If You Conceal Carry, This is a MUST Watch Video

I’m Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical. You may recognize me from some of my TV shows on Sportsman’s channel, such as TAC TV or some of my newer shows on the Vickers Tactical YouTube channel. Now, I do firearms instruction and have for a number of years.

This continues on to this day. In those classes, I commonly get questions about firearms and firearms’ modification and different equipment. One thing I always shy away from is anything to do with the legal side of the house. I’m a big stay in my lane kind of guy. I’m not a lawyer.

I bring all this up because, recently, the guys with CCW Safe reached out to me. I’ve got to be honest, 5 minutes into the conversation, I was sold. CCW Safe is a real simple concept. It’s subscription based.

It’s a program that gives you protection and backing in case you have to use your concealed carry in the fight for your life. It provides you with lawyers, expert witnesses and investigators at no additional cost to you beyond your subscription, which is $99 a year or $75 a year for law enforcement or military.

It’s a total no-brainer. I’m signed up. You should be too. Make sure you go to the link listed below. Get yourself onboard CCW Safe.

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