“1911 Handgun Philosophy of Use” by Nutnfancy Video

John Moses Browning, by all accounts, a firearms and engineering genius.
A name that echoes in history.
Many smart people around the world feel one of his greatest life achievements was the design of the 1911 semi-automatic handgun, which after 100 years in existence is more popular than ever.
Hello world.
Hello TN peers, this is NUTNFANCY running the NUTNFANCY project.
Time now for a little philosophical discussion on the 1911 handgun.
Kind of philosophical.
Actually, it’s going to serve a very distinct purpose and that is to save me time in future table-top reviews of 1911 style of handguns.
If you guys have been watching the NUTNFANCY project for any length of time, you know that when I cover an item I try to be thorough.
I try to give you the information that I myself would want to know as a user or potential buyer of that item.
I do it via, you know it, slam, the talking points.
It keeps me organized.
Yeah, I still forget stuff, get some facts wrong here and there. I try.
And that’s the purpose of this video, to save time.
Specifically on those first three talking points when we’re talking about 1911s.
Philosophy of use, size, weight , and firepower.
That’s because with the type there’re a lot of similarities, right.
We’re talking at least about full-size 1911s. A lot of similarities within those first 3 talking points. If there are variances within that specific review, I’ll say so, as I see it.
But, I’m going to annotate this video and send viewers here if they’re interested on my overall philosophy of the 1911, at least as far as these three first three TPs go.

1911 Pistols For Sale

Few ground rules, okay.
Guys are passionate about 1911s.
Yes, I get it. I know.
By the way, I’m one of those people.
NUTNFANCY, we didn’t think you’d like 1911s that much.
Well, let’s go back in time, a decade. If you were to ask me, hey, NUTNFANCY would you carry a 1911 as your go to war option?
I’d say absolutely not.
There’s no way.
You know, in some cases I still may say that. We’ll get into that in POU in a second. But, I’ll tell you as of late I’ve been shooting a lot of 1911s and I’ve really warmed up to them.
Well, again, POU will discuss all that.
I’ve become, like many other users, much more passionate about 1911s.
Talking ground rules here though. When someone is passionate about their thing, whatever it is, gun, car, knife, sometimes they go overboard. They become myopic.
That what I call it, have, ever since I began TNP. Myopic means that you don’t see any other way besides yours. Your way is the right way. Whether it’s your style of gun, the 1911, whether it’s your brand of gun, you know, Wilson Combat, STI, Les Baer, Ed Brown, Kimber, Springfield, Smith & Wesson.
That’s the best 1911 in the world.
Let’s not do that here in the NUTNFANCY project. I expect, honestly, that we’re more mature than that.
That we can see other people’s opinions. Acknowledge the logic and good in them. And if we have differences, who cares?
It doesn’t matter.
Doesn’t matter at all.
We’re all on the same team. We should all be freedom lovers, members of the National Rifle Association fighting for our right.
Also, a couple of things.
I did a video a long time ago foundational to TNP for just such an occasion called two types of cool. And that is talking about how to evaluate items.
First type of cool is serviceability and role. We can measure that objectively.
Track record.
The second type of cool is harder to define, purely subjective. It’s how that connects with the individual on an intrinsic level.
How they like it.
It might be a knife.
It might be a gun.
Might be a 1911.
Might be a certain brand or color, or style of 1911.
If a guy, in my opinion, says hey second type of cool, I just like it. It’s off limits. You cannot criticize him for that. You cannot criticize her for that.
Whatever it is. You guys need to know that. It’s very important.
If you…
You know, it’s a get out of jail free card.
Hey, second type of cool. I just like it.
Right on, man.
Amen, brother.
We all have stuff like that that to some other people say, I can’t believe you like that.
You’re an idiot.
No, he’s not an idiot. He just likes it. We all have stuff like that.
So, please be respectful in the comment.
You know armchair leader-ism, soapboxing in the comments is not welcome here in TNP.
I mean, make your point. Disagree. That’s totally cool.
Be cool with each other.
Make it fun, keep it fun.
That’s the ground rule for this video.
I know, a lot of passion in the 1911 community.
Also, I don’t think I’m a 1911 expert.
I don’t.
I think a 1911 expert is someone who’s ran competitions with them year in year out.
That has all types of makes and models that builds them, that modifies them, that can gunsmith them all day long. That’s an expert in the 1911.
Maybe it’s someone who’s fought with them year in year out in their job, you know.
And they have a lot of distinct preferences of what they like. And there’s a lot of that in the 1911 community. I get it. Again, I know I’m probably less stringent along those lines.
I’m more forgiving.
In other words, you know I go and say, oh only this feature works on a 1911. And as a gear reviewer, if I were you that’s what I would really want.
I would want someone that was more broadminded and say, this is a good feature. These are the advantages of that feature. Stuff like that.
But, again, that’ll probably be best served in individual tabletop when we get to that point.
Can’t speak.
That’ll probably happen a lot in this video, by the way.
Let’s get going.
Philosophy of use, first up.
Talking 1911s.
Once again, I’m going to start off big and that is go-to-war gun.
What do I mean go-to-war gun?
If you found this video via Google, which happens thousands of times a day it seems like in TNP…
What I mean by that as a-go-to-war gun…
It’s not that, you know, we want to go to war, it means that the propensity for arms conflict is not down here when we’re carrying this gun. It’s up here.
It’s higher.
You might be a police officer. Okay.
You do a traffic stop, next thing you know there’re rounds being exchanged between you and what turns out to be not just a citizen but a bad guy. You’re going to go to a war situation.
Maybe you are in special operations and you’re doing house to house. You know, the chances of you using a side arm, pretty high.
That’s a go to war situation.
In a situation as a civilian, yes it can and probably will happen in the future. We got into WROL, that is without rule of law situation where there is no police around, you provide your own protection or you have no protection. The chances of you perhaps, needing a gun to keep your family and you safe…
Not down here maybe, it’s higher.
Is 1911 a good go-to-war option?
Now, again, some of what I will say you may disagree with, and that’s totally cool. But, the whole purpose of this video is to roll it in and make reference to it in future tabletop reviews.
It’s my opinion. And it’s my experience in a snap shot of time where I’m at.
I’m always learning.
I’m always progressing.
However, if you’ve watched TNP, you know there is a rather remarkable consistency of philosophy that goes throughout the videos. This one is no different.
As a go-to-war, maybe you can even say WROL handgun, the 1911 probably would not be my first choice.
Woan woan.
NUTNFANCY, are you kidding me?
Hold on, I’ll get to it.
I’ll probably cover the very thing you’re thinking right now.
There’re a lot of reasons for this.
Primarily, most 1911s are made of steel. Okay. We’re talking about a steel 1911 like the Smith & Wesson 1911.
Some guys will say, well you know that’s a 1911 but it has an external extractor so it’s not true to John Browning’s design.
It’s still 1911.
Close enough. And I’ll tell you this is pretty much reliable in my opinion.
This is stainless steel 1911. We’re talking 42 ounces, give or take an ounce here or there.
A 1911 made of steel is going to be heavy.
Now, it’s empty. That’s no rounds.
This is aluminum, that’s a scandium frame, around 32 ounces.
Let’s just say.
We’ll talk about firepower here, kind of.
They’re an 8 plus 1 handgun. You know, some models like, I think Springfield, they come with 7 round mag. Of course, you can put in 8th.
You know, they’re going to be even less. So, I’m carrying a 42 ounce gun that has 9 rounds.
The POU, it’s go-to-war gun.
When we’re in that situation, I’m not just carrying a handgun. I’m carrying a whole bunch of other stuff.
Might be body armor.
Might be a multi-tool.
Tactical blade.
Food, water, first aid kit, all the stuff I’ve always said. I always think in terms of systems and how everything integrates with the other thing.
So, don’t look at it alone when you’re talking a go-to-war gun.
That’s a heavy loader.
I’ve shot, just here in TNP, with guys that show up with steel frame 1911s doing running guns and we’ll be running hours after hour in the hot deserts. I mean, it wears them out.
And they’re talking about it, like man, this gun is freaking heavy. I’m not used to running with it.
I’m like, well welcome to TNP number one.
Welcome to reality, because in that type of situation which I’ve discussed in a go-to-war situation whatever it is…
Some situations, not all, you’re going to be doing a lot of movement.
A lot of exercising.
My first option…
Well, I probably would not basically say it. But, if I go with a scandium frame gun then suddenly my options open up. I just save myself, what, about 10 ounces. Maybe a little bit less, by going to that.
Now, this enters the realm for me personally, NUTNFANCY, as a go-to-war gun.
These two.
And there’re other options. These, again, are just representations of the type.
You know, weight considerations are key to me. And also the options of which this 1911 is going up against are amazing.
They’re advanced or light weight.
They’re durable.
They carry a lot of rounds.
They’re accurate.
They’re ultra-reliable.
I mean, witness the Glock, my foundational gun here in TNP. Witness the Springfield XDN. Both of which have a lot of airtime here in TNP. Lots of shooting time. Thousands of rounds, sent by me personally down the range with all these guns.
I’m here to tell you they are bet-your-life reliable.
SIG P226, P220.
You know, if you want to go with the 45, go with the 45.
Every gun I’m throwing in front of you is chambered in 45 these days.
Smith & Wesson MNP series.
Most of these were reviewed previously in the NUTNFANCY project.
Highly recommended.
These are all great go-to-war options.
They’re lights, have more rounds, than perhaps, a single stack 1911 full-size.
Your mileage may vary, I understand that.
As a go-to-war option though, some guys will say, that’s great NUTNFANCY. However, I do not shoot a Glock very well at all. I just cannot connect with the Glock.
If you were to tell me that in our little far side chat about the philosophy on the 1911, to me that’s also a get out of the jail card free. Because then suddenly you’ve demonstrated to me an understanding on what is most important.
And what is most important is putting rounds on target.
It doesn’t really matter the bullet launcher you’re using. If you do it with the Glock, then use a Glock. But, if you tell me, I shoot a 1911 better than I do those other Palmer guns and I can connect with it better, then guess what?
I say, this should be your go-to-war option, because you’ve got to get rounds on target.
Whatever launcher you’re choosing, if you can’t get rounds on target what does it matter?
It isn’t about looking cool, you know.
And you might have to take more weight. Maybe you like a steel frame 1911 for you it shoots better.
Guess what?
You may be stuck with a 1911 steel frame, because to you, perhaps not to me because I shoot every platform you see on the table well. But, to you that makes sense and that’s good weight as a go-to-war option.
For me though, a scandium, aluminum frame 1911 enters the realm as a go-to-war option.
And yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of shooting with them lately here in 2010.
Lots of rounds down at the range.
I can’t tell you the ammo bills I’ve racked up.
Very expensive to shoot.
Maybe I’ll talk about that.
I love the scandium aluminum frame 1911. They shoot well.
They recoil, for me, just mildly more than the steel frame version.
Much lighter.
Great go-to-war option.
And if you’re good at reloading, you’re really not that much at a disadvantage against this.
And I might as well talk about this.
We’re kind of talking about firepower.
You know, if you’ve watched my tabletop reviews, I’ve made a big deal about firepower that is rounds count in the handgun.
Here we have an XDM 9, an OD. What a great gun this is.
Accurate, consistent trigger, same grip angle as Mr. Browning’s 1911 right.
19 plus 1, shut up.
A lot of rounds.
Little bit less if you choose the 40 version, even less if you choose the 45 round or the 45 ACP version.
But, it’s going to be a lot more than 7 or 8, right.
These guns rock.
I mean, they absolutely rock.
I like a lot of rounds.
However, I’m accountable to every round I fire. I mean, just because I have 20 rounds in this example, doesn’t mean I’m just spraying and preying out there.
I’m making each one count.
But, in my opinion, like I’ve always said in my tabletop reviews, more rounds gives me more options.
You know, the hit parade continues.
SIG 226, you can get a Mec-Gar flush-fitting magazine, 18 rounds.
You know, MMP series. Lots of rounds in those too.
And then we get back to the 1911.
8 plus 1.
Is that a huge disadvantage?
A lot of philosophy.
A lot of subjectivity involved in answering that question.
First, I want to ask you, how fast do you reload?
I mean, I’ve seen guys shoot the 1911. I mean, I’m like wow.
It’s really not an issue that it only holds 8 rounds.
I’m talking a single stack magazine, by the way.
I know there’re some double stacks like the PARA’s out there.
Just talking a traditional single stack. We’ll call it 8 round magazine.
To answer that question, is that a disadvantage to you? I have to ask you what’s your training level?
If you’re really good with the 1911, your muscle memories’ squared away and you have a good carry system for extra magazines you may not be much at a disadvantage at all.
And you might offer, I don’t know, something that is not flush-fitting.
Here’s a Kimber 10 round magazine, shot a lot in the NUTNFANCY project. 100 percent reliable.
Works in any of these guns.
So now you’re 10 plus 1.
There’re other options available to you.
And it just depends on the philosophy of use.
When I’m talking of go-to-war options, I like more rounds.
I’m not going to lie to you, I do.
I also like the 45 ACP, I think it’s a great cartridge. I like the 40 and 9 as well.
More importantly than any caliber choice is your ability to connect to the target.
You know, can you hit the freaking target?
If you can, it doesn’t matter what you’re shooting.
So, go-to-war options, you bet.
Firepower, subjective.
Generally, for me, I like more rounds.
But, honestly my 1911 skills are getting up there now. I can reload pretty darn quick with the gun so it’s not a huge disadvantage unless you’re injured.
If you’re injured or really shaken bad, and it can happen, might be an issue.
Philosophy of use.
Right here.
How about home defense gun?
NUTNFANCY, is it a good home defense option?
I’m going to say yes, it is, with an asterisk besides that answer.
By that I mean, again, we get to training.
Is the user in the household familiar with the 1911 battery of arms?
Do they have experience with it?
By the way, these are all safety checked guns.
If the answer’s yes, you’re all experienced NUTNFANCY. Lots of trigger time on them. Maybe, perhaps, dry fire practice which I’m an advocate of.
I really am.
Doesn’t cost you any money and it’s training my muscles.
Then yes, it’s a good option.
I would prefer, as a home defense option, a railed 1911. One of your first priorities as a home owner…
Not one, but probably the first priority is to identify your freaking target.
Know what you’re getting ready to shoot.
Like you see on this SIG 226, carrying the outstanding stream-light TLR3…
Previous review in the NUTNFANCY project highly recommended.
Identify your target.
Kind of hard to do if you have a flashlight in a hand and the gun in the other.
I know there’re techniques and I think they’re all kind of hokey. I know, because I’ve shot with them a lot and they suck.
Having a gun and light integrated on to the gun is probably your best solution in the home defense POU.
Railed, railed, can have a gun.
Back to the battery of arms.
You know, okay that’s great. I have a lot of experience on 1911 NUTNFANCY. However, my girlfriend or wife does not.
Probably not a great choice for her, because what’s going to happen if she’s going to be panicked…
Like a lot of police officers who’re also trained in the type, do pick up the gun, they’ll try to crank the round off, they won’t be able to do so because they don’t disengage the trigger.
I’m sorry, the trigger…
The safety.
Maybe they don’t know about the grip safety. Have to have a firm grip then you swipe the safety down. Now, you can fire.
You’ve told her a thousand times, but in the heat of the battle she somehow forgot. Happens all the time.
The 1911, little bit more complex.
To you and me sitting here by the computer, that’s simple. It may seem even ridiculous. How could that ever happen?
Well, it does.
Every day.
You know, a gun that has a safety has the propensity of having a problem with that user depending on what the mindset of the user is.
You know, getting back to the just pull triggers like this MNP. There isn’t no safety on this version of the MNP. You know, assuming there’s a round in the chamber, just pull the trigger.
Maybe a better home defense option.
I’m just saying.
I keep it real. I keep it honest. That’s my point of view.
If everyone’s experienced in the 1911 battery of arms, you bet it’s a good option home defense gun.
Again, keep in mind that light.
Next POU, this one I really like.
I’ve said this in my tabletops before, I think some time.
I haven’t really done a lot of 1911 tabletops. I don’t even know how many I’ll do in the future. But, I did say and I always have maintained the 1911 platform is probably the best competition platform in the world.
Why is that?
Consistent trigger pull.
That you can basically make it any way you want. You can make it as light as you want, get all the creep out of it.
You can replace all your parts and really dial the gun into your preferences, which may translate into fractions of a second in your IDPA or IPSC, maybe bull’s eye competitions.
I don’t know.
Long sighting radius.
Great sights.
Good trigger.
Slim form factor.
Easy to change out the grips.
And some people, like I said in the other POU, just shoot it better.
As a competition gun, the 1911 dominates. If you don’t believe me, go to a competition.
See what guys are shooting.
You’re going to see a lot of 1911s.
You know, especially in unlimited class.
Well, I guess maybe not unlimited. But, just depends on the class. But, you’re going to see a lot of 1911s. There are some great CZ options running around. But, it’s a dominating force.
And along with that, competition POU, I want to say recreation.
That in and of itself is a great reason to own a 1911.
Just recreation. You know, you’re not planning to go to war with it. You’re not a police officer. You’re not in the military.
You may or may not agree with the whole WRL thing. You may say, I will never have any problems, whatever.
But, you may just own a gun say, I just like shooting my 1911.
I reload the 45 ACP. I have time to reload it. Surely not that expensive for me since I do reload. I go out and I shoot it, and I just have a blast.
I’m with you man.
Like I said, I’ve been shooting and man I have had such a good time shooting. I mean, this 1911 PD coming to the end of its test phase…
Actually, it’s at the end of its test phase.
What a fun gun to shoot.
I just have enjoyed it immensely.
Along with that, here comes another POU separate and distinct from recreation one.
Get ready 1911 fans, you’re going to love this one, because I love it.
Yep, the 1911 is just an addiction for you.
It’s a project in and of itself. You have various makes and models. Maybe you’re just into one brand and you like collecting the different 1911s. You like tweaking them, modifying them, changing the trigger on them, the grips, the sights, the finishes, and it is just a project for you.
I know there’re thousands and thousands of good guys all over the place, and gals for that matter, that do that.
They love it.
And I am onboard with it. I may shock you with that, but I’m onboard with it.
Because I feel that same passion within the year, 2010, sinking into my soul.
I do.
I’m resisting it. It’s like a siren song. The 1911 just pulls you in.
You grab one, you go, wow, there’s a nice gun. I really like it.
You get excited and start shaking. Go, whoa, this one’s really cool too. I love that one.
You like the features of it, next thing you know you got 20 1911s.
Alright, maybe not 20. 10.
I know guys that have at least 10, personally.
They’re into it. It’s their gun.
All variations, different calibers, it’s an addiction.
Fun addiction.
You know, TNP gear junkie, man. That’s what it’s all about.
Could be knives, could be guns.
A lot of guys.
That is a distinct POU I’m going to break out.
It’s hilarious, if you ask me.
Final POU, I probably forgot some.
How about concealed carry?
NUTNFANCY, do you think a full sized …
It’s a very important distinction.
1911 is a good concealed carry weapon?
Probably not for me.
Guys are asking me, I’m telling you.
Would I carry…?
Forget would. I’ve been a concealed carry permit on the civilian side of my existence since early 90s.
Never carried 1911 with me.
Never plan to.
At least steel frame 1911. That’s a huge caveat, please understand that. Scandium frame, aluminum, dude I think it’s in the realm of do-ability.
Big time.
Much lighter than something like that.
But, I carry steel frame all the time.
Alright, I understand that. But I will tell you this. Knowing what I know now, you’re the exception.
You are.
There’re a lot of people that I know that started out carrying steel frame 1911. Maybe steel frame, I don’t know, Browning High-power. Also an outstanding John Moses Browning design.
World changing design.
And they stopped carrying it.
They’ll carry it for a couple of months.
I check in with them, hey where’s your gun?
It’s at the house.
I thought you loved it.
Well, yeah I do.
Well, if you loved it in the CCW role that is concealed carry weapon, you’d have it on your person.
It’s like, it’s what I’ve always talked about.
If you’re going to carry, carry.
Choose something comfortable.
For most people, a full-size steel frame 1911 is not comfortable.
Banging into it, thinking about it all the time. Especially inside the waistband option. I know.
I know.
Dudes, I’ve been around a while. There’re good options out there, Milt Sparks, you know they’re more comfortable. But, it’s still a life changing addition to your wardrobe.
More so than perhaps a very slender Tel-Tec PF9, Kahr PM9 or any of the other tiny, very lightweight to carry semi-automatic pistols.
I know there’re other variations of the 1911 design, especially as of now. In 100 years of existence we’ve seen the advent of subcompact 1911s. You know, officers’ models or even smaller.
Then we have the commander sized ones.
Aluminum framed ones.
And all kinds of calibers. I mean, like the Springfield EMP in 9 mil, that’s an amazing 1911.
Very small and compact.
That’s a different breed.
That gun, I’d feel very comfortable carrying concealed.
It’s small enough, light enough. Still not approaching the level of a Palmer gun. Let’s be real.
I still think…
I don’t know.
Ballparking like 26 ounces empty versus the PF9 12.7 empty.
Yeah, it’s a big difference.
So, if you go with a smaller 1911. Officers’ or commanders’ size, maybe aluminum frame, scandium frame, then do-able.
Understand this though, talking concealed carry POU, you cannot wave a magic wand and get rid of the laws of physics, especially if your bullet launcher’s a 45 ACP.
Let’s take this gun. Here’s an aluminum frame for us. 45 ACP.
Yes, it recoils more than the steel frame version. You want to cut that slide down. You want to cut the frame down. It’s going to recoil a lot more.
Something you’re going to have to train with.
In some ways I think of it as an expert’s gun. Any time we get a super lightweight gun that recoils like crazy. Kind of like the scandium 357 revolvers that Smith puts out.
Any lightweight revolver for that matter.
I’ve shown on camera, you better be ready to man up.
You know, under stress, connecting that, it’s a lot to ask.
Don’t kid yourself.
If you haven’t shot it lately, do it. And tell me how your accuracy was.
Most concealed carry permit holders, honestly…
And I’m talking to my civilian audience now. I know my police officers and the military guys are still here. But, talking to my citizens right now.
They don’t practice enough.
That’s the reality, they don’t. So, you choose a very lightweight subcompact 45 ACP 1911, I guarantee you most guys are not practicing enough. So, if you ever have to shoot it, good luck.
You need to practice with it.
But, in the POU of CCW you get one of the subcompact ones, it’s a different ballgame.
But, full-size steel. Nope. Not for me.
Scandium / aluminum frame, yeah. Little bit more do-able.
The good news is, ergonomically speaking, the 1911 is a thin design. And it has that advantage over a lot of other competing palmer designs, XDM for example.
Thinness is, like I’ve said in many videos, a very important attribute in whether you’re going to have that gun on your person when that dark day arise and you really need it.
Well, I left it at home because it was kicking into my kidneys. It was uncomfortable.
That’s one big plus with the 1911, that it is thin.
Yes, with a good holster and with a lighter weight frame, for me…

I know you may differ.
It’s more doable.
Or let me say, those are my philosophies of use on the 1911. Snapshot in time, right now. However, they are the result of many years of experience with all types of handguns including the 1911.
Maybe not to the level of maybe some of you guys out there. But, I’ll just throw that out there.
Size and weight.
I think I’ve kind of covered that.
Haven’t we?
In the POUs.
All 1911s are…
By the way, let me say this flat out.
My favorite 1911 in size is the full-size. Yep, I love the full-size 1911. I like the longer sight radius. I like the little bit extra velocity that may give me.
Yes, I know. We get faster burn times out of modern powders. Less of a factor than it was years ago.
I like it.
You know, I find that I shoot it better.
You know, shooting the commander sized 1911s I have to concentrate more. I can’t shoot it as fast.
To me, that tells me that I need more training. Just like you.
If we take a gun out and this maybe goes back to another point where they say, well I don’t shoot the Glock very well.
I shoot the 1911s great.
Well, I think you should train little bit more before you make an ultimate decision which one’s better.
You know shooting one magazine full of Glock because you couldn’t hit anything first magazine, you go, I hate Glocks.
I say, give it a little bit of extra time.
Vice Versa.
If you shoot a Glock well, then you go to the 1911 which I…
Just saw that happen at an indoor range.
You know, the guy says I cannot shoot a 1911 well. I actually hadn’t heard that before.
So I was like, really?
I usually hear the other thing.
Shoots the Glock and XDN. He’s really good.
I say, either way give it more time.
You know, practice with it and then you can determine it.
Size and weight though, again, full-size is my favorite. Depending on the POU, if I’m talking about a go-to-war gun definitely full-size.
The weight, discussed already.
Steel frame’s about 42 ounces.
About 32 ounces give or take one or two ounces either side for the aluminum or scandium frame versions.
I will be honest, at this point in time…
Again, this is subject to change, but I prefer these for overall. If I had to choose one 1911 and guys will ask me, okay 1911, I only have money for one. Do I go steel or aluminum or scandium?
If you’re an experienced pistol shooter, if you really don’t have issues with recoil I say go with the aluminum frames.
Scandium frame.
Most guys own 1911s, I’m talking a typical civilian, maybe not a law enforcement of SWAT officer like OJ who’s put thousands of rounds through a 1911.
The aluminum or scandium frame is going to serve you very well. It opens up, in my opinion, more possibilities for carriage.
If you plan on putting thousands of rounds through your 1911, competitively, recreationally, or just over the life of the pistol go steel.
Go steel.
Firepower versus mobility.
Same things apply. Same thing as I’ve always said.
Size and weight.
On the individual tabletops for the type, if it varies from that formula, I’ll address it there.
Firepower. Already discussed.
8 plus 1, generally speaking in the 1911.
Adequate for most social purpose, especially if you’re a good pistol arrow. You’re practiced.
Okay, I understand that.
Totally understand that.
I shoot that way. I mean, I shoot the hit.
You know, if the gun comes out it isn’t play time. I’m talking defensive stuff here.
It’s time to freaking go to war and make those rounds connect.
I spend a lot of time, myself, training in that art as do a lot of you guys.
If the 1911 is what you shoot best, then dude that should probably be your go-to-war option.
If it’s not, if it’s just something you enjoy shooting you and I are in complete understanding of each other because I understand it.
The 1911 is just a rush to shoot.
First three talking points.
I probably forgot some crap.
John Moses Browning.
A genius in firearms design.
Is the 1911 his greatest firearms achievement?
Well, it’s certainly one of them.
That’s what I would say.
I mean, you’d have to caveat that. Well, what do you mean by greatest?
Historically significant and world changing?
Well, I submit to you it’d probably be his BAR, the M1918, his 30Cal machine gun, the air-cool version M1919, the M1917 water-cooled machine gun. How about the M2 Browning Ma Deuce, which to this day is soldiering on and defending freedom across the world?
Those are game changers.
I mean, those are historically significant Browning designs that changed battles and battles changed wars, right.
Kind of like…
I don’t know if you guys ever read citizen soldiers by Steven Ambrose. Turn to page 192 in that book and read about a lieutenant Lyle Bouck who stopped a huge, overwhelmingly superior in numbers, German force in the battle of the Bulge.
Armed with 2 1919s, that’s 30 caliber Browning’s, 150 Cal. and 6 BARs with amazing success at least initially.
A fascinating story.
That’s what I’m talking about.
Browning’s machine guns, wow.
Game changers.
Then you have the Browning highpower, which is copied by so many other tilting barrel designs to include the SIG.
Firearms genius, absolute.
But along those lines, if you say the gun design from Moses Browning that has affected the most people…
Actually has been put in the hands of most people all over the world and increased their personal security. If you say that, it isn’t the machine gun. It’s the 1911, which can be owned by civilians, obviously.
It is an amazing design.
Durable, when it’s done right.
Supremely accurate when it’s done right.
Highly ergonomic.
Very carry-able, given the right holster and the right system.
I’m a fan.
There are a couple of limitations.
It remains a very tremendously well engineered pistol even against some other very advanced and equally awesome designs if you’d ask me, to this day.
There you go.
Philosophy on 1911 pistols.
Thanks for watching.
This is a fun video.
It really was.
Be cool to each other in the comments.
Take care.
We’ll see you.
What do I see in there, boss?
Serca: SIG GSR.
How do you like that gun?
Serca: It works really well. I had a few problems in the beginning. I broke 2 extractors. Then I finally got an extractor from Caspian. Once I did that, it’s been running ever since.
I haven’t had any problems with it.
Serca, what year did you buy that?
I can’t remember exactly.
I want to say it’s at least 8 or 9 years old.
I run…
I’ve probably got close to 30-40,000 rounds through it.
Holy crap.
I shoot a lot.
Right on.
Is that your duty weapon too?
It is.
If you want to tell the world what department are you associated with?
Washington county, department of alternative sentencing.
Rain of sparks.
Rain of sparks right here
Look at this dude’s low down, man.
That’s a lot of money in there.
Shooter’s gold.
That is shooter’s gold.
I think I might distract him and walk away with this bag.
Hey, look at that baby deer out there.
It’s good to see a 1911 running good here in Latsie.
Dude is running a 1911PT for us. Aluminum version.
We’ll be running that until we run out of the expensive ammo for it.
He’s setup for the AR stage later in the day.
Alright, here it comes.
Let’s see what we got.
Alright, not too bad.

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