Battle Arms Buttsocks For Sale

Battle Arms Development buttstocks and buffer systems like the SABERTUBE, VERT PDW stock, and BAD-LBS minimalist stocks are available online at Omaha Outdoors, where we work to keep these items in stock and ready to ship as soon as possible. BAD is always on the cutting edge of AR platform accessory and critical component development, and nowhere is this more evident than their line of stocks and buffer tubes. From the complete BAD-PDW Monolithic PDW Lower Receiver with integral Vert stock system to the BAD-LBS lightweight buttstock meant to attach directly to a mil-spec buffer tube, BAD has a way to make your AR15 platform rifle shorter, lighter, and more compact.

Omaha Outdoors Takes Stock of In Stock BAD Stock Inventory

Battle Arms Development's premier stock is more than just a stock: it's part of a system to make your rifle incredibly tiny. The BAD-PDW incorporates the Vert PDW stock, which allows you to decrease the length of your rifle aft of the lower receiver to an incredible 4.75". With two built in non-rotating QD points, you'll be ready to mount a sling and keep the whole rifle hands free under a jacket, if your barrel is short enough. The Vert stock incorporates a proprietary buffer system designed to cycle in a shorter space than even the carbine buffer system of the AR15, so keep in mind that you may need an adjustable gas block or larger gas port in order to tune in 100% reliability.

BAD's SABERTUBE is meant as the ultimate in minimalism and weight reduction: it steps back from the adjustable stock concept to provide a lightweight, fixed buffer tube which interfaces with your shoulder via the BAD-LBS minimalist AR stock. Available with and without a receiver endplate, be sure to buy the correct version: the one without is meant for lower receivers with captured rear takedown pins such as the BAD556-LW lower receiver. If you have a traditional lower receiver but still want a light and short stock, the version with the endplate is what you're looking for. The SABERTUBE is available in an ultra-compact pistol version without provision for a stock, a carbine length pistol version without provision for a stock, and mid length/rifle length versions with provisions for the BAD-LBS stock.

Speaking of the BAD-LBS stock, it's basically a "foot" you can attach to the rear of your receiver extension tube, or buffer tube, in order to shoulder the weapon properly. It's not adjustable for length of pull, but at 3.17 ounces with mounting hardware, it's also lighter than any stock we're aware of.

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