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STOP! In the Name of … Weapon Control? RailScales Announces Karve-P

RailScales’ design philosophy seems to rotate around two things. Size and innovation. They make low profile gear that leaves a very little footprint on your weapon. They don’t sacrifice usability for size but manage to make the useful small. The new Karve-P is no different. The Karve-P is hand stop designed to increase your ability to control your weapon. It’s a mere .3 ounces and only 1.5 inches long. It encourages a thumb over bore grip and is reversible by design. The reversible nature allows shooters to use a push or pull method on control. Both the front and rear

Chicks Dig SCARs – Even Tiny Ones

We’ve collectively decided that we like little rifles now. I’m not sure why or when the civilian side decided that smaller is better, but I’m not complaining. Submachine gun size rifles are pretty slick. FN doesn’t want to be left in the dirt by SIG with the MCX Rattler so they’ve unveiled a subcompact carbine. What platform? The SCAR! The new FN SCAR Subcompact carbine looks a lot like the SCAR PDW we saw concepts of. How much does the rifle relate to the PDW? The biggest difference I can see is that the subcompact carbine has an inch longer

A ZEV Technologies 1911? ZEV Goes Classic With Ed Brown

ZEV Technologies and Ed Brown are both heavy hitters in the custom handgun arena. They’ve never competed directly because Ed Brown focuses high end, custom 1911s and ZEV tends to stick to customizing Glocks. Both guns are pretty far apart on the handgun spectrum of both technology and age. Seeing two well-known custom handgun makers team up to create a truly unique 1911 is exciting. It’s easy to see another ‘custom’ 1911 and release sigh in boredom. Let’s face it there isn’t that much you can do with a century plus old design right? ZEV and Ed Brown seem to

IWI Tavor TS12 Shotgun – 15+1 Rounds of 12 Gauge Fury

I really love shotguns, always have and always will. I own more shotguns than any other weapon system and it looks like IWI is going to be adding a new one to my collection. IWI is announcing the Tavor TS12, a bullpup shotgun built in a similar configuration to the Tavor line of bullpup rifles. This 12 gauge shotgun is going to be packing either 12 rounds of 3-inch shells, or 15 rounds of 2.75-inch shells. The gun does this in an interesting and unique way. One of the biggest issues with shotguns is capacity and a slow reload time.

Springfield Armory Introduces the XD-S Mod.2 45

We’ve seen announcements from Glock, SIG Sauer, and now Springfield Armory regarding new pistols for 2018. Springfield has announced a new Mod 2 in the XD-S series of handguns. The XD-S Mod 2 is a pocket sized pistol chambered in 45 ACP. The XD-S Mod 2 comes with two magazines. The flush fitting models hold 5 rounds and the slightly extended model holds 6 rounds of 45 ACP. The Mod 2 is being introduced in 3 models with minor variances and minor MSRP changes. The XD-S Mod 2 models include: Fiber Optic Front Sight Model – MSRP $568.00 Tritium Night

Franklin Armory – What If This New Trigger Is Released to Fire Only?

Franklin Armory has never been one to walk the line when it comes to firearms. They produce some odd, NFA defying accessories and kits. They also produce kits and magazines that legally defy California’s often confusing and restrictive gun laws. Franklin Armory is most well known for their binary trigger system. Binary triggers fire when the trigger is pulled and once again when the trigger is released. This was approved by the ATF as a nonmachine gun and a similar system is likely the heart and soul of their newest firearm. Their newest firearm, the Reformation, made a big buzz

Streamlight Blinds US with the TLR-7

While Streamlight hasn’t put out an official press release, images from a recent show have revealed that Streamlight is releasing a new model in the TLR line of weapon lights. This new model appears to be quite compact. The information was leaked by an Instagram user named Tactipaws. Tactipaws posted two photos of the new Streamlight and gave us a little idea about what we’ll be looking for at SHOT. If you are familiar with Streamlight you know they already have a compact weapon light known as the TLR-3. The TLR-7 appears to be a much more modern option. The

A Corps Wide Overhaul – The USMC Upgrades Their Arsenal

America’s Force in readiness, the United States Marine Corps, is the most flexible branch of the United States Military. The Marines have remained fluid with their weaponry, their abilities and mission set. A Marine battalion could find themselves fighting in the deserts of Afghanistan one year and deployed to the Black Sea the next. As the smallest branch, their evolution is often the smoothest. Recently the Marine Corps has begun a force-wide overhaul of their infantry weaponry. The Elimination of the 0351 Assaultman MOS One of the biggest pieces of news regarding the overhaul is the elimination of an infantry

One for the Ladies from Nighthawk – Ladyhawk 2.0

Nighthawk Custom has put out their first press release of 2018 and announced the Ladyhawk 2.0. In the press release, Nighthawk has also announced its one of many products they will be releasing this year. The Ladyhawk 2.0 is a commander sized 1911 with a 4.25-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.85 inches. The Ladyhawk 2.0 will be released in 9mm and 45 ACP is a no-cost option. The Ladyhawk 2.0 will feature all the refinement and customization you come to expect from Nighthawk’s custom guns. This includes Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Tritium night sights, crown barrel with

“Ho Ho Ho” Palmetto State Armory Has an MP5

The SHOT Show 2018 press releases, teases, hints and more keep coming out. One of the biggest so far has been from Palmetto State Armory and its been on aka ARFCOM. The announcement wasn’t an announcement as much as it was a post asking what customers want. A man named Josiah, posting on the official PSA account has come forward with both pictures and a post saying, “ If that PSA MP5 clone would truly interest you, keep your eyes and ears open Shot Show 2018…………….. Josiah” Following that we got pics of what appears to be an

Century’s New Draco NAK9 AK 9mm Pistol…Yes It Takes Glock Mags

Sometimes browsing my Facebook feed is an exercise in frustration, but some days are different. Somedays one of your favorite AK stores posts something great. Circle 10 AK got the opportunity to release the first known photos of Century’s new AK pistol, a Draco in 9mm. This isn’t the first AK we’ve seen in 9mm, but it seems to be the first to take the market seriously. Century’s Draco pistols are so popular that Draco has become nearly synonymous with AK pistol. Coming to SHOT Show 2018 is the Draco NAK9 AK pistol. These AKs are made in Romania. One

Breaking: The New SIG Sauer P365

With just a few weeks until SHOT Show 2018 we are seeing more and more product announcements and press releases from the gun industry. Sig Sauer hit us today with something today that was totally unexpected, a completely new gun! Dubbed the P365, this new compact handgun has an interesting design. It’s labeled by SIG as a High Capacity Micro Compact pistol. That’s certainly an odd assortment of words when it comes to a compact pistol. In truth the pistol itself is pretty small. It’s an inch wide, 5.8 inches long, and 4.3 inches tall. It weighs 17.8 ounces unloaded