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Is the 40 S&W Dead?

Hated by some, loved by others, now shunned by the FBI, few cartridges have had as tumultuous an existence from the moment of their creation as the 40 Smith & Wesson. Back in the 80s, the 9mm was believed to be too weak, then came the 10mm which was quickly viewed as too strong. By shortening the 10mm Auto cartridge and weakening it slightly, Smith & Wesson and Winchester believed they had struck a great balance between the puny 9mm and the overpowering 10mm. A Troubled Cartridge was Born I described that backwards. What they did was notice that not

Crimson Trace Offers Laser for H&K VP9, VP40, and VP9SK

Heckler and Koch’s love of proprietary rails thankfully wasn’t passed on to the VP9. We were blessed with a common Picatinny rail that’s compatible with almost all handgun accessories. This made teaming up with Crimson Trace for a VP9 / VP40 line of lasers possible. Crimson Trace and HK are perfect partners, and both represent a best in class portion of the market. The lasers feature the Crimson Trace Instinctive Activation switch. To activate the laser all you need to do is grip the gun naturally. The on switch is positioned underneath the trigger guard and is activated by touch.

2nd Amendment Ammunition Promotion – Expires 04/30/18

“Get out and shoot,” seems to be the message behind Federal’s newest promotion. Of course, when you’re shooting they want you to use their ammunition. To make it a little more enticing they are offering a three-tiered reward system when you purchase ammo from the Vista Outdoors series of ammunition brands. These brands include Federal Premium, CCI, Speer, American Eagle, Estate, Blazer, and Fusion ammunition. This mixture of ammunition should cover just about every caliber and firearm use out there. This includes self-defense ammunition, plinking ammunition, hunting ammunition, and even trap and skeet ammo. The promotion is simple. Spend money

Springfield Armory 2018 M1A Gear Up Program – Expires 03/31/18

If you are looking to purchase a Springfield M1A rifle now may be the time to do so. Starting February 1, 2018, Springfield Armory launched the newest component in their Gear Up campaign. The Gear Up Campaign previously covered the XD family and has now moved on to Springfield’s most famous rifle. The M1A is of course Springfield Armory’s take on the famous M-14 battle rifle. Springfield Armory wants to give three 20 round magazines away with the purchase of any new M1A rifle. 10 rounders are available for M1A buyers in states with mag and freedom capacity limits. If

Steyr Arms Opens a Training Academy

Austrian Arms Company Steyr announced this month they are opening the Steyr Arms Training Academy. The Academy will begin by offering two courses at their facility in Alabama. Classes will begin as early as March 2018. The classes will be taught by the Academy Director, Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta. The two classes Steyr is offering are based around the Steyr Precision Rifle. The first is a shooting class, and the second is an armorer’s course. Steyr Precision Rifle 1 This shooting course is spread over three days and runs in excess of 24 hours. Shooters will learn a variety of

H&K Offers VP9SK in NATO Green, Grey, and FDE

Black is boring, and we are lucky to have a gun industry that recognizes this. Instead of constantly selling us black gun after black gun, HK has taken to embracing a little color for the VP9SK. The VP9SK is a striker fired, wallet-friendly (for an HK), subcompact pistol that came off the heels of its bigger brother the VP9. The VP9 got a color palette facelift and the VP9SK is following suit. The VP9SK is making an appearance wearing NATO Green, FDE, and Grey. The same colors have been proven popular on the full sized VP9, and I don’t doubt

Omaha Outdoors Becomes Optics Center and LE Dealer for Steiner Optics

When most gun people think of Steiner Optics, they think about high quality binoculars and spotting scopes. Those gun people would be right, as top notch optics have been and continue to be a focus for Steiner, but the company has aggressively expanded in recent years to bring a wide variety of traditional and electronic optics as well as weaponlights and aiming lasers to market in recent years. Because Omaha Outdoors is now an authorized “Optics Center” dealer for Steiner Optics, we are very excited about this expansion and the new offerings in the Steiner online catalog. Thanks to their

Throw Tea Into the Sea With the Browning Sales Tax Rebate – Expires 03/31/18

Browning is launching what they are calling their 2nd Amendment Sales Tax event. While the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to keep and bear arms, Article 1 Section 8 gives the government the power to tax you. To defy these taxes Browning wants to offer you a 10% rebate on the purchase of any new Browning firearm. This rebate is valid once per serial number, so you can buy multiple Brownings and receive the discount once per firearm. With Browning ending the famous Hi Power line of automatic handguns, this may be the time to finally make a move

ZEV Consumer Rebate Program – Expires 03/31/2018

ZEV has opened the doors with one of the best promotional offers this year. Well, this is technically three different offers. It’s not a rebate, but a buy something, get something deal. The first offer revolves around the ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard. With the purchase of a ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard from an authorized ZEV dealer you’ll receive a free forged 5.56 upper receiver. The Wedge Lock handguard is a lightweight, free floating handguard that utilizes a titanium barrel nut and uses only a single screw for tightening. The forged upper receiver is a $125 dollar value. The second and

USSOCOM Eyes the SIG MCX Rattler

USSOCOM, short for the United States Special Operations Command, is taking an interest in the new SIG Rattler. The SIG Rattler premiered late last year and made its true debut at SHOT Show 2018. The SIG Rattler is a new configuration for the MCX series of rifles and ‘pistols’. The Rattler seems to be taking the same route as Q’s Honey Badger and Noveske’s Ghetto Blaster. The design philosophy is based around taking a rifle, chambering it in 300 Blackout, and shrinking it to an SMG sized weapon. The Federal Business Opportunities website published the announcement on February 1st. They

Double Down With a Winchester SXP Shotgun – Expires 03/31/18

With Spring Gobbler season right around the corner, Winchester is offering a $25 rebate on any new SXP Turkey Hunting Shotgun. SXP stands for Super X Pump and is the mainstay of Winchester’s shotgun line. There are two things of note prospective buyers should look at. The first is the fact this is only for the Turkey hunting shotguns is the SXP line. Winchester offers three models of Turkey Hunting Shotguns that range from a simple synthetic design, to camouflage finishes, and even a pistol grip model. The next noteworthy addition is the ability to stack deals. Winchester allows you

H&K Drops Price on P30 and HK45 Pistol Series

Heckler and Koch are well known for producing premium pistols at a premium price. Rarely does a shooter have buyers regret going into the HK series of handguns, but the price of entry is high. It seems H&K is looking to lower the cost of admission and make it easier to get a ‘No Compromise’ handgun. The P30, a DA/SA hammer fired handgun, is slicing its price by almost $400 dollars. The old MSRP was $900 dollars and seemingly overnight the price of the guns dropped significantly. The P30 can be found for less than $600 dollars now. That puts