B-Square For Sale

B-Square products for sale at Omaha Outdoors have been manufactured for over 50 years and are under the Safariland group of companies, so you can be assured of their quality in design and manufacture. They're made in the US to fit a wide variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns and allow you to see your target better and hit it faster and with more precision.

B-Square Shotgun Scope Mounts

You might never have considered the idea of bases and mounts for your shotgun, for example, but if you live in a state where rifles aren't allowed for deer, a magnified rifle scope is the ideal companion for your slug gun. You'll have a wide range of choices in scopes, too, because B-Square makes shotgun saddle mounts that take 1" / 30mm scope rings, allowing you to pick everything from that old 1" tube rifle scope you had lying on your workbench for years to the newest 30mm tube highly advanced light gathering scope on the market.

B-Square Mounts For your Pistol

With pistols and revolvers, nothing makes a range trip more fun than actually hitting the target, and B-Square knows this. That's why they make handgun and airgun mounts like the Taurus 44 Magnum Vent Rib Revolver Mount and the Browning Buckmark Universal Semi-Auto Pistol Scope Mount. Because of the distance from your eye at which you should hold a handgun, you can't use any old rifle scope with these mounts. You'll need a "Scout" rifle scope or another type of handgun scope meant to provide extended eye relief. But when you grab one of those scope and put it in B-Square rings and a mount on your handgun, you'll be amazed at the shots you can take - and make!

B-Square Scope For Your AKM Rifle

For more serious firearms, the AK-47 scope mount allows you to put a magnified or red dot optic atop your Kalashnikov without any modification to the weapon. This means you can go from fun range toy to long-distance plinker without a trip to the gunsmith.

B-Square Tools For Sale

B-Square at Omaha Outdoors isn't limited to bases, rings, and mounts, though! The B-Square online catalog also includes products like the Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set, which takes the long education and on-the-job training requirements out of the equation when it comes to spiffing up your firearms. Who needs a gunsmith? Drop that scope and mount on your rifle with a complete solution, from tools to scope rings, from B-Square.



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