Rifle Review: Daniel Defense DDM4 V11 – The Civilian M-4

Daniel Defense DDM4 V11

Finally, there is a civilian version of the M-4 platform ready for the civilian market. We review the Daniel Defense DDM VII, which offers both a sporting rifle and a home self-defense firearm. This firearm provides what everyone wants to have ready for all situations. It is a system that allows anyone to have a serious, mil-spec, dialed-in carbine that will make all the difference.

For many decades, civilian shooters have been dependent upon following the military for the most advanced small arms systems. Generations have waited upon those hand-me-downs for the best that the Pentagon can provide. The advantage that the Daniel Defense design provides – the best edge for the civilian user – is that this platform offers a carbine that is actually more efficient shows greater ballistics and has a more reliability than what is available from the military.

Re-thinking the M-4 from a practical point of view. This is not the lowest-bidder firearm: it is the carbine for the civilian, with the best of what front-line troops use, combined with what gunmakers can improve.


The specs are impressive: The DDM4 V11 is a light-weight firearm (just 4 lbs., 8 ounces), with a quick 16-inch barrel. It’s a mid-length gas system, which is actually 2 inches longer than the M4. This allows the reload time to be smoother, easier and – all things considered – more accurate shooting. No promises here: You can hear your range sergeant, can’t you?: “Breathe, aim, fire.” Still, the 1:11 right-hand twist and hammer-forged barrel will give you that edge you need for the shot that counts – for hunting or self-defense.

The advanced 6.8mm round was developed by the Remington Arms Company in cooperation with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit of the famous Special Operations Command. This caliber is intended to be between the U.S. military’s 5.56x45mm NATO and the traditional 7.62×51 NATO round. The 6.9mm caliber was developed as a result of the U.S. Enhanced Rifle Cartridge Program, to be lighter than the larger caliber, but be more accurate than the larger one.

Design is everything: Daniel Defense has provided M4 ramps, for reliable feeding. The Mil-spec MP-tested staked gas key provides reliability. With a Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed rear sight and DD front sight base, the accuracy can be dialed in without fuss or trouble. The finish of the DDM4 is without compare. The finish is a salt-bath nitrate, so maintenance is simple and robust. The vertical grip is a Daniel Defense A2 styling vertical grip, for ease of shooting.\

With a complete 100% guarantee, the Daniel Defoe DDM4 VII is probably the best rifle you’ll ever own. With a design that builds upon the best research of the United States military, combined with the most advanced ideas of a system developed by a civilian gunmaker, this firearm offers the best of all M4 platforms – the battle rifle re-considered.

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