AXTS Is Now Radian Weapons

New Radian AR-15 Rifle

While we strive to offer insight into individual firearms and accessories as often as possible, the main purpose of this blog is to keep our customers informed about the latest news in the industry. Among that news, new company announcements and changes within old companies seem pretty important. If you haven’t been following AXTS closely, you might have missed this one -in a recent announcement, AXTS will now be known as Radian Weapons.

The AXTS Legacy

Though AXTS had already started to expand its lineup, the company is best known for its Raptor Charging handle. This innovative design offers ambidextrous support to shooters and have been utilized in a wide variety of project ARs. It delivers smooth functioning and quality manufacturing to really help it stand out. Naturally, they also offer some other key rifle components, but overall that was what they were known for – a parts maker.

View AXTS Raptor Charging Handles at Omaha Outdoors

Now, it seems that Radian Weapons wants to expand its boundaries. Namely, its new focus seems to rest around the Radian Model 1 Rifle. With a company that has built a reputation selling parts, they are taking a little different approach than most AR-builders though. Sure, they use a 7075-T6 aluminum receiver. Yes, they use Raptor charging handles, and yes they deliver an M-Lok free-floating rail. But, what really sets them apart is that the model itself can be easily customized prior to ordering. In effect, the Model 1 rifle is a platform that really fits the shooter. Choose the barrel length, the caliber, and so much more: ultimately, the amount of choices is what makes this rifle really stand out.

Why the Name Change?

New Radian AR-15 Rifle

It seems that the primary reason for this change is to refocus as a company. While they might have garnered a reputation for their raptor charging handles, it really makes perfect sense. When you think AXTS, you think “parts.” When you think Radian, the idea is that you will now think about the high-quality precision rifles that they produce. This way, they can reach more than just dedicated builders. Now, the real question is, how much more are we going to see from Radian in the coming months? Some expect that the Model 1 is just the beginning and we can expect a more complete 2017 lineup. Either way, this gives the brand some renewed excitement and makes for yet another tool to add to the box.

Get Your Radian Weapons Products Online

Whatever they might be called, you can always trust that Omaha Outdoors is ready to deliver the best that Radian Weapons has to offer. Whether its one of their iconic Raptor charging handles or one of the newer products that we are sure to see in the upcoming years, you can be sure we’ll keep a healthy inventory of these products for your convenience. Whether this change marks any other major brand updates is yet to be seen.

In the meantime, Radian Weapons is holding a giveaway of their Radian Model 1 Rifle topped with a Leupold Mark 6 scope. If you want to celebrate their re-brand with them, you might want to head over to their website:

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