Exploring the New Walther PPS M2

When it comes to carry weapons, Walther is trusted by shooters all around the country to deliver reliable accuracy and all-day comfort. In fact, many owners won’t carry anything but their trusted Walther, knowing that its comfortable ergonomics and accurate configuration make it the perfect weapon for self-defense. Among their pistols, a brief video review of the PPS M2 recently caught our attention here at Omaha Outdoors. Inspired by this video, we wanted to share that along with our own short review of the weapon.

A Fast Look at a Great Gun

If you are a regular on YouTube, you might already be subscribed to the GunsAmerica channel there. If not, you might want to now. This brief video is definitely worth the watch, exploring some of the key features that make this new firearm so special. Walther is already known for its ergonomics and affordability, but with the performance of this model you are likely to find it’s well worth the price you pay. Since they updated the mag release to a more familiar configuration and got rid of the unnecessary striker disconnect safety, most shooters will be happy to make the upgrade to the new M2.

Our Own Impressions

The PPS M2 is an all-around great weapon to have on hand for regular carry. It’s 9mm chambering makes it a great choice for those with smaller frames as well as those who might be able to handle larger loads but prefer the greater capacity afforded by this round. The 6-round magazine makes concealment a breeze, but those with larger hands might prefer using only the 7-round option, as this provides a fuller grip.

Buy Walther Arms Online at Omaha Outdoors

The aforementioned upgrades in the grip and magazine release make this much more intuitive for your average shooter, while the familiar Walther construction make it a joy to shoot. In fact, we found these guns to be extremely accurate at the range and since they don’t provide excessive recoil, they allow for easy follow-up shots.

Delving Into Technical Specs

Looking at the details, the PPS M2 come standard in 9mm, offering 6, 7, and 8-round magazine options. It uses a 3.18” barrel and is just 4.4” tall with the standard 6-round mag. Only 1” wide, it makes concealment easy in almost any environment. The trigger is smooth, offering a 6.1 lb. pull with a short travel and reset.

The grips follow your standard ergonomic Walther design, using a non-slip, cross-directional surface for better control. Moving up past the now conveniently-located mag release, the gun features an extended slide stop to allow for gloved operations. It offers a chamber viewport, and red cocking indicator, which makes operations run more smoothly. Topped with front and rear slide serrations as well as 3-dot metal sights, you will find that it provides just the right features to deliver when you need to carry.

Ordering Your New Walther PPS

Of course, when it comes time to order your new PPS, you know there is one place you can always rely on. Here at Omaha Outdoors, we make sure to keep a wide inventory of Walther products, so whether you want this PPS M2 or one of their other exceptional weapons, make sure to hop on over to our online storefront. In the meantime, check out some of the other reviews we have on our blog and stay tuned for future releases and product highlights.

What do you think of the Walther PPS M2? Do you already own one and recommend it? Do you think there are better options on the market? Share your thoughts with us below.

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