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Military Arms Channel Exclusive Look: CZ P-10 C Striker-Fired 9mm

Military Arms Channel Exclusive Look: CZ P-10 C Striker-Fired 9mm

If you aren’t already subscribed to them on YouTube, the first thing you should do after finishing this video is head on over there and hit the “subscribe” button. The Military Arms Channel can be a great resource for shooters

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New FFL Form 4473 Imminent – A Change in Background Checks

New FFL Form 4473 Imminent - A Change in Background Checks

If you are the kind of shooter who is regularly purchasing new firearms, Form 4473 should be all-too familiar to you. It’s the form you fill out for those background checks every time you buy a new gun and will

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More CZ Releases Teased for 2017

New CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom Pistol

While there are still some shooters who would prefer to stick solely with American made firearms, the reality is that the world is expanding. Over the last few decades, more than a few major players in the industry have started

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Heckler and Koch Unveils New VP9 Grey

H&K vp9 grey

At Omaha Outdoors, we have a special interest in factory colored or special edition models. We believe that each individual should be able to distinguish themselves, and often time a little thing like the color of your firearm can make

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AXTS Is Now Radian Weapons

New Radian AR-15 Rifle

While we strive to offer insight into individual firearms and accessories as often as possible, the main purpose of this blog is to keep our customers informed about the latest news in the industry. Among that news, new company announcements

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Announcing the Limited Run Cobalt Kinetics BAMF Stealth SBR

BAMF stealth by cobalt kinetics

Shooters today are blessed with a diverse selection of different AR-15 manufacturers. Even as recently as a decade ago, pretty much the only way to get a competition or custom battle-ready rifle was to build one yourself. Today, many of

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New Vickers AR-15 Coffee Table Book

New Vickers AR-15 Coffee Table Book

When the Vickers 1911 Coffee Table Book was released, the entire stock sold out in less than six months. Realizing the popularity of this product, Larry Vickers recognized that he would have to follow up with something equally iconic. Naturally,

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Hera Arms Release New P90-Style AR Accessories

hera arms new p90 ar-15 stock

Looking to push the boundaries of AR-15 design and customization, Hera Arms has announced their intention to offer a new FN Herstal P90-inspired furniture for the modern AR-builder. When it comes to specialized military and tactical products, a name like

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Springfield Armory Unveils New AR Rifle – The Saint

New Springfield Armory Saint AR-15

For many shooters, the AR-15 is one of the most trusted rifles in their arsenal. Whether it is for home defense, competition, target practice, duty use, or anything else, many have come to know this platform more intimately than any

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