More CZ Releases Teased for 2017

New CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom Pistol

While there are still some shooters who would prefer to stick solely with American made firearms, the reality is that the world is expanding. Over the last few decades, more than a few major players in the industry have started to cut into American company profits and among those companies CZ has been seeing some major growth. With high-quality frame designs, no-nonsense features, and exceptional ergonomics, many who try out a CZ fall instantly in love with the platform. For those loyal CZ fans, it seems like 2017 is going to be an exciting year.

The Aggressive Expansion Plan

If you can think back to January, then you might recall CZ had a few gems to show off at Shot Show 2016. Among those models, they brought the 805 Bren to the civilian marketplace in both carbine and pistol configurations. They also released new carbine and pistol Scorpion EVOs, which were a big hit among shooters early on in the year. As the year progressed, they also introduced a variety of other updated models, like the CZ 527 American, Drake, 455 Varmint Evolution, P-07, and more. It seems like they might start out just as strong in 2017 as they have a variety of other new models slated for release.

More Bren Models to Come

One of the first models announced for 2017 is a new Bren Model 2 short barrel rifle (SBR). Building off the already-popular Bren 805, CZ is taking input from military and law enforcement personnel to put some key changes into effect. With that feedback, they are making some minor adjustments to the core design to upgrade overall performance. The Bren 2 is promised to be lighter, more compact, and feature improved ambidextrous controls. While exact specifications are forthcoming, it also features an updated gas system and a non-reciprocating charging handle for the best user experience.

The P-09 Kadet Kit

Next in the lineup, CZ has revealed that they will be unveiling a brand new P-09 Kadet Kit. This is an easy-to-install .22 LR conversion kit, which will allow CZ-75 owners to convert their favorite handgun to .22 LR for inexpensive target practice. While exact specs are still a bit fuzzy, the MSRP is set at $249 and the kit will include the upper and two 10-round magazines. It appears that the new kit’s installation will be as easy as field-stripping the weapon, making it a must-have for target shooters.

Returning the SP-01 Phantom?

New CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom Pistol

Of course, most exciting for many CZ fans is the final return of the SP-01 Phantom. According to our sources, CZ intends to finally re-release this gun. As you might recall, the lightened SP-01 Phantom has much in common with the CZ-75, but its light frame and 18-round magazine make it a real force to be reckoned with. In fact, the gun was originally released and put on hold in 2012 because of a large military contract with the Czech Army in 2012. Whether this will be an exact replica of the military model or feature some updates is yet to be determined.

Getting Your Gear Online

Naturally, the team here at Omaha Outdoors is excited to hear about these new updates for 2017. While we still have some time before any of these new models hit the market, you can be sure that our online storefront will have them ready ASAP. So, when the new year rolls around, make sure to check back so you have the opportunity to get your hands on these guns right away.

Which of these new CZ products are you most excited for? Anything else you would like to see come from the CZ factory in 2017? Let us know what you think below.

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