AAC Introducing New SquareDrop Handguards – Build Your Own Honey Badger

AAC SquareDrop Rail

Best known for their suppressors and muzzle brakes, Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) has been a trusted partner for AR builders since they opened up shop. They produce some of the most reliable suppressors on the market today and offer a variety of resources that the modern shooters can take advantage of. Of course, while they have offered a variety of other AR accessories, they had never built their own proprietary handguard -until now. Named the SquareDrop, the new AAC handguard is ready to hit the market and from the information we have, it is sure to make an impact.

Building the AAC Legacy

AAC first started building parts in 1994 and from its humble beginnings as a small suppressor manufacturer it has expanded to include a variety of other parts, including barrels, muzzle brakes, and other AR accessories. In 2014, AAC teased their new rail system when they teamed up Remington and showcased the Honey Badger Rifle. You might recall hearing about this and wanting to get your hands on one. While the rail might not be identical, the similarity is uncanny and those who are looking to build their own variation of this PDW (personal defense weapon) will find they now have the tools to do so.

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What Makes the SquareDrop Special?

AAC SquareDrop Rail

So, why are we so excited about a new handguard? When you consider the design strategy behind it, you’ll likely realize. The SquareDrop is AAC’s first proprietary rail system and it uses KeyMod integration as well as its own, unique hardware. While it maintains a set picatinny rail on top, it offers KeyMod points all around the free-floating, octagonal rail for a variety of mounting options. It’s unique layout also keeps the weight down to a minimum. Right now, AAC is offering it in 8”, 10.2” and 13.5” configurations. These rails weigh only 6.4, 9, and 10.5 ounces, respectively.

Of course, coming from a company that is known for its suppressors, the SquareDrop also features an internal diameter of 1.3”. This means it should accommodate just about any suppressor you might want to use, making it ideal for those specialized configurations like the aforementioned Honey Badger.

Making the Ultimate Rifle

If you follow our blog, you already know that we’re big fans of the AR platform here at Omaha Outdoors. Building an AR is one of the most enjoyable projects you can undertake as a gun owner -at least it seems that way to me. Whether you have this same love for project ARs or not, you should be able to recognize the versatility this new rail offers. Advanced Armament has definitely gone above and beyond with this one and you might already be thinking of some different ways you can implement the SquareDrop in your next project.

With the ability to use KeyMod and place accessories virtually anywhere, this lightweight, free-floating design is definitely one I’m excited to use. Do you share this excitement, or are you still eyeing another rail system for your next project? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Either way, make sure to stop on over at our AR building storefront and order the parts you need. We have a wide variety of accessories in stock, which makes finding parts from AAC or any other major brands a breeze.

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