Top 10 Guns for the Space Force

With Donald Trump authorizing a sixth branch of the United States military, tentatively called the Space Force, the meme machines have been on fire. While the truth is the space force is likely going to be a satellite fighting cybersecurity branch and not the Space Marines. However, we can all dream about a future of spreading democracy and freedom to the farthest reaches of Uranus. 10. LSAT Machine Gun The thing about light machine guns is that they are rarely actually light. When you are comparing them to something like the Ma Deuce, they appear lightweight, but humping one isn’t

Is Freedom Ammunition Closing Its Doors…Probably Not

While grumblings about the Trump slump have seemed to fade away, we are another potential loss in the firearms industry. Howell Munitions, the owner of Freedom Munitions, has petitioned a court for bankruptcy protection. The Trump slump, in reality, is the end of panic buying spurned by anti-gun politicians in office. It’s a return to normalcy, and it seems like some companies are having difficulty with this change. Gun sales have still been at an all-time high, but ammunition sales seem to be slipping. Ammunition sales are hard to track, unlike NICS check so who knows how hard the ammo

HK Adds Push Button Mag Release & Ambi Safety to VP9 Options List

After years of handgun enthusiasts pushing their buttons and paddling them for weird European design features, Heckler & Koch has had enough. They’ve given in to the mob – which is to say just about every pistol shooter in the US. HK is now offering a push button mag release on the VP series of pistols including the ever-popular VP9. At least, that’s what we can see on the HK website, which calls the VP9 the SFP9 outside the US: a push button mag release in the standard location for American pistol shooters. They’ve also apparently heard from all 23

PSA Hits Us With a 9mm PSAK-9

Back in January PSA showed us a little glimpse at a 9mm AK rifle that utilized MP5 magazines. At the time we saw a rougher prototype that was admittedly kind of ugly. The gun looked like a stock AK with a big mag block that allowed the use of MP5 magazines. At the time we heard there was a possibility of Glock magazines as well. Shortly after that, we heard nothing. Mum was the word on the project, and most people were distracted by the PSA MP5, and the PSAK-9 didn’t get a lot of attention. In typical PSA fashion,

Army Set to Field New DMR Rifle This Year

Heckler and Koch seems to be ruling the roost when it comes to the military’s Squad Designated Marksman rifles. Currently, the Marine Corps is issuing the M38, which at its base is an HK 416/M27, equipped with a Leupold Mark 4 scope. The Army has been working on a new DMR rifle for some time and plans to start issuing the rifle this September finally. The Army is going with the HK G28E modified to the Army’s strict standards. The gun will be known as the SDM-R and will feature a different stock and barrel twist than the older M110A1

Brownell’s YouTube Channel Is Gone but Not for Long

If you even have a passing interest in guns, the name Brownell’s means something to you. They are the Amazon of the firearms world. They appeal to everyone in the firearms world. From hunters to 3-Gunner Brownells has it all. If you need teeny tiny gun parts, then Brownells is your go to. If you need a new AR, then Brownells has you covered. They are massive and host a little YouTube channel where they show the various ins and outs of Brownell’s, product demonstrations, and the like. The channel is rather tame and what you’d expect from a massive

Top 5 Retention Holsters for Doing Backflips at the Nightclub

We’ve all been there – at the club, the beat pumping, the crowd at best mildly interested while we perform repeated gyrating motions when it becomes clear that only one thing can save this evening – a backflip into a handstand. As our routine reaches its apex, the flimsy holster in which our service pistol is located, small of back of all places, flings its charge onto the dance floor, apparently eager to join in on the fun. When we realize what happened, naturally, the reaction is to grab the pistol by the trigger and shoot some random bystander in

Parkland Families’ Lawsuit Against Smith & Wesson Might Succeed

Two families who lost children in the Parkland school shooting have filed suit in Broward County, Florida against American Outdoor Brands Corp, the gun artist formerly known as Smith & Wesson, and Sunrise Tactical Supply, LLC – the manufacturer and dealer of the firearm used by a total loser to kill seventeen innocent people on February 15, 2018. You may read the complaint here. Plaintiffs Are Making Limited Arguments Which Might Succeed Despite skepticism from elsewhere in the gun blog world, it is possible that this narrowly tailored lawsuit will initially succeed. You see, it is not a suit seeking

USA TODAY Calls Shotgun Less Lethal Than an AR15

In an article titled initially “Guns used in Texas killings were less lethal than in other mass shootings,” USA TODAY meanders from error to error in describing rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Though the title has since been changed to “Texas shooter used shotgun, pistol in deadly assault,” the rest of the errors in the article remain unchanged. Let’s take a look at some of the worst, including some baseless speculation. First, the article claims the killer “may” have been slowed in his rampage because shotguns and revolvers “have a slower firing rate than firearms used in other recent mass shootings,

Snopes Declares an AR15 Was Used in Every Mass Shooting Involving an AR15

Snopes, everyone’s favorite fact checker for mundane internet disagreements involving Elvis sightings and other minutiae, has again waded into the gun control debate with an article titled “Were AR-15s Used in Every Major Mass Shooting in the United States After Aurora?“. The article was based on an incorrect Twitter post claiming that the Santa Fe High School shooter used an AR15, but even though the post was wrong, Snopes declared it mostly true, saying “while the statement is accurate for the most part, the weapon most commonly associated with such massacres was reportedly not used in Santa Fe.” By starting

Sig Sauer P365 vs Glock 43 Pistol Review

For years people clamored for a single stack 9mm Glock pistol. Glock being Glock took their sweet time in delivering the Glock 43. Glock being Glock took their sweet time in delivering the Glock 43. The Glock 43 was a huge hit, with the millionth produced Glock 43 being given away at the NRA show this year. Was the Glock 43 the end all be all for 9mm compact carry guns? SIG sure doesn’t think so, and we were introduced to the SIG P365 early this year. The P365 is a direct competitor to the Glock 43 and should have

Winchester Repeating Arms – Summer Rebates – Expires 07/15/18

Winchester’s rebates often seem to good to be true. They are approaching the summer with a new batch of rebates that can get you anywhere from 25 to 100 dollars back on the purchase of Winchester Rifles and Shotguns. The best part about the deals is that you can stack them. Buy 1 or all 4 of the deals. Winchester makes it very clear they don’t mind you using their promos in conjunction with each other. This summer promo is kicking off May 25th and going up until July 15th, 2018. The promo is four different offers on four different