Brugger & Thomet B&T For Sale

Brugger & Thomet products for sale at Omaha Outdoors include the TP9 tactical pistol, the APC9 / APC45 pistol carbine, and the APC223 pistol, along with the first products the company produced, their innovative line of suppressors. The B&T online catalog is full of firearms and silencers which are currently in use by many of Europe's most selective counter terrorism teams and special operations forces - and now you can buy them in America. What a day to be alive.

Brugger & Thomet Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The most well known B&T product in America is probably the TP9. It's a lightweight pistol based on their fully automatic submachinegun which has been selected for use by the Swiss Army as the MP9-N. In America, we can have it as a semi auto pistol which you may convert to a short barreled rifle (SBR) provided all of the legal boxes are checked via the ATF Form 1 process. It's the world's lightest 9mm select fire weapon, but it's easy to control and fire as well as aim with the integral picatinny rail for attachment of a mini red dot atop the receiver. The rear charging handle is easy and intuitive to rack. An integral handstop just below and behind the muzzle will keep your hand from slipping into the danger zone during rapid fire, and a sling mount at the rear will allow you to keep the sling taut as you pull the TP9 away from your body, providing a surprisingly effective shooting platform even at distances most people don't think pistols can hit anything. A 3-lug suppressor connector at the muzzle makes adding one of B&T's excellent silencers a simple process. Magazine capacities are 15, 20, 25, and 30 rounds. If you buy multiple examples of B&T pistols or SMGs including the P26, APC9, and TP9, you'll note that most share the same mag, making logistics simpler.

Another excellent product from Brugger & Thomet at Omaha Outdoors is the APC9 9mm pistol and its big brother the APC45, a 45 ACP carbine. While you might think it odd that B&T makes so many pistol caliber SMG type weapons, the APC9 fills a different role than the TP9 we discussed before. While the TP9 and MP9 are meant as PDWs where space and weight are absolutely critical factors to conserve, such as in the cockpit of a fighter jet where the MP9 can replace a less effective traditional pistol design, the APC9 is meant for standard submachinegun and pistol caliber carbine roles where allowing a little more control and space to hold the firearm is the priority. In this the APC9 and APC45 excel, and have replaced many an MP5 in the hands of police and military units around the world. The APC9 shares mags with the MP9/TP9 and both the APC9 and APC45 have much more space on their picatinny rails for lights, lasers, optics, and so on. Folding sights are integrated into the top rail, and with a folding pistol brace, you'll be able to use this pistol in roles you never envisioned. Like the TP9, a 3 lug suppressor connector makes quiet shooting easy. If you're looking for something more civilian-affordable and less requiring of a military level budget, the B&T GHM9 offers many of these same features at a much lower price point. Don't want the hassle of a silencer? The B&T blast deflector keeps flash and blast away from you and anyone else next to you.

Even smaller than the TP9 is the USW-A1. Barely larger than a normal pistol, it is designed to be used with an Aimpoint Nano sight atop the slide, and a side folding stock is also available to make it a baby PDW. But wait – the optic is NOT atop the slide, it just looks like it is. Unlike most pistols with red dot sights, the red dot isn't attached directly to the slide, it's on something called an "optics bridge." This prevents the optic from being beaten to death by the rapid movement of the slide. Unlike off-the-shelf pistols modified to take red dots, even with added mounts keeping the optic off the slide, the USW-A1 puts the optic as low as it would be on the slide, making it easier to track during recoil, it just doesn't get destroyed by recoil. As red dots on pistols become more popular, we think we'll see more clever solutions like this. Unlike the B&T pistols mentioned above, the USW-A1 uses CZ-75 magazines.

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