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EOTech OPMOD EXPS3-0 HHS-I w/ G33 3X Magnifier Review Video

EOTech OPMOD EXPS3-0 HHS-I w/ G33 3X Magnifier Review Video

Welcome back, everybody. Today we’re going over this EOTech and this magnifier also from EOTech. These two are part of the OPMOD line from the optics planet. But, essentially the specs are exactly the same. What we’re going to do

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Sig 1911 Testing: Trench Warfare Drill by Nutnfancy Video

Sig 1911 Testing: Trench Warfare Drill by Nutnfancy Video

We got about 22 runs under our belt in the Trench Warfare Drill in the Nutnfancy Project. We have to make time for the SIG 1911. This is a Nitron rail. It’s end of summer, 2011. Let’s see how this

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Silenced Nighthawk 1911 Video

Silenced Nighthawk 1911 Video

Hello, my friend, it is FPS Russia again and I wanted to make a video that was kind of an old-school video, kind of a backyard-style video like I used to do. Lots of people were asking for those, so

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Aimpoint PRO – Best Self-Defense Optic Video

Aimpoint PRO - Best Self-Defense Optic Video

Aimpoint PRO. The Aimpoint PRO was designed for law enforcement use. The PRO – P-R-O – actually stands for Patrol Riffle Optic. So what does that really mean? I think that that it means is that Aimpoint must have really

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Beretta Unveils New M9 Handgun To Be Used By U.S. Armed Services, Available For Civilians (One comment)


Already recognized as a leader in the field of handgun manufacturing, Beretta has taken one of their own popular products, the M9 pistol, and engineered improvements to it that clearly demonstrate the company isn’t content to rest on its laurels.

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Springfield Armory 1911 TRP – Best Bang For Your Buck 1911 Video

1911 Springfield Armory TRP - Best Bang For Your Buck 1911 Video

I was never really all that impressed with the 1911 platform. I understand it’s historical allure and continued relevance in modern times, but some may argue that the 1911’s relevance is more the result of the archaic pace of innovation

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Vickers Tactical Signature Glock 17 RTF2 With Accessories Review Video

Vickers Tactical Glock 17 RTF2 FDE With Accessories Review Video

Welcome back everybody. Today we’re going to be taking a quick look at this Glock 17 here. Obviously there’s a few things that are a little bit different about it. This one here is a special run limited edition. It’s

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Springfield EMP 1911 Review Video

Springfield EMP 1911 Review Video

Today, I’m doing the review on the Springfield Armory EMP 9mm. EMP stands for Enhanced Micro Pistol. I bought this pistol just about a year ago. I would say I put 500 to 700 rounds through it. That’s all different

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Gun Review: Sig Sauer 1911 Compact Nickel (One comment)


Although many handgun manufacturers have begun to drift away from the venerable 1911 platform (and right about the time of its centennial, too), Sig Sauer has decided to produce a wide selection of 1911 handguns. It isn’t just a matter

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People Behind the Scenes at BCM

People Behind the Scenes at BCM

BCM started in 2005 based on demand from individual operators operating overseas. They were in the commercial market looking for mil-spec products. There was very, very few choices. We decided to make a product that actually met all the mil-spec

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Top 10 Rimfire Self-Defense Guns


If you have an aged grandmother living alone in an apartment, or perhaps know a young couple who had just moved next door, and they said to you, “I get worried about someone breaking in while I’m at home. I’m

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Are you Prepared for the 8 Major Threats to the Future of America?

There are numerous inherent dangers in our world that can change life as we know it and even threaten our very existence, but many people choose to ignore the warning signs or simply don’t believe anything could happen to them.

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“1911 Handgun Philosophy of Use” by Nutnfancy Video

"1911 Handgun Philosophy of Use" by Nutnfancy Video

John Moses Browning, by all accounts, a firearms and engineering genius. A name that echoes in history. Many smart people around the world feel one of his greatest life achievements was the design of the 1911 semi-automatic handgun, which after

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Why I Carry a Bond Arms Derringer Video (4 comments)

Why I carry A Bond Arms Derringer Video

Hello there, Pat Minter here I want to talk to you today about a real serious subject. That is defending your life. There are many, many fire arms that you can get a permit to carry concealed. My personal weapon

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The Perfect 1911 Carry Option – Dan Wesson CCO Pistol Video

The Perfect 1911 Carry Option - Dan Wesson CCO Pistol Video

Dan Wesson CCO—Concealed Carry Officers 1911 is based, obviously on the original 1911 design. There’s some really unique features about this pistol. One of those that is pretty noticeable is that it has a Commander size slide with an Officer

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Gun Review: Glock 42 – Conceal Carry Gun That Won’t Disappoint


As the first new handgun model introduced by Glock in several years, the Glock 42 subcompact single-stack .380 Auto is the result of a long course of research and development. Certainly, with the increasing interest in (and practice of) concealed

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The Aimpoint Carbine Optic – The Tier 1 Entry Level Optic Video

The Aimpoint Carbine Optic - The Tier 1 Entry Level Optic Video

So Aimpoint has a new entry-level red dot optic and they’re calling it the carbine optic. They’re touting the carbine optic as a whole new optic geared toward the recreational shooter who also wants a gun that can double as

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Salient Arms International Glock Tier Packages

Salient Arms International

SAI Glock Tier 3 Overview The advanced technology and design of Glock pistols have made them one of the top choices for gun owners today. A Glock pistol right out of the box, however, has only begun to reach its full

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