Favorite Conceal Carry Revolvers Video

Hello and welcome to Guns and Gear. You know I’ve had some fun posting videos recently with the titles best of. In those videos I’ve explained that I’m not really saying that the things that I’m showing you are the ultimate best whatever, whatever, whatever. There are just too many good choices out there these days to have such a claim. I more or less say they’re my best choices, another way of saying it is, and they’re my favorites.

I wanted to make videos on concealed-carry firearms and I decided to, instead of saying best of, just say what they really are. That is, my favorites. This video is going to obviously be talking about revolvers because I have five of them sitting on the table here. These five revolvers represent some of my favorites in regards to concealed carry for defense.

I know a lot of people, especially here on YouTube run around saying that they disregard the revolver as a defensive firearm. Oh it’s antiquated. Oh there’s not enough fire power, oh this, oh that. You know what? They’re allowed to have their opinions. If that’s the way they feel, they shouldn’t carry a revolver.

I on the other hand, do not follow that line of thought at all. I’ve had a concealed-carry permit for good period of time now, I think for about 27 years, almost 28 years. One thing that I can say is I’ve carried a lot of revolvers. I haven’t been in a lot of gun fights or anything of that nature, but I’ve done a lot of training with my firearms. I don’t see where the revolver really gives up anything at all to the semiautomatics.

I know that they have a much smaller capacity, but in general, most of the guns are in a caliber that I choose are quite effective. I still upon occasion will carry a revolver for a defensive firearm. I think that if you have a good revolver and it’s in a good-quality fighting or self-defense caliber and you’ve trained to use it well, you’re not under-gunned by any means.

Let’s talk about these guns right here. First up is a Smith and Wesson. This is the Smith and Wesson Night Guard series in 44 Special. I know the 44 Special is a really old round, but it still has a lot of good qualities to make it a really good firearm. This is the 396 and it’s a lightweight-frame gun. It’s a five shot. It also has a tritium front post on there. It has some Pachmayr grips, by the way. All in all, just an outstanding revolver, it’s built on an L-frame. That can be kind of chunky, but I don’t find that it’s too bad.

The next firearm is a Ruger SP101. This has a three-inch barrel. I’ve said in quite a few videos that I have an affinity… I really like three-inch guns. This is just an outstanding little revolver. It is also a five-shot revolver and it’s chambered for a 357 Magnum. Even though it is a Ruger, which Rugers are renowned in their revolvers for being very heftily built, very robust. This is a chunk, no doubt about it. This is a chunk of steel right here, but it’s a rather slim profile as far as revolvers go. I’ve liked this gun for a lot of years.

Next up I’m going to show you the little pocket gun, a little Smith and Wesson. This is a 38 and as you can see it has a shrouded hammer. You can still get ahold of the hammer, which makes it pretty cool, not completely covered, and not, not covered at all, something in between. It’s their Airweight design, nice little gun.

It is also a five-shot, as you can see. The model is a 638. At any rate, this is one of my favorite little pocket guns. I often carry this gun in my pocket in a holster. Normally that’s a backup carry. I normally don’t carry a pocket gun as my primary carry.

The next gun over here is a Colt. This is a Colt Detective Special. It’s a third generation. It’s just a gorgeous gun. It’s in 38 Special. It is a six-shot 38. I tell you what, it’s just a beautiful gun. It shoots really well. I like the handle. The grip is short, yet it is kind of wide. Even with my large hands, I can get a decent purchase on there to shoot it. I just like this little handgun. It’s a great little gun to shoot, the Colt Detective Special.

The last gun is a gun I’ve showed often, I’m sure. This is absolutely my favorite revolver for concealed carry. This happens to be a Smith and Wesson model 66. It is a K-frame revolver. It is a six-shot revolver. It also has a three-inch barrel. I tell you what, this is also one of my favorite revolvers, period, that I own.

I have a lot of favorites for different things and using them for different things. A 357 Magnum… This is a medium frame, the K-frame. It’s not too bulky to carry concealed and yet it is strong enough to handle the 357 Magnum and all of this variety of ammunition. I just really, really… There’s not anything about this gun that I do not like. There’s not anything about this gun that I would change. It’s an outstanding revolver. The model 66 is my favorite.

Alright, folks, I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching as always. Remember to shoot straight on the range and in life. Thanks.

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