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Hey, everybody! How’s it going? This is the Daily Shooter, and we had some pretty big news come out of California last week, some exciting news that I think could affect the rest of the country. I don’t know if you guys remember. A while back, I had posted a video where I had talked about Peruta vs. San Diego and how a pre-judge panel from the ninth circuit voted that San Diego’s law – basically where they require a just cause before you get your concealed carry permit – that self-defense is not considered just cause.

Basically, nobody was getting a concealed carry permit, and therefore it was challenged by Peruta. Peruta won. The ninth circuit found that it was unconstitutional and actively acts against a person’s right to bear arms.

Well, we all got very excited. I was excited, but I knew that there were some possibilities of the Department of Justice, people getting involved in order to appeal and stop it. I wasn’t too excited quite yet. I wanted to wait for the details.

Well, sure enough, after the decision came down, Camilla Harris from the Department of Justice, the Brady campaign and some other unions, sheriff’s unions and law enforcement unions, decided to intervene. Okay? They were intervening on behalf of San Diego after the San Diego sheriff said that he would not seek an appeal.

Well, the ruling came down this week that that same three judges from the ninth circuit had decided not to allow the Department of Justice, Camilla Harris, the Brady campaign and anybody else to intervene on the matter based on time. Mostly it was basically time constraints, saying that this case had been going on at the time that they decided to intervene for over four years. They’re saying that time constraints were already met and the ruling has to be made in a timely manner. It’s too late to intervene.

That basically puts the stop to the Department of Justice. That puts a stop to the Brady campaign and these law enforcement unions and paves the way for the actual new laws to take effect. The ninth circuit, that three judge panel, there was one dissent. Two voted for Peruta, and there was one dissent who voted against it.

Basically, those two said that it is unconstitutional and that San Diego and San Diego county must start issuing concealed carry permits based on self-defense, using self-defense as a factor. Now why is this such big news? It’s because they were allowed to use the three judge panel, and the intervening stopped them from asking for, which is the entire ninth circuit court relooking the case over again.

Now that that’s stopped, now that the Department of Justice and nobody can intervene, San Diego is going to have to start issuing those concealed carry permits. That opens up so much more.

For instance, in L.A. County, which is north of San Diego country, now they could say, or they could take to the courts, “Look, the ninth circuit has shown that this is unconstitutional.” L.A. County has the same law. L.A. County has a law where they say that, again, self-defense does not justify you getting a concealed carry permit.

Well, now they can say, “Okay that’s fine. If you want us to go to court, we’ll go to court, but look, the ninth circuit, which also covers Los Angeles county, has already deemed that to be unconstitutional. You’re going to be fighting a losing battle.” Okay?

That losing battle… I mean, I don’t know if they want to invest hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in a court case that is already been decided based on the same factors, when it turns out that they’re going to lose. They don’t really have a fight anymore, meaning that concealed carry could very soon be coming to the entire state of California regardless of county.

Think about Washington, D.C., who recently passed a concealed carry law, and they are using the same issue as San Diego and L.A. County and other counties, stating that self-defense is not justifiable cause to have a permit. Now the ninth circuit is a different circuit than Washington, D.C., but if Washington D.C. decides to challenge it – I think they’re under the eleventh circuit – could decide to look at the ninth circuit’s decision and base their decision off of that. This could affect the entire country.

I just want to say congratulations to Peruta and his entire team, Gun Owners of America. Anybody who had a hand in defeating that. Cal Guns Foundation. Just thanks to everybody who really pushed and pushes for our rights, because this is a big deal. Okay?

I think, just keep the pressure up. Let’s keep pushing them, so that we can have the same rights as our other free brothers and sisters across this country. Guys, this is just one step in the right direction.

Thank you very much for watching. Please like, subscribe. You guys have a great day.

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