FN Offers More Value – New Lineup of FN15 Rifles

New FN-15 Tactical Carbine II

Whether you normally shoot with FNs or not, there is no questioning that the FN15 is a quality rifle. Designed after the very popular AR-15 platform, FN has been producing the FN15 for some time now, and during that time many have taken a liking to the rifle. As with any other major manufacturer, FN realizes that just sticking with the status quo is not enough. Instead, they have just announced the release of the next generation of FN rifles, which is simply designated the FN15 II.

Which Models Receive The Upgrade?

To start out this new release, it seems that FN is sticking with two of their more popular models, the FN15 DMR And the FN15 Tactical Carbine. Both of these are now available in the new configuration and offer a price point that is comparable to the original (MSRP is now $1,999, compared to old model priced at $1,899). The new rifles are due to ship out this month, which means they will soon be available for purchase over at our FN Herstal store at Omaha Outdoors. But, what can you expect to find with these updates?

Appreciating the FN15 Platform

Both of these original rifles already offered impressive specifications and consistently performed above and beyond what you might expect. To get an idea, the original DMR was loaded with quality parts and configured to ensure you could get the most out of it in everyday use. This included an 18” chrome-lined, hammer-forged barrel, offering a 1:7 twist and free-floating configuration to provide the most consistently accurate package.

To ensure this accuracy with every shot, FN opted for a Timney competition trigger, which provides a smooth pull, crisp break, and the perfect reset. It is outfitted with ergonomic controls, including an easy-to-access mag release, safety, and forward assist. With a Magpul STR buttstock and MOE grip, it offered just the right features to make it work for competitive and tactical shooters alike.

So What’s New?

Those who are hoping for a big change may be disappointed, but being a “glass half-full” type guy, I am excited. Aside from some minor machining adjustments that shouldn’t much affect the weapon, the only change is an updated rail system. Specifically, the new rail offers an FN handguard with M-LOK technology. The old rail system worked alright, but the truth is it was a bit behind the times. Systems like M-LOK are taking over the industry, and with good reason. Now that they have made the switch over themselves, the new FN-15 DMR II and Tactical Carbine II are sure to both become that much more popular. Made from 6061 aluminum, it should be tough enough to handle whatever it comes up against too, which makes this a more than welcome addition.

The FN15 Caliber Options

Beyond the above-mentioned 5.56 NATO version, the FN15 is also available in .300 BLK. This chambering is offered on both the DMR and Tactical Carbine version of the model, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that fits you best. With the upgraded rail system, you should find that either one of these platforms works exceptionally well and your accessories will remain secure in place no matter where you might find yourself.

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