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Beretta firearms for sale at Omaha Outdoors represent the expertise, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that can only come from the world's oldest gunmaker. From Beretta M9 guns in use by the US Military for decades to Beretta 686 shotguns embellished with artwork from highly skilled artisans, these firearms represent nearly five centuries of continuous manufacture of hunting, sporting, and military arms in the northern regions of Italy by the Beretta family.

Beretta Pistols For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Although known to many in the United States prior to the adoption of the M9 in the 1980s, Beretta exploded onto the American market with its victory in the highly contested handgun trials of that decade. Beretta 92 pistols became known as quality choices for police officers and armed citizens alike and were even featured in the Lethal Weapon buddy cop movie series. Of course, as over three decades have passed since then, you might expect there to have been some improvements to the platform - and sure enough, we have the Beretta M9A3 for sale, featuring a thinner grip, picatinny rail for light or laser mounting, and a dovetailed front sight to make switching to night sights or other options like fiber optic much easier. The classic 92FS is also available and, like its M9 brother, provides incredible accuracy from the non-tilting barrel.

Beretta pistols aren't limited to Beretta 92 pistols and the M9 series, though. Beretta USA, set up to manufacture handguns for the US Military under contract, has come up with new designs for duty and carry use. Plus, we have classics like the Tomcat 32, a pistol so small that we'd call it cute were it not a deadly weapon. Beretta's newest duty gun is the APX, a polymer frame, striker fired pistol with distinctive ribbing on the slide to make racking the weapon easy in any environmental condition or combat situation.

While these guns look great in their standard configurations, we offer custom cerakote that can really turn a pistol into something special. The 92FS and M9 series are especially good candidates for this given their pleasing lines and the ability to create two-tone pieces set off by the exposed barrel.

Beretta Long Guns: Top of the Heap

Beretta's first job was making barrels for something called an arquebus - an early firearm that was apparently in need by the Venetians, who were a powerful city-state at the time. It should be of no surprise to you that they continue to make excellent barrels nearly five hundred years later, both for their own Beretta-branded shotguns but also for other rifle brands which they've brought into the Beretta fold, namely Sako and Tikka. While the finished rifles themselves are made in Finland, barrel production for the rifles takes place at the Beretta factory in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, a picturesque mountain town where one of the finest weapons in the world are manufactured. These barrels are made using the cold hammer forging process renowned for producing durable and highly accurate weapons, both rifle and shotgun.

Beretta Shotguns

On the shotgun side, what this means for you is that you'll see tighter and more consistent patterns whether you're shooting a 686 Silver Pigeon over/under or the new A400 Xplor, an incredibly fast-shooting semi-auto equally at home on the competition circuit or in the prime waterfowl hunting areas of the world. For rifles, you'll receive a super accurate, lightweight, and durable barrel with a barrel life probably in excess of what you've come to expect from most bolt actions, especially in magnum calibers.

Beretta Rifles

Finally, there are Beretta rifles intended for combat, duty, or training use like the ARX160 and ARX100. These semi-auto weapons feature unique and useful features for barrel changes, ejection side swaps, and other customization options on the fly and are Beretta's entry into the highly contested world of modern tactical rifles. If it's fun or training you're looking to do, check out the 22LR ARX160 version, which can serve as a useful analog to the 5.56/.223 Rem centerfire rifle for training purposes.



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