A Close Look at the Sig Sauer P320 Tacops Pistol

Finding a Sig Sauer P320 Tacops pistol that is suppressor ready can be somewhat difficult. For some shooters, it seems like these guns are more a myth than a tangible product. To clear a few things up for shooters, YouTube contributor Hammer Striker has released a helpful video that goes over some of the key features. If you are one who prefers to see things in text, we have summarized that video for you in a few key paragraphs here. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these firearms, make sure to contact us and see how we can.

P320 Tacops Notable Features

The model in this video is a 9mm, full-size semiautomatic pistol. It comes with a threaded barrel and includes a thread protector right out of the box. Shipped out with four 21-round magazines, it even includes +1 grip extensions, which means you have plenty of rounds at the ready. The grip and grip extension features stippling that makes it easier to handle. Up top, it comes standard with Siglite, suppressor height night sights. This means those who have a suppressor at the ready can slap it on and use it right out of the box. Additionally, it comes with a standard picatinny accessory rail and both front and rear slide serrations.

Looking Inside the Gun

Anyone who has used a Sig Sauer pistol before will find disassembly of this weapon to be a breeze. Simply lock the slide back, pivot the takedown switch, and remove the slide. If you want to do a full cleaning, also make sure to remove the thread protector so the barrel can be removed. Once inside the gun, you will see that many of the contact surfaces are polished by Sig Sauer. This includes the breach face. As the video explains, cleaning these surfaces is much easier, allowing you to effortlessly wipe off any residue from shooting.

The Final Look – The Trigger

Like most Sig Sauer models, the P320 Tacops uses a simple trigger design. It is very similar to related P320 models and offers a short takeup. It also has a short reset, which should provide for better follow-up shots. With a light, crisp break, shooters should find that it delivers reliable accuracy in the field. As you can see in the video, the ergonomic layout of the gun also provides an intuitive feel, which should make staying on target that much easier.

Omaha Outdoors and Sig Sauer

If you have ordered from us before, you already know that Omaha Outdoors offers you personalized customer service and fast shipping on all purchases. When you want to get your hands on any specialized models like this P320 Tacops, you can checkout or Sig Sauer collection online. There, you can find many of the latest models, including some of these hard-to-find options. So, hop on over and grab one for yourself. You won’t regret purchasing one of these beauties.

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