Examining the AXTS Freedom Bone Charging Handle

axts freedom bone charging handle

If you are an AR-15 shooter who loves using your suppressors, there may be some great news coming from the AXTS headquarters. After many years of producing the popular Raptor charging handle, AXTS has announced their new Freedom Bone system. Designed for use with a suppressed rifle, it promises to deliver some of the best performance on your modern AR. Coming from a company with a reputation like theirs, we were prone to believe that it might do just that.

Built to Handle Gas Face

Shooting an AR-15 is fun. Shooting an AR-15 with a suppressor is often less fun. It’s not that you don’t enjoy the reduced recoil and the quieter operation, but the gas you get pushed back into your face can be a bit a nuisance. In fact, many shooters have come to refer to this as “gas face,” which is pretty much inevitable when you use a suppressor. Of course, AXTS doesn’t believe that it should always be unbearable. Instead, they designed the Freedom Bone charging handle to help counter this.

As you would expect, the handle itself is built tough. It features a 7075-T6 aluminum construction and a hard anodized finish to boot. Combined with a Raptor-style ambidextrous charging end, you will find that it offers a very easy operation. Beyond the simple operation, this unique charging handle implements something a bit different. Namely, it offers a strategically ported shaft, which helps to redirect some of that gas away from the shooter. But, how does it work?

In testing, many users have reported that the new charging handle does a great job reducing the gas. While it is far from perfect, it is perhaps one of the best options on the market today. Though our own testing was less-than-scientific, we did observe less gas face than usual, which is a win in our books.

Review from The Firearm Blog

Of course, if you aren’t ready to take my word for it, I’m not the only one to sing this model praises. In fact, Patrick over at The Firearm Blog took the AXTS Freedom Bone out for a spin and found that it stood up to the job very nicely. As you can read over in his review, he noticed a significant decrease in the amount of gas after his initial test. This speaks to how well the new Freedom Bone works. Like the Raptor is often considered for standard AR configurations, this could very well become the standard for those using a suppressor.

Ordering a New AXTS Freedom Bone

axts freedom bone charging handle

For those who shoot with a suppressed AR-15, the new AXTS Freedom Bone is sure to become a popular option. Unlike many of the other charging handles on the market, initial testing seems to reveal that it really does its job, helping to diminish some of that annoying gas that might interfere with your performance. Of course, even the best charging handle can’t change the way your firearm works, so don’t expect to completely eliminate the gases.

Do you intend to pick up a new Freedom Bone charging handle? If not, why not? If you do, we are here to help. Check out our AXTS page now to order your new charging handle. Until next time, enjoy shooting with your favorite AR.

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