Bond Arms Backup Video

Hickok45. You see what we have on the table. We have Bond Arms Backup. We showed you the Bond Arms Snake Slayer and gave you a brief glimpse of this thing, but I really didn’t give you a good look at it and just give you a little more look at it, give it a little more attention, shoot it a couple more times and talk a little bit more about it.

Gave it kind of a short shrift, I guess, when we had it in the other video, which I hope you have seen, but this is the Backup. It is smallish. As I understand, they used to make many derringers like this, but this is kind of an upgrade of those in that it will handle the popular automatic cartridges that I think first ones they came out with would not.

I was not that familiar with them at the time, but this came out in I think 2013, relatively new offering, and it’s small. It just is. It’s harder for me to shoot than the Snake Slayer, than the larger derringers. I can shoot those, yeah, okay. I can get by. This one is a challenge for me with my large hands. That’s one reason I guess I sort of ignored it in that first video.

I’ve been thinking about it. I realized that this might be the one that’s most attractive to many of you normal people, you normal-sized people. This might be the very one you’re interested in. I think I mentioned in that video that it has the best grips as far as getting a hold of. If you had a normal hand or even a small hand, this thing might feel pretty good to you.

Okay? So I’ve got the 40-caliber barrel on it, and that’s 45 ACP I might put on, 357. We’ll put a couple of barrels on just to shoot it and give you another look at this. It is so small.

Now of course, it’s unloaded. It’s not hard to determine that as you can… I don’t know if you’d want to stick it in your back pocket or not, but you aren’t going to sit down. Yeah, maybe you would. I don’t know if you got it on safe and all that sort of thing.

Of course, the holsters are handy to put on your belt, carry them that way. I’ve learned from comments on the other video we did a lot of people like these things, as I think I found out even earlier.

It was confirmed for me that the things are pretty popular. There’s really not a lot of hating towards them that you might expect because, you know, people who are really savvy and sophisticated gun people, it’s easy to look at these things and, ah, what a piece of junk, you know. Get you a good revolver. There’s a lot of better pistols than this, and there might be for a specific purpose.

They’re pretty popular, though, and there are a lot of people carrying the darn thing, and they’re fun. Anyway, I’m not carrying one. I’ll say that, and I don’t know that I would. Maybe in a 410 configuration, there might be some appeal for me, but anyway, a lot of people like them so let’s put a couple of 40-caliber…

Now, you know what the take is on 40-caliber. It’s a snappy little round in a small gun. Well, what do you think it’s going to be in this? Believe me, it is snappy. I fired a couple of them. For you guys, I’m going to take the abuse.

Now, I can’t necessarily hit anything. I’ve got some paper targets maybe. Let’s put one on this. I mean these kinds of things are for, you know, almost arm-reach distance and all that sort of thing. This is about 3 or 4 yards here. Let’s just see if we could hit something if we had to. The safety off and put it on that target and squeeze the trigger.

Okay. The top of that business shot target. Let’s try it again. Oh, ow, man. So up close, you could hit something. You notice with the automatic cartridges, you need to get your fingernail in there to get those out. They got a little gap for that. It gets really dirty. You need to have something to stick down.

I’ve got a couple more of these in my pocket. I really don’t want to shoot too many of them. Not necessarily a lot of fun because it hits my knuckle against the back of that. Let’s try it again here. Boom. Boom. Okay.

So if you just worked with it, you could get used it. Again, it doesn’t really matter if it hurts your hand if you’re carrying it for a backup, self-protection.

You have already perhaps expended your ammunition or something in your other firearm, you’ve lost that firearm, your primary firearm. Maybe it’s in the same caliber and you’ve got a magazine of 40 or 45 and you’ve got ammo, but you have this. You have extra ammo and you’ve got this in the same caliber that you carry, maybe it makes some sense, okay, as a last-ditch effort, you know, that sort of thing.

Let’s put… again, let me take the barrel off. Not too hard to do if you’ve seen me do this. If you haven’t, why not? Get to that other video. They’re pretty simple to interchange. These are made in Texas. Can’t hate that, can you?

Well, just for you guys, let me abuse myself a little more here with 45 ACP, see how it feels, okay. I have fired the 45 ACP out of it. I have it set down and you back off. There you go.

All right, again, thanks to Federal for the ammo – I got some 45 here – and to Bond Arms for these pistols. As I said, they were freebies, and I don’t carry them, least yet, but I find them very interesting. As I said in the other video, earlier video, I find them well made. Very impressed. Very impressed.

Okay. Let’s see. I’ll walk down here just in case I need to abuse myself a little further for you all. I’ll put some of those in my pocket. All right. Should I shoot that guy? No. All right.

Let’s cock it and see if we can put something… this is probably 5 or 6 yards here, for sure. So let’s pull it out. Let’s say we have to shoot. I hit the target but not the black. There we go. Okay? Hit it somewhere there near the top.

Do a speed load on it. Couple of more big 230-grain rounds in there. You probably carry a hollow point, I don’t know. Where did that go? All right, bulls-eye. Just need to practice, don’t I?

Yeah, you probably carry some kind of hollow point. You think it would feed a hollow point okay? That was a joke. All right. What else? What else do we want? Oh, let’s shoot one of those cans. Let’s try to shoot one of those cans. No, let’s try that tombstone. All right. All right. Let’s try the cowboy. Sorry, cowboy. Guess I just didn’t want to hit you.

So it takes a little practice, but again, up close is where you would employ and deploy this thing. You would come out and it would be, you know, boom, like that, up close and dirty. The 45 doesn’t hurt as much as the 40 in this, all right? You probably knew that. You would have expected that, right, you savvy gun people because even though 45 is a bigger, heavier bullet, it tends to not be as snappy and hurt you or me.

Okay, now, let’s put the… now this is a little bit of a mismatch in terms of finish, and that might offend your sensibilities and your fashion sensibilities. It just doesn’t look right maybe to you, but it does… that doesn’t look so bad. Actually, it’s kind of cool. I like that stainless, bright finish.

Now this is 357 Magnum, but I think I’ve earned the right to shoot maybe some special Special, .38 Special. Have a little more fun with the Specials. Let’s put some of those in my pocket. To back up, all right, not intended to be your first line of defense. If it really fits your hand, well, and you feel like you shoot it well, I don’t know, maybe. Up to you.

I’ll get that later. Let the lawnmower find it, right? Okay. Let’s try this guy again. All right. Yeah, that’s easier to shoot. Yeah, those don’t hurt so much. That could be even considered fun, okay?

Just for your information, if you had one of these for… I know I’m shouting at you. My ears are… if you had one of these for backup for serious social work, as they say, defensive purposes, I would recommend you get a barrel like this, the 38 Special or 357, so you can enjoy the firearm as well because I just don’t really enjoy owning a firearm that I can’t just take out and enjoy shooting, you know?

Most firearms you can, whether they’re for defensive use or otherwise. So let’s put a couple more of these in. I love these 158-grain lead bullets. Talk about a classic. I love it that Federal still loads that round. We might as well try the 2-liter, this thing. I hope John and I don’t get a bath here.

Well, it did try to attack, didn’t it? Let’s try some steel. Well, I shot either high or low, or maybe left or right. It was probably either my windage or my elevation. All right. Let’s just go ahead and throw one at the… I know you’re screaming at me right now, “Shoot at the gong! Shoot at the gong!”

Let’s try it. All right. Maybe if my ears ain’t too tired, maybe I’ll hear it if I hit it. I definitely don’t want to miss it if I hit it. It would be a minor miracle. Maybe a major miracle. It’s not exactly a target trigger, target drip. Ah, well, flinch, or not much of a flinch, but it doesn’t take much. Get a better trigger brake so I at least have a chance.

Aw, I saw it went high. Okay. Windage wasn’t horrible. I sort of think at long range, though, the barrels print in a different spot, maybe significantly. Let me see that first barrel. I think it’s my best chance, that top barrel.

Oh, close. No cigar. Oh, boy. I’ll take two more. Actually hit it before the video, believe it or not, or else I wouldn’t be trying. Okay. Yeah, these aren’t too bad, the little .38 Specials. They don’t knock you around as much.

Success. Success. I was really going to hate to go to the bar and go to the house a failure, especially in your eyes and on camera, all right, but if that’s what happens, that’s what happens.

So anyway, you know, again, these are pretty neat little guns. You notice in reloading and everything, I don’t know that I’ve had any trouble in either video with changing out barrels, other than my normal awkwardness or reloading the things, other than hitting.

Now the triggers are not exactly target triggers, and they’re hard to get a grip on because they’re small, especially this one, but in your hand, it would fit better. The darn things just are quality for what they are. The only thing you can really criticize these for is I guess their purpose, intended purpose, and you think it’s a stupid thing to carry or that sort of thing.

In terms of the quality of the guns and the way they operate and the design, it’s all good, okay? It really is. So anyway, the little Bond Arms Backup and, of course, all those barrels interchange, so I don’t know. I don’t know if we’ll keep both of them or what we’ll do with them.

I’d kind of like to keep one of them maybe. They’re just kind of neat. I probably will never carry one. I don’t think I will. Maybe as a snake… I mean I’m not worried about snakes. Usually they’re going to run from you if you see them and all that, but you never know, but I can see some advantages to having especially the bigger one like right there handy.

Maybe you’re riding around, I don’t know, in your truck or something or car where you need something handy to get to for two shots, you know. Depends on what your purpose for it is and how you plan to use it.

They’re quality-made, and I’m glad to have a little experience with them, I have to say. Tough to hit with at long range. That’s the one thing the company just needs to work on, that 80-yard sighting capability. You know, need to get a target trigger on it, don’t they?

Nah, we appreciate Bond Arms sending a couple of these things to us and letting us, you know, experiment with them and shoot them and play with them. Dare I say play?

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