koch is one of the premier names in the industry. It is trusted by military and law enforcement professionals around the world to deliver some of the best and most reliable options on the market today. Among those options, the VP9 has become a favorite for many shooters.

As the name suggests, it is chambered in 9mm. While some find this round to be a bit smaller than ideal, it typically gets the job done. The ergonomic grip profile helps facilitate this, offering grip panels that can be adjusted to fit your hand. This makes it ideal for those with large or small hands, allowing them to get just the right feel. Meanwhile, the trigger latch safety allows for smooth performance and forgoes the need for more traditional options. Its front and rear slide serrations work with the patented HK charging supports, which makes one-handed operations easier and allows those with smaller frames a smoother operation.

The New VP9 Grey

H&K vp9 grey

Beyond the standard VP9 features, the new H&K VP9 Grey offers a special color finish that provides a more unique look. The picture here hardly does it justice. This gun looks great and considering how well it performs its about time it got some new color options. More important than that beautiful finish, it is significant to note how Heckler and Koch went about manufacturing it. From their factory in Oberndorf, Germany, they actually use special colorants during the molding process. This means the grey finish is part of the frame mold. In effect, you have a finish that won’t fade, chip, or crack over time.

Place Your Order Online

If you haven’t used the H&K VP9 before, now is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. These innovative short-recoil-operated pistols are some of the most accurate and easy-to-use on the market today. They provide a sleek look and performance features that keep you on target no matter what your application might be. Now with the option of a grey finish, we definitely recommend picking one up and adding it to your collection.

When you are ready to do just that, make sure to visit our H&K page. Here you can order your new grey model and check out all of the other great deals we have there. Remember, we take our customer service very seriously, so feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call with any questions you might have. Until next time, enjoy this new gun while its hot.

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