EOTech OPMOD EXPS3-0 HHS-I w/ G33 3X Magnifier Review Video

Welcome back, everybody.

Today we’re going over this EOTech and this magnifier also from EOTech. These two are part of the OPMOD line from the optics planet. But, essentially the specs are exactly the same.

What we’re going to do now is just keep shooting some rounds through it, make sure it works, functions as it should.

But, those of you guys that watch some of my recent QnA videos know that I’m a big fan of this EOTech. I think it’s probably the best one they’ve put out to date.

We’re going to talk about why that is.

Coming up next after we put a few more rounds on steel, hopefully.

Getting into the details, I suppose we’ll go over each component by itself then the system as a whole.

First off, the EXPS3 here gives you a lower 1/3rd co-witness with your AR style sights.

Even on a Tavor or the AX21 like you guys saw today, it…

As long as you’re going to be using the standard AR height sights, it will still give you that lower 1/3rd co-witness.

It does have side buttons which is huge for EOTech fans out there. A lot of you guys are wanting this. I’m a fan of it as well, particularly when used with the magnifier it becomes very handy. Even not with magnifier, it’s much more intuitive, in my opinion, not having to push buttons back here.

It does weigh in at 11.2 ounces.

It’s compatible with night vision devices, as you saw on the intro. So, with those shots we’re using the PS14, which is a level 3 plus or gen 3 plus, I should say, night sight. But, it will work with your generation 1 night sights as well.

You get 10 different levels of brightness with your night vision optics and 20 with daylight optics.

It comes on, I believe they call it, level 12 when you turn it on in standard mode. That’s pretty much if you’re sitting around the house in normal lighting. That’s what most folks will kind of prefer in terms of brightness.

If you step outside in bright somewhere, you’re going to want to turn it up, in lower light you’re going to want to turn it down.

It’s a good sort of middle ground in terms of when you turn it on.

I guess we should talk about turning it on and battery. Your battery compartment is right here. It works with one CR123 battery. That compartment up here is sealed. This thing is submersible down to 10 meters, I think that’s 33 feet.

There is your battery.

One of the big improvements versus the earlier versions of EOTechs is the way this battery is oriented. The old ones used to be perpendicular, or I should say in line, rather, with the rifle so the recoil would kind of cause some issues. This absolutely does not have those issues.

It was one of the primary reasons these sights were redesigned.

That’s one of the reasons.

It’s, in my opinion, one of the best ones, if not the best that EOTech’s ever put out.

That’s the battery.

It will give you 600 continuous hours of use. If you turn it on by hitting the ‘up’ arrow, it will auto shutoff at 8 hours. If you turn it on by hitting the ‘down’ arrow, it’ll auto shutoff within 4 hours, that’s if you don’t hit the up or down buttons at any time during that period. As soon as you hit one, it will reset. That includes toggling back and forth the night vision.

To do that you’re just going to hit the night vision mode.

If we turn it on, we’ll get a radical which you see here. It’s much more blurry on camera than it looks in real life.

Like I said, the toggle to night vision you just hit the button and you guys can’t see it but I assure you it’s displaying night vision mode.

Turn it back on by toggling through there.

You get radical blinking when there’s 2.5 to 5 hours of usable battery left. So, it’s going to let you know if you’re battery is getting dull and it’s time to change it, which I think is a very good feature that some of the earlier EOTechs didn’t have. But, this one as well as some does have it and it’s very useful in my opinion.

Long time viewers of the channel know that I wasn’t always a big fan of magnifiers and actually I’m still a little bit sort of a hit or miss in terms of them. But, in my opinion, this is the best one out there in the market that I’ve used to date.

Couple of reasons.

First off, a lot of magnifiers are really heavy. Like extremely heavy. This one here comes in at 11.9 ounces which compared to some of the competitors on the market is very light.

That includes the mount here, so it’s a 1 inch mount, as you guys can see here from the picture as it looks when you actually separate it out.

the flip is extremely durable, extremely rugged, and low profile.

Again, those are things that really weren’t seen on a lot of the earlier magnifiers.

It gives you a 3.25 fixed magnification. You’re going to have a 2.2 inches of eye relief, which on AR padded rifle…

Really, if you set it up behind your optic it’s pretty much exactly where your head would be anyway. Most folks like to keep their nose relatively within range of charging handle. You’ll be just fine there and you’ll have no eye relief issues should you do that.

Speaking of mounting on the rifle, I guess I’ll show you how to do that. It’s very simple

This one’s already preset. But, if your rail is a little bit out of spec, as a lot of rails out there are, you’ll learn that not already.

When it’s in the open mode here, you can just turn this little knob on this side to either loosen or tighten it.

And it’s the exact same on this mount over here.

So, in the open mode which we have it here, you just set it on rail, it’s going to line it up with whatever 1913 style rails.

Push forward slightly, as you want to do whenever you’re mounting any optic. Then just tighten it down.

It should be pretty tight the way I just had it shut down there, where it’s very solid on there is how you want it.

Now, your magnifier you’re going to set it up…

I personally prefer it to be somewhat close. There are people that like to keep it further away for whatever reason. Personal preference, I suppose.

At this point we’re going to tighten that lever down as well.

You can see, sort of, the relation as it lines up here with your charging handle.

You can see, as I was shooting earlier, really no issues with eye relief for most AR pattern or even a Tavor or other rifles out there that you want to set it up with.

Adjustability at this point is relatively easy.

We’ll turn it around for you here.

You can see on the actual EXPS3 itself, you get half m away adjustments for windage and elevation.

For those of you guys that want to see how to actually zero your EOTechs, I have a video specifically on that. I will walk you through it in detail. But, very easy to do with those half m away clicks.

To actually center the radical from the EXPS3 here in your magnifier, you have these little knobs back here and you can just move it back and forth until that radical is right in the center of your magnifier.

Again, that’s something this one…

The 33, that’s much easier in a lot of its predecessors. So, it really does improve the usability of it. You can see moving it back and forth, no issues and plenty of clearance for your standardized backup sights as well.

So, if you want to actually just flip that over and hit your backup sight if your optics go down, or if they’re in a blast or whatever and they’re cracked, you can absolutely do that and still use it.

You also…

Actually put that down first.

Have the quick attach capabilities that anytime there. So, to do that on both of these you’re just going to push down these little levers, loosen it up, and remove it

I suppose when we’re doing optic, you should talk about the radical.

The radical on that EOTech is something that a lot of folks really love. It has that 1 m away dot in the middle so for very precise shooting it allows you to do that.

Also with these 65m away ring around it, it allows for quick acquisition when you have a flash side picture just bringing a rifle up on target.

But, EOTech and Aimpoint debate will probably go on forever but, no doubt one thing that folks who are on EOTech side of that debate always point out is, the radical and how they much prefer it.

Another thing that they’ll point out is that the EOTech and now currently at least when I’m doing this video, the EXPS3 is the optic that is a standard optic for United States special operations command.

So, a lot of folks out there’ll say it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

I tend to agree with that. Obviously, they do a ton of testing

Actually, special operations command, their testing is what actually led to the EXPS3 development and the change of the battery compartment as well as some of the internals that I talked about earlier.

So, I guess you can say it comes out of sort of some of the deficiencies in some of the earlier lines like I talked about with the 553 I believe that I reviewed earlier, which is still a very good optic.

But, it did have that downside that I talked about in that video and this solves it.

It really is, in my opinion, the best of the EOTechs to date.

The magnifier obviously speaks for itself

You have a very clear glass in there as you’d expect from EOTech, especially at the price point that these are going to market at.

Now, these optics planet versions are really identical to the standard non optics planet versions. But, some of you guys who are EOTech junkies will know that optics planets along…

Well, I guess it was what a few years ago, worked together with EOTech on the development of the EXPS2 and they had an exclusive brand on that for a while that’s sort of expired now.

But, optics planet’s been with EOTech for a while.

This packagee together, I believe…

their site this morning when I checked it.

Now, again, if you guys are watching this down in the future as of right now it’s the end of 2014 if you’re watching this in 2016 it may have changed so don’t come at me.

But, I believe the combo together is 1069 dollars. However, remember guys, viewers of this channel always get the mrgunsngear date discount on anything that optics planet offers.

So, I always want to thank optics planet for offering that discount to the viewers.

I believe it’s 5 percent and the code is right here at the bottom.

Just enter my name and they’ll give your discount across the board on anything to include this set here.

But really, I guess it is an excellent product.

I’m not just saying that because I have been…

I’ve said it before I had these in.

on the channel. So, it really is top notch gear

If you have the budget for it, it’s something I’d definitely take a good look at.

If you guys have any questions about these optics that I didn’t cover here in the video, you can always post pone in the comments section.

You can also post over at my Facebook page as always.

But, thanks for watching guys.

I really appreciate it.

Thanks for subscribing.

I hope to see you guys on the next video.


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