Why I Carry a Bond Arms Derringer Video

Hello there, Pat Minter here I want to talk to you today about a real serious subject. That is defending your life. There are many, many fire arms that you can get a permit to carry concealed.

My personal weapon of choice, some people would carry it as a second or third weapon I choose to carry it for a primary weapon to save my life. That is the Bond Arms Derringer. This one is in .45 caliber. That’s a long colt. And also 410 shot shell, which I carry the Federal handgun triplock buckshot round. It is a very powerful round.

I bought a holster for my Cz 2075 Rami, which is a nine millimeter, which is a fine weapon. I happen to notice that this is a Galco holster and this derringer fits perfect. I mean you couldn’t buy a better holster for my Bond Arms Derringer.

It just fits in there just like a glove. I wanted to talk to you about this afternoon is there are many ways to carry a firearm. You can carry a shoulder rig. You can carry the middle of the back carry. You can do an ankle holster. There’s many, many ways to carry a weapon.

In an instant situation, where could you get to it the fastest? My choice of carry is right here. How do you get to it fast? How do you get this thing into operation safely? Well number one thing you want to do is put aside all the western movies you’ve watched fast draw. You want to be steady, consistent and you want to practice this at home.

Get you a good carry gun. Make double sure, it’s not loaded and I have done that. It’s not loaded. For defense rounds, I carry the Federal triplock buckshot 15, 20 feet. It’ll get it done. Promise you.

It is not loaded. There’s many ways to draw a weapon. Again, we’re not going for a fast draw here. Do we reach in like this and grab the heel of the gun, the butt of the gun, bring it up and then cock it? That takes a lot of time. I want to show you how to draw the Bond Arms Derringer.

Again, you need to practice and practice and practice with an unloaded weapon before you do this do not attempt it with a loaded weapon. You only want to do that one time and that’s when your life is on the line.

Instead of just grabbing the butt of the Derringer, bringing it out and then putting it where you want it. Cocking it, you cock the weapon before it leaves the holster. In other words, you put your thumb on the holster. You cock it as you come out. Your index finger is not even in the trigger guard yet. Then you pull the weapon. You aim it and you fire it.

Again, this is a single action. You do not pull the trigger to make it fire. You cock it first. Put your thumb on the hammer. Bring it out. It’s fully cocked. Then you’re in operation. How much faster is that? Well watch.

Heel of the gun, bring it out. Cock it and fire it. It’s twice as fast to just cock it as you bring it out and fire it. Practice that at home. Again, make sure your gun is not loaded no matter what kind of gun it is. I specifically carry the Bond Arms big-boar .45 long Colt 410. I know it’ll get the job done double barrel protection. Thank you for your time

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