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Barrett firearms and accessories at Omaha Outdoors include, of course, the legendary 50 caliber Barrett 82 sniper rifle which has served militaries around the world for decades. However, you may not know that the company also makes numerous other rifles for long range shooting as well as smaller caliber rifles that take the role of a traditional carbine and even a ballistics computer to take the guesswork and the handwritten calculus out of the sniper's tasks.

Barrett 50 Cal Rifles For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Behind the M2 Browning heavy machine gun and the 1911 pistol, few weapons are as associated with a particular caliber as the M82A1 Barrett 50 cal for sale at Omaha Outdoors and its derivatives. Having been proven as a precision cartridge during Vietnam in the hands of Carlos Hathcock, 50 BMG is capable of destroying materiel, machinery, vehicles, and, of course, people. In your hands, this cartridge can smack steel beyond a mile and participate in long-range matches on paper practically farther than you can see. Barrett's newest version – if you can call it that - of the 82 is the M107A1, although you can still purchase the M82A1 Barrett 50 caliber rifle if you're more of a traditionalist. The Barrett 107 is lighter, stronger, and more precise than its parent 82. It's still a semi-automatic rifle with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds just like the original M82.

Alternatives to 50 BMG Caliber

If you want to shoot long range but are prohibited by law or have other reasons to shoot something smaller than 50BMG, you need to take a look at the Model 99 chambered in .416 Barrett. Although it's also available in 50BMG, the 416 takes long range shooting to an entirely new level. It's a bullpup rifle, meaning that despite its 32" barrel, its overall length is comparable to other sniper rifles with 26" barrels. That extra 6" is nothing to sneeze at, and at the insanely long distances at which this rifle is capable of making hits, the added velocity can mean the difference between a hit and a miss. The caliber itself, 416 Barrett, propels a 398-grain bullet to 3150fps, meaning that the bullet is still supersonic at 1,900 yards. The very powerful 338 Lapua Magnum is no match for the 416 Barrett in terms of energy, coming in at just shy of 5,000 ft-lb whereas the 416 strikes a massive blow with nearly 9,000. If you own an M82A1, you can convert it to 416 Barrett with a conversion kit upper. Naturally, you'll want to feed your new rifle Barrett ammunition loaded specifically for these fine rifles.

Still, the 416 Barrett might be overkill if you "just" need to shoot steel at 1600 or 1800 yards, and that's where the 338 Lapua comes in. Barrett chambers this cartridge in several bolt action rifles including the MRAD and the Model 98B. Both are available with detachable 10 round magazines, beating out the competition with smaller 5 round mags. The MRAD has a folding stock for easier storage and handling. These rifles are also available in smaller calibers including .300 Win Mag and 6.5 Creedmoor. If you need a more traditional rifle in a smaller caliber for various uses, check out the bolt action Fieldcraft hunting rifle.

The most unique product in the Barrett online catalog isn't a rifle: it's a computer. The Barrett BORS, or Barrett Optical Ranging System, is attached to one of a list of specific riflescopes and is coupled with the elevation knob. Hopefully you've mounted the scope in Barrett's high-tech scope rings with no gap between the upper and lower half. To use the BORS, all you have to do is figure out how far you want to shoot and then turn the elevation knob until the screen matches your target distance. The BORS even figures out if the rifle is canted, preventing you from missing a shot inadvertently.

Barrett ARs: The Perfect M82 Companion

Snipers need spotters, and spotters need carbines. Pick up a Barrett gas piston AR-15 or REC7 DI to go with your new Barrett long range rifle and you'll have the ultimate sniper / spotter weapon combo. These rifles are designed to be extremely reliable as well as extremely usable. The REC-7 DI is also extremely lightweight, coming in at just 5.5 lbs in its smallest configuration. Even the heaviest of the bunch, the 18" DI with a 15" BRS AR handguard, is 6.5lbs and could reliably hit point targets past 600 yards. Naturally, these rifles are all made with the same precision and attention to detail that the bigger Barrett rifles are famous for.



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