Beretta 92FS Handgun 9mm DA/SA 10 RD 4.9"

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Are you finding the local restrictions in your area are limiting your choice in firearms? Do you need to find a reliable performing gun that will put up with stressful situations but still fit within these local restrictions? This Beretta JS92F300 92FS could be the perfect solution to your problem, offering military level performance with a limited capacity magazine, keeping both you and the local government happy.

Beretta is known for making quality firearms and this civilian version of the classic M9 pistol is no exception to that rule. Chambered in 9mm and accepting 10 rounds of ammunition, it offers all of the features you expect from a military weapon. The barrel is match grade, ensuring a 3” spread at 50 meters out. With its external slide design, it maintains a more reliable performance and ensures that you can continue shooting. The 3 dot sights are tested and proven in combat, which helps to give you the best chance if home defense is an issue.

If you need a handgun that will put up with regular use but still adhere with your local area restrictions on magazine capacity, there is nothing better than the JS92F300.

More Information
ActionDouble / Single
Sight Radius6.1"
Overall Length8.5"
Weight Unloaded33.3 oz
AccessoriesManual, Lock