Announcing the Limited Run Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Stealth SBR

BAMF stealth by cobalt kinetics

Shooters today are blessed with a diverse selection of different AR-15 manufacturers. Even as recently as a decade ago, pretty much the only way to get a competition or custom battle-ready rifle was to build one yourself. Today, many of the smaller manufacturers have come out specifically to fill the gap in the market. As those manufacturers grow, the options grow with them.

Among those options, many have found Cobalt Kinetics is a spectacular brand to work with. Offering rifles made from the best materials and assembled to the tightest tolerances, they really deliver when you need them most. Just a few days ago, they expanded that lineup with one of the most exclusive releases in the AR marketplace. Their new release, the B.A.M.F. Stealth Short Barrel Rifle (SBR), is sure to turn some heads.

The Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Series

Among AR rifles on the market today, the B.A.M.F. series is ready to compete with the best of them. Each rifle is precision machined from aircraft grade 7075-T6 billet aluminum. They are assembled to the tightest possible tolerances to ensure consistent performance in the field. It uses a patent-pending Dual Drop bolt release, which offers unrelenting performance to ensure you can fire every shot without jamming. Perhaps most important, each rifle uses a precision-rifled, melonite-finished barrel, which allows you to keep your groupings tight. Topped with an EDGE compensator, shooting one of these rifles is an absolute joy.

An Extremely Limited Run

Looking to expand this lineup, Cobalt Kinetics is offering the new B.A.M.F. Stealth SBR. This rifle is exclusively available from their dealer partners and is offered in an extremely limited quality. To be precise, they are only producing 100 of this model. Each SBR comes in their special Cobalt Gray finish and features the same quality craftsmanship as the rest of their B.A.M.F. lineup. Unlike the full-size rifles though, these SBRs offer some extra features that might catch your attention.

BAMF Stealth SBR Special Features

In addition to the Cobalt Gray finish, this special edition B.A.M.F. rifle offers some great features that you’ll want to get your hands on. It uses a short 9” barrel, which brings down the size significantly over the standard B.A.M.F. For the most comfortable handling, it is offered with a MVB ARC 5-position stock system and a Mid-Evil 360 vertical foregrip. Using the same quality construction and materials that you would expect from other Cobalt Kinetics rifles, this makes the limited edition B.A.M.F. Stealth a highly sought after model.

Get Yours Before It’s Gone

Whether you’re already a fan of Cobalt Kinetics rifles or this would be your first time purchasing one, this is a great opportunity. Though we have a limited supply at Omaha Outdoors, you can be one of the 100 who gets their hands on this new short barrel rifle. It is perfect for the collector who wants a unique item and even better for the prepper who wants a reliable rifle on hand for a tactical encounter.

Whatever the case might be, make sure to hop over to our Cobalt Kinetics online storefront and check it out. We have a very limited supply, so remember to act before they are gone.

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