FNH Reveals Military Collectors Series – Shot Show 2016 News

fn-15 m4 with bayonet and accessories

Military, law enforcement, and various other professional shooters recognize FN Herstal as a name to trust. When it comes to real-life situations, their weapons are made to stand up to the stress of regular use and provide some exceptional options to choose from. At this year’s shot show, they are tapping into the power of nostalgia to help liven up their lineup of rifles. Specifically, they have unveiled a new Military Collectors series, which looks to showcase some of your favorite designs in a reliable, semi-auto package that will make a welcome addition to any collection.

The New FN-15 M4 Carbine

If you have served this country in the past, then odds are you are intimately familiar with the military model M4 Carbine. While the models you used might have had select fire capabilities, FNH wanted to offer a recreation of this class that could be purchased and used by just about any civilian. With that in mind, they took the military specifications and created this semi-auto version.

It is chambered in 5.56 NATO and features that familiar M4 profile. With a 1:7 right hand twist, the button broached barrel should perform much like the one you used in your service. Like any good AR-based model, it comes with a few design options. At Omaha Outdoors, we are most excited for the 14.7” barrel configuration. This comes with an M9 bayonet w/sheath, a collapsible folding stock, and a vertical foregrip to give you the best handling. Like you might expect, it is topped with A2 front and rear sights and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Whether you are a former soldier or a military collector, you might consider this release a “must-have” item.

Building Off the FN-15

fn-15 m4 with bayonet and accessories

It is important to remember that while the specifications more closely match a classic military M4, this rifle was designed around the FN-15 series. The FN-15 is FNH’s take on the AR. It provides a robust list of features and includes military-grade materials to offer a top-performing profile. While every company talks about how reliable their manufacturing procedures are, the people over at FN Herstal definitely live up to the hype. So, when they say they announced a Military Collectors Series, it definitely caught our attention.

In addition to the M4 model, they also offer an M-16 option, which is bound to be another popular member of the new family. Of course, neither of these is quite a unique as the third family member.

The FNH M249S

fnh m249s

Moving past these standard AR-inspired models, FNH looked to mix things up a bit by including another military staple in this lineup. The M249 SAW light machine gun should be familiar to former military personnel. It is a trusted piece of equipment for many soldiers and provides exceptional capabilities for engaging soft targets and providing cover fire. While this version is semi-automatic, FNH still did a great job copying the overall design of the original to provide a familiar shooting experience.

It features a 20.5” cold hammer-forged barrel. That barrel is chrome-lined and works from a closed bolt position. Chambered in 5.56 NATO rounds, you can easily use the same ammo you purchase for the FN-15 M4. More important, it will accept both a box magazine and a linked ammunition belt, which really gives that familiar experience. While the price tag is pretty hefty, those who want an almost exact recreation will be proud to add this to their collection.

Get Your FN Herstal Weapons Online

Do you want to get your hands on one of these new FHN Military Collectors models? Which one would you like to start out with? When you’re ready to order, hop on over to our FNH online storefront and place your order.

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