Get Ready for Gen 5 – Leaked Glock Photos

Glock Gen 5 Leaked Photos

While it is not likely for a longtime Glock fan to abandon ship, the reality is that with so many other options on the market, the company has lost much of its initial luster. The fact is, there are a host of other companies that produce guns that are just as reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use as the Glock, or sometimes more so. Add in that many of these competitors are including features that Glock lacks, it is past time that they make a major platform update.

Though the extent of that update is still a bit uncertain, it seems that some leaked photos may reveal the Gen 5 is ready to head down a different path. Thanks to pictures released by an Indianapolis Metro Police officer to TheFirearmBlog, it appears an overhaul is finally here. So, what do we know at this point?

The Story Behind the Photos

Right now, it is difficult to fully verify what has changed, but the source of these photos should suggest positive authenticity. After all, they are coming from an officer in a department that is due to receive shipment of the new G17M, so it would make sense. As observed in the original leak, this may not be the configuration for the final version of the Gen 5, but rather a special configuration of the Gen 4. For more info on the source and full list of photos, you should check out the post on TheFirearmBlog.

Some of The Major Changes

So, what has prompted Glock to finally make these changes? Since the FBI had some requirements that would clearly prohibit Glock from winning the contract, it seemed that Glock had a final choice -adapt or fail. In this case, it seems they chose the latter, because there are some significant changes to look at with the new model.

One of the first things to note is that the new model features a flared magazine well, which will be welcome for newcomers and Glock fans alike. In addition to the flared well, it also features cutouts that could help should a magazine become jammed in the pistol during operation. Another very welcome change is the absence of finger grooves, which should allow a wider range of shooters to comfortably operate the weapon. Lefties and ambidextrous shooters will appreciate the ambidextrous slide release too, which will make the weapon more accessible.

Looking Close at the Weapon

Glock Gen 5 Internal

Photos from The Firearm Blog

Though some of the changes are obvious, others a bit harder to tell from pictures. But, according to the reports, they are present and noticeable when handling. First, it seems that Glock has switched out or modified its tenifer finish in some way, as it feels tougher to the touch. Next, the rifling on the barrel appears different, which could mean a major upgrade and a welcome improvement to accuracy.

Next, the gun offers a longer recoil spring assembly, which could provide for better handling and an even longer service life. The forward notch on this assembly also appears reinforced, which is a nice touch knowing some issues that can arise with older models. Finally, the original post notes that the trigger is smoother, offering a feel similar to the G42 or G43.

Still The Same Old Reliable Glock

Despite these changes, it is safe to assume that the Glock is still just as reliable as ever. In fact, both long-time fans and new-comers to the platform should be excited by these changes. After all, new features like the eliminated finger grooves provide a welcome overhaul. Meanwhile, the durable polymer construction and new finish are sure to stand up just as well to torture tests, ensuring the gun can survive in the most extreme conditions.

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Still, in a market that is being filled with polymer pistols that are accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use, Glock needs to remember that innovation is key to their success. It’s what made them so popular in the beginning and without it is sure to cause them to fall back in the other direction. As a longtime Glock owner, it is nice to see that they are taking this into consideration and really looking to innovate again.

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