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Age is often considered to bring with it wisdom and understanding in humans. Just like as the age of a man might denote wisdom, the age of a company can demonstrate a better understanding within its industry. This experience brings about it plenty of opportunities to really learn what works and what doesn't, giving the company a distinct advantage over younger competitors. With a longstanding history and tradition of excellence, Beretta USA is a shining example of how age can help to refine a product.

At Omaha Outdoors, we have Beretta pistols and accessories for sale and in stock. We make it easy to browse through our wide selection of goods and find exactly what you need. Our goal is to become your number one destination for Beretta products, which is why we always put our best food forward when it comes to customer service. More importantly, our fast shipping will have the items to you in no time, ensuring you can get on with life.

About Beretta USA

The oldest gun manufacturer still around today, Beretta began its life back in 1526 in Italy. They began this journey producing barrels for arquebus and over the years continued to innovate and develop new technologies. As the industry grew, Beretta continued to keep up with the all of the latest trends. Now, the word Beretta is almost synonymous with firearm and brings with it a reputation for excellence. They manufacture everything from pistols, to shotguns, and even hunting rifles.

Beretta Latest Release

The latest offering from Beretta is the M9A3 pistol. It builds upon the M9 platform to combine tactical and functional uses and deliver an exceptional pistol. One of the qualities that really sets this apart from its predecessors is that it takes directly from many performance pistols that are used in competition. It offers a removable wraparound grip, providing a more customized experience. Its tritium night sights provide a great view of your target and it comes standard with a threaded barrel. Its beveled magazine well makes it easy to unload and reload, providing some of the best performance around. Designed to put up with the heat of battle, it is easy to clean and maintain and provides for exceptional accuracy in the field.

Beretta Handguns

The Beretta 92FS is one shining example of the success of this company. Back in 1985, the military version of this pistol from Beretta arms replaced the then standard issue 1911 pistol for use with the United States Army. Chambered in 9mm, it offers consistent ballistic performance in a durable and reliable package, ensuring that shooters get a pistol they can really trust when the need to use it arises. Many modern shooters look at the 92FS as the perfect combat pistol.

Shooters might also consider the M9A1, which was developed based off of feedback from military and law enforcement after using the M9 combat pistol. It features extra durable magazines and a 3 dot sight system to provide for better target acquisition. Of course, the 92A1 is another excellent option available. It features a variety of tactical design features to serve for those who need tactical performance over reliable power. Next, the 96A1 is a different take on the classic M9 by chambering it in .40 S&W. It remains accurate and reliable, while offering the durable construction you can count on.

If concealed carry is what you are looking for, you might consider the Beretta Nano. This small pistol takes cues from many of its competitors to make for the ultimate in low profile design. From its less than 1 inch thick frame to its 5 inch overall length and flat design, it allows for easy carry without having to worry about any printing. Like many modern weapons, it features a polymer frame, which greatly cuts back on the carry weight and also allows for a more comfortable feel in the hands. The Nano is chambered in 9mm, which offers a great balance of power and recoil control and allows the user to still load 6+1 rounds while they are going about their business.

For those shooters who want the latest designs, the PX4 Storm is one of the more popular options as well. Using a polymer frame to both lower carry weight and increase durability, this innovative pistol is loaded with features that would keep any shooter happy. It features an ambidextrous safety and reversible magazine release, making it ideal for use by both lefties and righties. The white 3 dot sights are made with a low profile design, but the rear sights include a front projection so that, in an emergency, a shooter can retract the slide with one hand. It includes an accessory rail and customizable grips to ensure a comfortable fit.

Beretta Rifles

To meet the need of tactical shooters, Beretta developed the RX 100. This tactical, semi-automatic rifle was built using a modular design and provides for exceptional ease of cleaning. It makes it possible to add all variety of accessories with one convenient package and has become a popular option for those seeking a tactical rifle.

Beretta also has ownership of Sako, which allows it to offer rifles like the popular A7. Alternatively, they expanded their umbrella to include Tikka rifles. Out of those rifles, the TIKKA T3 is the most popular design, allowing for a variety of configuration options to fit your needs.

Beretta Shotguns

Shooters might also explore the 686 over and under shotgun. Known as the Silver Pigeon, this shotgun offers a variety of caliber options, including 28 gauge and .410 shells. Regardless of what you are hunting, it offers a flawless presentation and exceptional performance in the field. If you want a beautiful Beretta shotgun, this is an excellent choice.

Alternatively, the A300 is an excellent shotgun if you want a semi-auto design. It features a self-cleaning piston to give you the ability to shoot more between maintenance. You can select a wooden stock or synthetic stock and get the value you need from a reliable field weapon. If you prefer something even simpler, check out the A400. With a variety of configuration options, this makes for an exceptional hunting weapon.

For those seeking a more tactical design, the 1301 is an excellent shotgun to consider. Also semi-automatic, it comes with a variety of configurations to fit your specific needs. If you want something for home defense or tactical operations, you should consider the 1301 Tactical model, which allows for easy customization to fit your individual needs.

Beretta Parts & Accessories

Naturally, we also carry all variety of Beretta parts and accessories. This includes magazines for all of their popular handguns as well as components to keep your weapon working at its best. Simple select the "magazines & components" option to the left and sort through the many products we have available for sale today.

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