BCM GUNFIGHTER 1911 By Wilson Combat Review With Larry Vickers (HD) Video

I can live with that.

It’s a good deal, brother. We’ll get you up.

All right.

Welcome back, everybody. We got a special guest again with us, Mr. Larry Vickers, himself. Today we’re taking a look at the BCM Gunfighter 1911, which is a collaboration between Bravo Company and Wilson Combat. Larry, if you could, could you take us through some of the things that make this gun different than other offerings out there? 

Well it started a while back. I’m glad to be involved with both companies, and we were kind of a little bit of a go-between between them. Paul asked me as well as some of the other guys on board with Wilson Combat that you know, like Anthony.


About some features to have a gun built, and here’s the reality of the 1911. It’s not like a lot of other guns. If you want a gun bill to this level it is going to cost real money.


It’s just that simple. In this day and age hand labor to build a gun to the quality of a Wilson Combat is not cheap.


And anybody that tells you anything different is frankly smoking crack. This particular pistol, he wanted to kind of keep an eye on the price of it and try and keep it down in the lower end of the spectrum, as we know Wilson makes some super great, and some other guns that are very expensive. So we looked at a few things, like X-TAC.


Which doesn’t require quite the machine time or the hand labor that checkering does. 


And he kind of kept it a little bit more of a no-frills gun. That being said, it’s still a very expensive pistol. Now I can tell you from personal experience on this and I built custom 1911s for a number years. I still shoot them on a regular basis. Once you get used to a custom 1911, and you know where I’m going here. 

I do. Yeah, I do.

You’re spoiled. To somehow think that you’re going to be able go pick up a Glock or particularly another 1911, and be happy with it right out of the box is not to happen. So quality costs and the fact that they are backlogged for years and they have thousands of pistols to build.


That speaks for itself.

It does. And like you say, and certainly they’re not cheap, but they do have a backlog so that certainly backs it up. I had a Wilson Combat as some of you guys know, a 1911, a few years ago and sold it and I shouldn’t have. And it’s one of those guns you’re always kicking yourself mad for selling. And certainly this one has got some much better features than the one I used to have but the checkering here on the top, like you said, it may be a little bit more simple machining wise, but certainly is going to be very effective. It has the Wilson sights that we talked about before here. Great sites, the u-notch on the rear really draws your eye right through to the front sight for quick sight acquisition, and I mean really I like a more aggressive gun, that we’ve talked about here before, and if definitely sticks to your hand, for sure when you pan it out.

Absolutely. And the grips were made specifically for that feature too.

Well, they certainly got it right, because it does. As soon as you pick it up and you feel it, it really does give you a little bite into your hand, which you know it’s not going to slip if you’re sweaty like we are out here today. It’s pretty hot, and it really feels nice and solid in the hand for sure.

Well, you know people point out the fact that most Bravo Company offerings are relatively inexpensive.


And that’s true, but they’re not hand built custom 1911.


That’s a game changer. It’s the difference between buying a sports car off the lot or buying custom sports car that had hundreds of hours of labor put into it. They’re going to be two completely different price points, same thing here. When you’re talking about dozens of hours of hand labor there some skilled labor that went into building this. 


And that’s not cheap, especially in this day and age.

Yup. Yeah, I mean, I agree 100% but it’s got everything you’d expect from Wilson Combat in terms of performance quality, and obviously Bravo Company is known for that as well. And it’s going to come in at a pretty reasonable price point considering, like you said.

Considering what it is.

For what Wilson Combat. So I really like the new magwell Wilson Combat’s using. I haven’t actually shown that here on the channel, but we’re rolling some footage here so you guys can get a look at it. Really smooth set-up there. It definitely aides in the reloads and it’s got a lot of great other features, obviously, a light rail. Those you guys that want to mount it and use it for defensive use. Really a lot of nice features about it. Anything else you want to touch on?

Custom 1911s are not for everybody.


I mean they’re really not. It’s the same guy looking for the Rolex or the Ferrari or that Mercedes, the high-end products, that who it’s marketed to. There’s a lot of people like that. It becomes almost kind of a status symbol to own one.


But if you’re interested in a nice 1911, check out the BCM Gunfighter 1911 from Wilson Combat.

Agreed. That’s really about all I had to say about it. If you guys haven’t subscribed yet to Larry Vickers channel there’s going to be a link right here in the video you guys can click on. Go over and check it out. This guy does awesome stuff, awesome film quality and obviously, the guns that he’s featuring are just some of the best out there on planet earth, but if you guys have any question feel free to post below in the comment section, and like I said, check out Larry show.

Thanks. Appreciate it, brother.

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