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In today’s modern world, technology is helping us make leaps and bounds in all areas of life. For the firearm community, this means gaining a new widespread availability to produce quality weapons. Smaller companies that would have never been able to compete years ago are now able to provide the same quality weapons at a much lower price. For the average shooter in America, this is a welcome addition to the market, as it helps to diversify the offerings and provide for some great new options. Among these companies, Bersa is definitely one that has made a name for itself.

At Omaha Outdoors, we have Bersa pistols and accessories available in stock and ready to ship. Having a supply of these firearms available at all times ensures that you can get the best shipping times in the industry. Our mission is to become your number one destination for all firearms-related purchases, which is why we put our best foot forward to deliver the highest quality service. Browse through our selection below or call us directly so we can help you get started.

About Bersa

Bersa was originally developed by three mechanical engineers from Italy, one of them Ercole Montini, who had previously worked for Beretta. Though Bersa was founded in the mid-1950s, it took until the release of the Modelo 60 in 1959, a 22 LR pistol, for them to get any real recognition. At this time, the Argentinian arms manufacturer began to gain some traction, but they found it difficult to compete with the larger companies. By 1989, they were able to release their first full-size pistol in the Model 90, which was chambered in 9mm. From there, they slowly expanded their offerings and today provide for a variety of quality handguns that are used around the world.

Bersa Latest Releases

In recent years, Bersa has been using advanced in technology to develop a polymer handgun design. Seeing the success of this layout, they have found a great combination that allows them to produce a high-impact polymer frame that can put up with the harsh realities that life often throws its way. This was introduced with their BP concealed carry series (BPCC).

The BP380CC is the smallest of this line, chambered in 380 ACP and ready to accept 8 rounds of ammo in the magazine. It comes standard with a 3.3” barrel and impressively small dimensions. Its 6.35” overall length, 4.8” height, and 0.94” width make it extremely practical for concealed carry use. The handgun comes standard with ambidextrous firing controls, which ensure that anyone can easily get used to operating the weapon under pressure.

For those who want some more power, the BP9CC is another excellent option. It includes the same basic features of the 380 model, but instead comes chambered in 9mm. Like the smaller caliber option, it comes with 3-dot sights designed to offer a clear optics solution for the modern shooter. It uses an integral locking system for the best in safety and comes with a picatinny rail to allow for the quick and easy attachment of any accessories you might need.

Bersa Pistols For Sale

One of the best-known series of pistols offered by Bersa comes in the form of their Thunder models. This series of pistols includes a variety of different options, most of which offer 3-dot sights. The Thunder Pro series includes the full-sized option, which allows for a great home defense or duty model. Alternatively, the Ultra Compact Pro Series looks to give a balanced approach. Of course, the most well-known of these is the Thunder Concealed Carry series, which offers a small, highly concealable frame.

If you are looking to stick with a more ergonomic 380 ACP, you might also be looking for the Bersa Firestorm. Unlike the Thunder, the Firestorm comes with a rubber wraparound grip that features a more ergonomic profile. It gets rid of the 3-dot sights in favor of a single dot front sight and wrap around rear sight, which some find more favorable to quick shooting. Overall, it does have a similar appearance though and keeps to a light 20 ounce carry weight.

Naturally, the above mentioned BP lineup is another popular option to consider. It offers .40 S&W, 9mm, or 380 ACP options to give you a variety of calibers to choose from.

Bersa Magazines

In addition to carrying the wide selection of pistols, Omaha Outdoors also offers all of the Bersa magazines you might need. Whether you need an extra 9mm, .40 S&W, or 380 ACP, you can find what you are looking for in one convenient place.

When you are ready to order, simply make your selection or call us directly. We look forward to helping you get your next Bersa firearm.

Bersa Firearms For Sale

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