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Whether you are a tactical operator or just an outdoor enthusiast, nothing is more important for your success than having the right gear. Though it might be an easy solution to stop at your local department store and pick up the cheapest backpack and shoes you can find, you know from experience that this will not be enough. Instead, it is important that you pay attention to the quality of what you are buying, making sure your gear can stand up to the elements and keep up with you in the field. When top quality gear is what you need, there are few names in the industry with a reputation comparable to BlackHawk.

Built by individuals who understand the call of the outdoors and the importance of quality gear for the modern operator, Omaha Outdoors works to provide a variety of the best BlackHawk products for sale. We keep an array of these products in stock and ready to ship, which allows us to deliver some of the quickest shipping options in the industry today. If you have any questions about what you see or have trouble finding something you need, just pick up the phone and one of our dedicated reps will be glad to help.

A Proud Member of Vista Outdoors

When a former Navy SEAL had his pack fail while navigating a minefield back in 1990, he quickly decided that if he was able to make it through the experience he would create a better alternative. Fortunately for him and for every consumer today, he did survive. Shortly after, he created BlackHawk, which was developed to give the modern outdoorsman and tactical operator everything he needs to succeed. With their support under the Vista Outdoors umbrella, they are able to continually to improve their products and develop new solutions for the modern operator. Their tireless devotion to quality and former military leadership allows them to supply some of the best solutions in the industry.

Prepare for the Job with BlackHawk Duty Gear

With tactical operators and law enforcement personnel the number one target for these quality products, BlackHawk produces quite a selection of different duty gear. This begins with their belts, which are offered in a variety of styles to fit your any needs. Their Reinforced Duty Belts are made with a special loop inner that matches perfectly to their inner duty belts, giving the best comfort and consistent performance in the field. Once the belt is in place, they have the many different accessories you will need, such as chemical holders, handcuff cases, and mag pouches, mostly made with Cordura to offer a quality finish and durable construction.

In addition to these items, BlackHawk also produces a variety of holsters to fit just about any occasion. Their concealment vest holster is a popular option, fitting behind concealment vests, fanny packs, or with many of the BlackHawk carry bags. If you want something a bit more standard, their SERPA Sporter holster is sure to perform in the field as well, offering a convenient draw while still providing a great weapon retaining system. Those who prefer a more classic look will also find what they need, as BlackHawk produces a variety of leather holsters that combine form with function rather nicely.

Store Your Gear with Bags and Backpacks

Beyond the duty essentials, an operator also needs a good gear bag if he hopes to carry all the right equipment into the field. Their 3-day Assault Pack is a combat staple around the world, providing a versatile backpack that can help you carry everything you need. It is built using 1000 denier nylon and uses padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to ensure a comfortable fit. The heavy duty D rings make it easy to secure external gear while the quality zippers and easy pull tabs allow for quick access to your gear. As a secondary support bag or for shorter missions, you might also consider the quality Battle Bag, made in the messenger bag style and featuring a durable construction.

Realizing that tactical operators are not the only people who need a good bag, BlackHawk also produces a variety of items that can appeal to a larger audience. Their conventional backpacks, like their popular Laptop Backpack, offer amply storage space in the rear, waterproof compartment to store your laptop. In the main compartments, it still offers the other tactical features you need. Even more focused on civilian use, the Diversion series of carry accessories offered are a great alternative for those just interested in outdoor exploration.

This product line includes more colorful product offers but still offers the same rugged construction as the tactical bags. These Diversion bags include workout bags, range bags, a simple carry sling pack, and a simple courier bag. If none of these are right, one of the Hydration bags might be what you need instead, allowing you to stay well hydrated in the field.

Keep Yourself Safe with Gloves and Protective Gear

Beyond the backpacks and other bags you might pick up for use in the field, BlackHawk also produces a variety of gloves and other protective gear. Naturally, their selection of gloves are made to offer maximum comfort and tactical sensations for shooting situations. They offer both cold weather models and their Hot Ops ventilated gloves, allowing for shooters to operate year-round with the proper gear. Some of these gloves are also made with hardened knuckles while others a lighter and maintain a sleeker profile.

As far as other protective gear, they manufacture elbow pads, knee pads, plate carriers, and any other gear you might need to get the job done right. As you expect, they manufacture some of the highest quality tactical vests to help you secure all of your gear before a mission.

Wear the Right Apparel for the Job

Of course, none of this gear will matter if you don’t also wear the proper apparel for the job at hand. When it comes to quality apparel, BlackHawk remains at the top of this game as well. Their Engineered Fit technology shirts and boxer briefs are a great example of all this. They utilize a modern athletic fit and use antimicrobial treatments to prevent odor. This fast-drying base layer is made from 92% jersey knit and 8% spandex. After accounting for your base layer, you might also want to explore their outerwear to make sure you are ready. Both their tactical shirts and pants offer an abundance of pockets and a durable construction to ensure you have all the tools set up for the job.

Whatever your tactical or equipment needs might be, Omaha Outdoors is here to ensure you get the right tools for the job. Our convenient online storefront was laid out in a way that makes your shopping experience as simple as possible. If you do have any questions along the way, just pick up the phone and give us the call to help. From there, you can place your order online or by phone. We look forward to serving you and sending your new BlackHawk gear directly.

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