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Get Ready for Gen 5 – Leaked Glock Photos (2 comments)

Glock Gen 5 Leaked Photos

While it is not likely for a longtime Glock fan to abandon ship, the reality is that with so many other options on the market, the company has lost much of its initial luster. The fact is, there are a

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VP9 Tactical – Bust Out Your Suppressors

H&K VP9 Tactical 9mm

Heckler and Koch is well-known throughout the world for offering high quality firearms. Trusted by military and law enforcement professionals, they make a wide host of great weapon systems and many shooters choose them as their go-to company. While the

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Making Perfection More Perfect – ZEV Technologies Trigger

Making Perfection More Perfect - ZEV Technologies Trigger

The Glock is a proven design. Been around for about 35 years, I mean, that’s phenomenal in itself. It still looks great, a very popular handgun. One of the most popular handguns out on the market and the Glock 19

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