Dan Wesson V-Bob & Valor 1911 Video

Yes, Hickok 45, going to be a good day at the compound 1911 time .45 ACPE. Let’s just shoot a couple more.

Nice. That was more than a couple, but that’s okay.

Yes, Dan Wesson 1911, I have never shot one until recently until I shot this one. Pretty cool gun, we appreciate CZ sending it to us through T & E. I’m going to through a lot of 230 grain slugs through it and just see how it works, okay.

Nice gun, let’s go back up to the shooting table. It’s a little chilly out here, it’s about 40 degrees. A little cooler than it is on the other side of the computer, where you are I bet, right? We’ve been talking to Bud’s Gun Shop about getting the range heated, but I don’t know, they’re just not going to come through it looks like.

Anyway, we still appreciate the sponsorship from Bud’s Gun Shop. Check the links okay. They sell everything, guns and great prices and everything. They just are a little slack when it comes to being able to heat the range, we’ve talked to them about that.

Okay, what else do we have here, we have another one don’t we? What’s better than on 1911? Two 1911s, okay. Yes, it’s got both the stainless V-Bob version and we have the blackened standard, full-size version.

Again, thanks to CZ who you owns Dan Wesson for sending these to try out. I’ve had quite a few requests and hopefully this will satisfy you Dan Wesson people. Actually, I adjusted a little bit there; I wanted to try them out for some time. I have picked them up and gun shops or in gun shows a couple of times and thought, whoa, Dan Wesson? Whatever I know or need to know about Dan Wesson, that thing feels really good and awfully solid. I’ve since learned a lot about Dan Wesson over the years. That they are highly regarded, they really are. Now isn’t that a beautiful sight? Look at that ammo.

Speaking of help and sponsors, we appreciate the Federal furnishing all that pretty 230-grain ball ammo. I have the two of them, I have both — Now this is the valor, this is kind of the flagship and it comes in this finish, this black finish and then also stainless of course.

This isn’t just a paint if you read their website and everything, I’ll link you to it, but it’s a — I forget what they call it. It’s some kind of a fancy name like everybody has for their finish on their revolvers or their 1911s, or whatever firearm they have. It’s not some much painted on there as it is an impregnation of the metal and bond and all that kind of thing. It’s supposed to be really good stuff. That’s the bottom line.

I kind of believe them, I’m sure it will scratch, but I tend to believe that it is probably a really good finish. The reason I say probably, is I’ve not carried a Dan Wesson through battle or for 20 years. I have no personal experience with that and how much where it would take, you know, this particular finish. They just do things right. They make good firearms, they really do. I’m sure they’ve got their finish in order, they’re pretty cool.

I tell you one thing I like about them, I’m going to shoot some more here but, one thing I’ve noticed right away with these — Well you notice it, look at the gun. You have the valor on there, but you don’t have a lot of stuff on there. You don’t have — They made some models, I think, with the rails and all that. You don’t have the rails, you don’t have forward serrations. You have just stuff you need. It’s like my Ed Brown. This gun is very much like my Cobra Carrier, it’s very much like it.

Same philosophy its looks like, except I like the checkering better on this. You get a really good grip on that. Its 25 lines per inch, I think, it’s really nice. You can have greasy hands and boy, you pick that thing up and it’s going to lock in. That’s kind of nice.

It breaks down, it comes apart easily, unlike some new premium firearms, and it’s tight but not overly tight, is the way I would guess say it. Look at that, I don’t even have to load a magazine. I have one loaded, let’s just pick up a couple of these, yes, big old slugs. I have a variety of magazine. I don’t know, they come with a couple of Check Mate magazines, which I think is supposed to be good magazines. We’ve got those in the mix and I just gotten a bunch of stuff, Chip McCormick’s, and there’s an Ed Brown or two in there, there’s Wilson Combats, hopefully, we won’t have any trouble, okay, that we can’t trace to something, you know.

Now, I’ve shot this thing and I haven’t had any trouble with it yet, so, you never know, 1911s can be finicky. What should I going to shoot? Why don’t we just wake up the gong right away?

Yes. You shouldn’t be able to sleep on this chilly day. All right, let’s try a red plate, before I get too cold to shoot.

Nice, nice, let’s try the buffalo.

All right, whooped him in the butt it looks like, I think I’ll knock something over now. I like to see things fall, occasionally, you know, do some destruction.

Yes, knock a ram, two with one shot, scared the second one over.

Yes, empty. That’s the only probably with the 1911. You know, seven or eight rounds and you’re finished. Well, that’s okay, they are big bullets, aren’t they. Well, Cowboy, what do you think?

Sights are right on, can’t complain about that, they’re right on. Oh, there’s a target. Yes, let’s see where the sights are, I’ll hold it right in the middle and probably miss the whole paper.

Okay, sites seem in pretty good shape. I mean, you know, I’m shaking around, of course. All right, pot smoking time.

Oh, I definitely don’t want to spray myself today, like we did the other day, too chilly for that, nice. Boy, I know that one didn’t hold the slide back. Man, that’s an old one, I don’t know who made that. They’re afraid to put their name on it. Oh, that goes back to my competition days, nearly 20 years ago, I think. I don’t know.

Anyway, yes, this thing shoots well; I shouldn’t have gotten it so hot. You don’t know how hot it is, like I say — I tell you what, these firearms — Let me give you a little bit of information about them; they’re 1911s, is that enough? I don’t know everything about them, but I do know this, like that, you can take it apart, okay. New gun and it’s not so stiff that you have to beat on it with a — or get a bushing wrench out on it and all that. It does not have a full-length guide rod, another thing I like about them. It’s just like the Cobra Carrier.

In fact, I’ve heard these referred to as a kind of like a cheaper, or a poor man’s Ed Brown, or whatever. Of course poor man’s has a bad connotation but these are not cheap, okay they’re 1700 to 2000 dollars. They are not cheap, for folks that are not familiar with them, let me go ahead and get that out of the way. They are in the upper echelon of 1911s. You’re talking close to 2000 dollars in that vicinity.

Why would they be so expensive? Well of course a lot of the 1911s are pretty expensive. These have, some of the key question you might have, if you don’t know about these. They have no MIM parts; look that up if you don’t know what that is, injection and molded parts and things.

They are tool steel, the parts are, everything on these, from what I’ve read, they’re hand fitted polished and they’re put together. They’re referred to as to semi-costume guns. Because they’re almost up there with like the Ed Browns, Les Baers and Wilson Combats and all those and they are very, very close. Very, very, very close. For my money, they’re probably close enough. If I got one of these and it was reliable. They’re good stuff.

Now the one difference with Dan Wesson, they don’t necessarily make every part themselves. Like your custom gun makers, but in doing my research and reading it looks like they’re continually making more and more of the parts on the firearm. To the point now where, it looked to me — I was browsing around the 1911forum.com and read some threads on the Dan Wesson’s. In fact, somebody from the company had posted on there and was mentioning things they make and don’t make and all that. It looked like about everything now is made by them except maybe the mainspring housing and maybe the bushing is Evolution Gun Works and I think that the.  It’s just about everything is made by them now, if you something different there, share it.

The sites were Heinie and look just like that, the ledge site, it’s called It doesn’t have Heinie on it anymore so, I don’t know if maybe Dan Wesson actually making that site now or they’re Trijicon sites or that’s just a full-blown Trugeco offering, I’m not sure. I don’t know all the sites they do offer.

It may just be the Trijicon insert because they are night sites, all right. Anyway, nice guns made mostly in-house and tool steel, all hand fitted so, semi-custom is right. I thought I had it locked. Old habits die-hard.

It fits together okay, as sure as I say that, I won’t be able to get it back together. It’s been a pleasure to take apart. I’ve shot it and cleaned it a couple of times and its gone back together easily for me. Until, of course when the camera starts rolling, then when you start struggling and things don’t fit or, whatever, right? We can deal with that, I can make up some lame excuse and blame it on the cold weather.

There we go 1911s, they don’t come apart and go back together quite a simply as a lot of our modern pistols. I like that bushing, that’s kind of neat, that thing is really thick there. Gun just feels well made, it really does. I should be looking for some things I hate about it. I don’t like the grips, the thinness of the grips particularly. Those are VZ grips and they are highly sought after. They are not cheap. They’re very desirable and they have a great traction on them. a lot of gun makers brag about having them on their firearm because they’re thing, extra thin. Probably if you have short hands or small hands, you’d like that, but they’re a little thin for me. A little, thin.

You notice the sites are a little bit different, I don’t know if you’d like that or not. I think I do, it could grow on me. It’s just got one dot back there, then a big dot up front, so different there. It’s nice sites, it’s kind of interesting, doesn’t seem to be a problem. That’s different there.

Let’s do a couple more. I bet it’s a loud gun so I’m going to put my ears in. All right, always fun to sling heavy lead, at least for me. Works for me, I see another ram standing over there so he didn’t get scared down did he

Yes, he actually had to have 230 grains of lead. Let me try the turkey over there.

All right, well, I guess you would never let me forget it if I didn’t try the chicken, right?

Okay, great little shooter.

A little cinder action there. Let’s take a couple shoots, oh I don’t know, oh, now what did I do? It hung up on that round. Man, I wonder if it’s the magazine or what I’ve got here. Let’s just try it. Oh, I see, that magazine has a four-plate that is wedged up against the front of the if you can see that, get the safety on there. That’s supposed to go up in the firearm instead of the front of it like that. It’s another one of those old, okay. I’ll blame that on the magazine because I got the magazine in there incorrectly. I’ll see if I can empty it and get it out of there. 

Yes, that weird little lip just doesn’t seem to fit right. Okay, so we’ll blame that one to the mag. All right, now I forgot what I was going to do, something stupid probably. Let’s just shoot.

I’ve got a magazine right here, put another one in.

Let’s try while we’re at it, let’s try to empty one here pretty quickly. You see how the trigger is for that, I’ll try not to hit the target, I’ll try to hit the drum. Let’s see if it’s got a full auto switch on it, yes it does. 

Well that’s as full auto as I can get. You know what I should do, I hate to do it, but I should take a couple shoot with this one too, I guess shouldn’t I. Oh man, nice features on it, flat mainstream housing, long trigger, anything I like on a 1911, that’s for sure. I have to try this gun too. I probably should use that magazine, but we’ll just put one in there.
All right, so this one I have not shot. I wasn’t going to shoot it, I was going to show you the other type, they sent it too. But, you’ve got Match-Grade materials, you see the Match Barrel. It’s just…They are well-made firearms. There’s no doubt about it, you can look around, it’s hard to find anything really negative on them. I’m sure it’s out there. Okay, let’s see, I don’t even know where this one hits, but lets’ go ahead and put on the gong. It sure feels good.

Okay, try that red plate.


Still a little bit low, boy that thing feels good with the full grip, they always do.

There we go. I wasn’t holding it up high enough. Let’s try that little soft drink there.

wounded him. 

Just a hair to the right, I saw it. Yes, that one feels good too, just had to get it dirty didn’t I. Oh man, I asked him to send me this, because I was more interested in a carry size gun, but I’m glad they’ve sent both of these. 1911s are just wonderful firearms and especially, these higher quality ones. They’re nice to fire, the checkering, for one thing most 1911s tend to work, you can get one for four or five hundred dollars, probably serve you and would probably work.
They’re some things you can do…I’m freezing out here, they’re things you can do, that do make them nice, this checkering, when you pick it up, no matter how well your  400 dollar 1911 is working for you and no matter how well you can shoot it. If you pick up that gun and you’re going to want it, you’re going to want the checkering, at least the beavertail and it just feels like a million bucks.

Your hands lock into it, it’s just hard to describe if you’ve not felt one like that. It’s really nice and that is if you like and can appreciate a 1911. Some people don’t like them, right, but that’s okay. As I’ve said before, I don’t necessarily carry one, but they’re fun to shoot and they’re great guns. I have carried them and occasionally I still do. Wonderful, wonderful pistols and these are works of art, especially when you get to this level, no doubt about it. The Valor, Dan Wesson. Again, we appreciate CZ sending the things.

They’re — I almost had forgotten really that CZ owned Dan Wesson but it’s neat that they do. Because he’s a quality outfit and they’ve got some really nice 1911s in-house. I don’t know if I’ve forgotten to tell you anything that I know about them. I don’t know everything about them, except that they’re well made. They’re all made of steel, hand fitted and semi-custom to the degree. Very, very close, a lot of Dan Wesson owners probably argue that they’re just as good as those custom guns, I’m sure they would, because I read a lot of that stuff online and its’ a cool gun. The Valor, great gun 1911, any time it through those big slugs it can’t be a bad day, even if it’s a little bit chilly. Life is good.

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