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Major Recall – Sig Sauer MCX Replacement

Sig Sauer MCX Recall BCG

When the Sig Sauer MCX was released, the entire gun industry watched with baited breath. Many were excited to see this modular platform enter the market -an alternative to the AR-15 platform that really stood out as unique. With its

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New CMC Glock Flat Trigger Announced

CMC Glock Trigger

If you are a dedicated AR builder, odds are you are familiar with CMC triggers. Whether you used one before or not, you likely know someone who trusts these triggers to get the job done right. They offer a crisp

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A New Precision Adjustable Stock – Magpul News

While competitive shooters of any platform understand just how much the little changes can affect accuracy, the average shooter doesn’t always consider every variable. The fact is, most factory weapons are just fine as they are, providing enough accuracy for

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Polymer80 Teasing New PF940CV1 Frame


While the Glock gained some popularity due to its reliable system and durable construction, in recent years its fan community seems to have shifted to those looking for customization options. In fact, there have been more than a few companies

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New Raven Concealment Holster – Roland Special Phantom

Roland Special Glock 19

At Omaha Outdoors, we pride ourselves in fast shipping, great customer service, and diversity of selection. While some companies are happy to stick with the big-name brands, we work hard to secure partnerships with all of the best companies out

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Magpul Releasing New MOE SL-S Stock – Get Ready for Storage

Magpul Releasing New MOE SL-S Stock – Get Ready for Storage

If you follow our blog, you already know that here at Omaha Outdoors we are big supports of the “build your own AR” group. We love being able to design our own custom rifles and building ones that are really

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Smith and Wesson Brand Update – Now American Outdoor Brands Corp

Smith & Wesson

When it comes to American firearms, Smith and Wesson continues to hold a special place for many shooters. Certain law enforcement organizations still trust S&W as their go-to provider for weapons and many civilian shooters have a special place in

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FN Offers More Value – New Lineup of FN15 Rifles

New FN-15 Tactical Carbine II

Whether you normally shoot with FNs or not, there is no questioning that the FN15 is a quality rifle. Designed after the very popular AR-15 platform, FN has been producing the FN15 for some time now, and during that time

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New Magpul PMAG Coyote Tan – Gen M3 Performs

New Magpul PMAG Coyote Tan - Gen M3 Performs

While a brand new firearm is always exciting to hear about, sometimes it’s the little things that really make the biggest difference. For me, magazines are actually a big deal. I’ve shot my fair share of AR-15s and I’ve found

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