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Most people buy a handgun for one reason: it is small enough to carry and easy enough to conceal. Of course, carrying a pistol is only accomplished when you have the right holster for the job. Though it might be fairly easy to get your hands on a holster, you don’t just want to settle for any holster when you carry your guns. Instead, you want a holster that offers a great look, comfortable feel, and provides solid retention for your weapon. When it comes to top quality design in holsters today, there are few names better than Bianchi.

At Omaha Outdoors, we look to keep a wide selection of Bianchi holsters in stock and ready to ship. In turn, this allows you an easier time finding the items you need and allows us the ability to ship your new items much more quickly. Using our convenient online storefront, you can sort through the many options and find just the right item to fit your shooting needs. If you have questions, you can pick up the phone and call us directly. Bianchi designs the holsters and we ensure they get where they need to go. This all begins with a customer service team that is here to serve.

Working with the Safariland Family

In 1958, John Bianchi began designing his own holsters. When he found that the demand for these holsters was high, he began to expand his operations and distribute his design around the country. Today, Bianchi is part of the Safariland Family, which allows it access to a much larger company infrastructure and provides it with the tools it needs to create a variety of great designs. As a leading manufacturer of modern holsters and classic designs, Bianchi continues to work on new products to give contemporary shooters the absolute best performance.

Leather Holsters for a Classic Look

When it comes to holster construction, leather is not only one of the best looking options, but it also provides a couple of other key benefits. For one, it allows for a smoother draw and keeps the weapon safe from outside elements; unlike some other options, there is minimal risk of harming the weapon. Another advantage is that leather is usually more comfortable to carry all day, allowing you to keep your weapon at the ready without any severe discomfort.

The Model 57 is a modern take on the leather holster. It features a durable leather construction and a contoured design that allows for a snug fit. Its open bottom allows for different barrel lengths and provides a smooth draw in the field. The Model 7 Shadow II features a more classic look, offering a tan leather construction to fit your semi auto pistol. It is built with a 3-slot design, allowing you to choose the carry angle that fits your specific needs. Those who carry a revolver might instead check out the Model 5BHL, which offers a similar look but is fit for your favorite revolver. This is just a small taste of the different holsters Bianchi manufacturers.

Modern Designs for the Tactical Shooter

Of course, a leather holster is not made for everyone and when you are looking to outfit yourself for tactical assignments you will want something a bit different. These tactical holsters are designed by Bianchi to fit the needs of the modern warrior, supplying convenient access and a quick draw while you are in the field. Though there are not as many to choose form in this category, they still design a variety of options to help you get the right fit.

The Model UM92II is a universal military holster design. It uses Bianchi’s special Rugged Ranger trilaminate construction, which consists of a ballistic weave exterior, a smooth nylon lining, and a closed-cell foam center. Combined with the Quick-Lock belt security system, it provides a great option for those looking to get a tactical holster. The somewhat simpler Model T6505 Tac Holster is another great option in this category and uses the same quality construction to provide great options. Those looking for a different carry option might instead consider the UM84H, which provides an underarm shoulder harness to hold your favorite weapon.

Concealment Holsters to Carry Covert

For most civilians though, the real attraction is going to be in concealable holsters. Even if you live in a state that allows open carry, you might prefer to conceal as it leaves you the element of surprise in an emergency situation. To take advantage of this surprise, you need to carry the right holster and keep your weapon out of sight. When it comes to comfortable and concealable holsters, Bianchi certainly delivers in spades.

Their model 6B ATB is a simplistic waistband holster. It uses a comfortable suede construction and offers an ultra-thin, ultra-light design. Since the holster fits to your body contours, a small gun can be easily concealed with this option. The Model 6 also uses a suede construction and its small body design allows you to conceal a short barrel revolver easily in your clothing. Suede is not the only option for IWB carry though, and the Model 100 Professional is another attractive choice. Its high back keeps the pistol from rubbing against your skin and the contoured design makes it the ideal choice for keeping your favorite weapon out of sight.

Find Bianchi for Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Since these holsters are offered in a wide variety of styles and are made with a great variety of materials, it allows shooters to get exactly what they need for carrying comfort. Whether you are looking to get a concealed carry option or select one of the classic “cowboy” style holsters, Omaha Outdoors looks to make your search as easy as possible. All our items are organized in a way that makes your shopping simple and convenient and our customer representatives are on standby to ensure you can get all the attention you need. So, if you have any questions you can simply pick up the phone and give us a call directly.

Once it comes time to place your order, you can use the convenient shopping cart feature online or you can call us directly. Either way, we try to take all the confusion out of this process, providing you with the first class service you deserve. When you are ready, simply add the items to your cart and place your order. We look forward to sending your new Bianchi holster directly and hope to see you again here soon.

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