1911 Field Strip How To Video

Hey, Hickok45 here. I get a lot of requests to do field stripping of the 1911.

So, I brought out the World War I replica of 1911. I thought I’d use it to show you how I field strip a 1911.


I might do it little differently, but this is how I do it.

First thing is I want to, of course, make sure the gun’s unloaded.

So, I take the magazine out and active slide…

Looks clean, looks empty, no bullets in it.

Never be too safe.

Never be too safe.

Then I put the safety on, speaking of that, just so I can lock the slide so it’s not moving on me. Because I want to turn the gun up on the hammer, basically, and I want to release the pressure on the main spring.

That’s my first step.

So, there I can push the plunger tube and turn the barrel bushing at the same time.

Still, it’s free so I’m pushing on the main spring, the barrel bushing, and the plunger tube with a lot of pressure. This spring is pretty tight.

So, there we go.

Release the pressure on that and now the slide is pretty free.

You can see how that looks there.


So, slide will move freely so we turn it around and take the safety off.

Next step is…

What I need to do is get the slide back in position or I can line up the…

Here we go.

Slide lock, with a little grove cut there in the slide.



I’m sorry, moved it back too far.

It’s just a little bitty…

I’m trying to watch the monitor so I can give you a good look at this. It’s a little bitty cut out right there.

Once you have that lined up, you’re going to go around to the other side of the gun and reach over here and push on…

You know, what I’m pushing. I’ll show you just to make sure you guys…

There is the other side of it.

Okay, so I want to push it out. And if I had it lined up right, it will start to come right out and I can just pull it out.


Let me take that away.

Now, everything’s free.

The slide is free. It’s going to move freely.

There, right off the frame.


And there we have it

Now, the rest of it comes apart pretty simply. I can just take the main spring out.

Got rod rather and then I can take off the barrel bushing. Here’s a little notch in it where you …

If you just kind of turn it around you will see if you have a.

And then the barrel, unlike a Glock, it needs to come out through the front of the slide.


Here you have it

The gun is field stripped.

All its component parts.

That’s how we’re going to clean it, if we need to clean it.

This is as far down as I really need to take it apart in general cleaning.

Not too hard.

Not quite simple as a Glock, but not that bad.

So, if I want to put it back together.

I use the same procedure.

Take the slide, put the barrel back in, again from the front.

Now, this is the barrel link, right here.

Just a little dodat with a hole in it. I want to make sure that’s down. And I just push it back in through the slide.

With barrel in place.

Slide barrel link down.


You can see that.

Now, I can put the barrel bushing back on, if I want to at this point. It still moves freely. No problem, no pressure on it.

No spring in there yet.

Then I take the main spring, guide rod in there.

The curved part is on top. It’s pretty simple. You can see the bottom is cut out and kind of twirled with the barrel. So, it’ll slide with the barrel.

No trouble.

It’s not a problem. See how that goes.

The barrel link, I showed you, it’s free floating. It should be down.


This is the way I do it.

I make sure it’s down with the guide rod against it.


And you can see how that looks when I do it.


The barrel link…

My little pointer here, you can see that that link is down.

Because that hole needs to line up when we get this frame on there.


So, then I take the frame…

Usually put my thumb on the guide rod at the frame line there. Put it back on the…


This pushes forward…

After that point, turn it over and make sure the barrel link that’ll hold the barrel link with this…

This goes through…

It’s lined up with that hole you see there.

And I can see that it pretty much is.

Now, sometimes you look through there and it’s not perfectly lined up. So, you can just put a pin through it or something in …

You know, just to line it up. It’s what I do.

Or you can move the slide around.

Occasionally, I think maybe one time out of about 10 breakdowns or 15 breakdowns field stripping, I’ll have a little bit of trouble lining it up and I’ll jack around with the slide a little bit and maybe get a pin out or something.

But, it’s usually not a big deal.

And then I just push that through there.

And then align this back up like I did before.

Take it back to the little notch in the same place.

So, the little lock I delivered there, it’s going to better fit.

So, right here is where careful you will scratch your frame. A lot of people do.

There’s an ugly scratch right there on a lot of 1911s where most people will push this all in.

What you’re going to do is not have all the way in, you’re going to bring it up here and then push it in when you get up to this point and you got to push little pressure to get that in taut depressed and it launch right in.

It’s a little bit tricky to get the hang of it, if you’ve not broken one of these down before, but not a problem.


So, push the slide forward, hammer’s cocked, I’m going to put the safety on again, just like in lock the slide in place.

Then, I’m almost finished.

I’ve already put my barrel bushing on, again, there’s no pressure on it.

And I put my plunger tube over this spring.

Push it down.

All the way.

And swivel the barrel bushing around over it.

And she snaps in place.

And she should be ready to fire.


Beautiful gun is working fine. I always put the magazine back in, see if it locks back.

Everything seems functional.

And of course, living here on my own range I have no trouble going out to try it you know. Make sure it’s working, if I need to.

But, it seems fine.

That’s how I field strip a 1911 and put it back together.

I hope that’s been useful to you.

You all take care.

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